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Feeling Better

SpringerDinger played in all 162 games for the ‘Stros this season. Name the other two MLBers who also played in all 162 games?

In the race for the White House, Dems have to be feeling pretty good this morning.   Last week started off with Secretary Hillary Clinton kicking Donald Trump’s arse in the debate.   Then Trump spent the next few days battling Alicia Machado that culminated in the 3 am tweets.   Then there was the New York Times article that came out Saturday evening. And don’t forget, Trump said this about Hillary Saturday night:

“I don’t even think she’s loyal to Bill, if you want to know the truth. And really folks, really, why should she be?”


So on the Sunday morning talk shows, the Trump campaign trots out Rudy Giuliani who says about Trump and the New York Times article:

“My response is he’s a genius.”

Then this NY Times report on Giuliani’s appearance on “Meet the Press”:

Rudolph W. Giuliani, a former New York mayor and an ally of Donald J. Trump’s, suggested on Sunday that “everybody” commits infidelity, setting off a backlash on Twitter.

The remark came during an exchange on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” after Chuck Todd, the show’s host, asked Mr. Giuliani whether he was “the right person” to bring up former President Bill Clinton’s infidelities in this heated campaign.

“You have your own infidelities, sir,” Mr. Todd said.

“Everybody does,” Mr. Giuliani responded. “You know, I’m a Roman Catholic and I confess those things to my priest.”

Both responses were pretty dumb. They only appeased Trump’s hard core supporters.

Trump surrogates had it pretty bad this past week and with Giuliani yesterday it clearly showed.

CNN’s Jake Tapper had the best lines of the day yesterday when he was interviewing Giuliani on Trump’s latest accusation on Hillary’s loyalty to Bill. Check how Jake ended his interview with Giuliani:

“The accusation was that Hillary Clinton was cheating on Bill! That’s what the accusation was! It was an unhinged and wild accusation. I can understand why you can’t defend it because it’s indefensible!”

Jake’s right.

Commentary suspects Governor Mike Pence is going to be playing a lot of defense tomorrow night at the debate.

King James endorsed Hillary today.

B’More second baseman Jonathan Schoop and KC shortstop Alcides Escobar of course also played in all 162 games this season.

Jose Altuve won the AL Batting Title with a .338 batting average. He also led MLB with 216 hits. We ended up with an 84-78 record. Am I disappointed? Yes. They can’t be trotting out starters who are batting just above the Mendoza line and expect to advance in the playoffs. Just saying.

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