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Falling Apart

Commentary said this yesterday:

Last Friday’s video tape sealed the deal. No ifs, ands, or buts – period.

Then AP tweeted this afterwards:

Steve Peoples ‏@sppeoples 6h6 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Paul Ryan is all but conceding Hillary Clinton will be the next president.

The demolition of Tal’s Hill began yesterday. Who was the Opening Day starting center fielder for the ‘Stros in 2000, the first year of Tal’s Hill?

It is great to see the GOP falling apart. You need to check this story from Politico: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/10/donald-trump-campaign-republicans-229577.

They have nobody to blame but themselves. For the past six years, the GOP leadership embraced the anti-immigrant folks and a lot of the haters. It helped them win big in 2010 and 2014. Now they have now lost control of their own party. Donald Trump is their standard bearer.

Look at who is showing up at the Donald Trump rallies and check out what some are wearing.   You can’t show that stuff on broadcast TV.

This is what Trump tweeted this morning:

With the exception of cheating Bernie out of the nom the Dems have always proven to be far more loyal to each other than the Republicans!


It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to.

At his rallies yesterday he talked about special prosecutors, Hillary going to jail and Bill Clinton’s sex life and he all but admitted that there are more tapes out there.

We have four more weeks of this. Trump is just going to keep on trumping.  This is your GOP in 2016.

Check out this take from ‘Stros pitcher Collin McHugh on locker room talk:

I don’t like to comment on politics publicly. I never feel competent or knowledgeable enough to say something that a thousand more well-informed people haven’t already said. However, I feel the need to comment on the language that Donald Trump classified the other day as “locker room talk”, given my daily exposure to it. Have I heard comments like Trump’s (i.e. sexist, disrespectful, crude, sexually aggressive, egotistical, etc.) in a clubhouse? Yes. But I’ve also heard some of those same comments other places. Cafes, planes, the subway, walking down the street and even at the dinner table. To generalize his hateful language as “locker room talk” is incredibly offensive to me and the men I share a locker room with every day for 8 months a year. Men of conscience and integrity, who would never be caught dead talking about women in that way. You want to know what “locker room talk” sounds like from my first hand perspective? Baseball talk. Swinging, pitching, home runs, double plays, shifts. The rush of victory and the frustration of defeat. Family talk. Nap schedules for our kids. Loneliness of being on the road so much. Off-season family vacations. And most importantly, coffee talk! The best places to find quality #coldbrew. What’s currently brewing on the #aeropress in the empty locker between me and Doug, affectionately known as #CafeStros? How strong do you need it today? Kid wouldn’t sleep last night? I’ll make it a little stronger for ya. Maybe Mr. Trump does talk like that in his country club locker room. Perhaps he’s simply not privy to the kind of conversations that take place in other locker rooms. But as for me and my @astros team, our “locker room talk” sounds absolutely nothing like his. And I couldn’t be more proud of that.


Richard Hidalgo was our starting center fielder in 2000 of course.

The ‘Stros said the Tal’s Hill renovation would cost $19 million. Yikes!

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