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Diez y Seis

I wonder if someone is going to brief Donald Trump on Diez y Seis – Mexico’s Independence Day. I wonder if he will do a taco bowl or enchilada or burrito tweet today?

A few weeks ago, I was feeling good about the campaign. I wasn’t feeling so good the last few days. I am feeling better this morning because Donald Trump still won’t admit the President was born in the USA.  The media is giving this a lot of play today.  Good!

Name the ‘Stros pitcher who has given up the most dingers this season?

Bill King has a response to the Mayor’s pension plan. I will post it on Monday.

Kaepernick keeps winning. Check this from the Chron:

A fifth-grade student in Pearland is following in the steps of 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick by protesting the Pledge of Allegiance. 

According to news station KHOU, Skyla Madria, 10, said she won’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance or “The Star-Spangled Banner” after leaning the anthem was written by Francis Scott Key, a slave owner. She also said she’s protesting because of a rarely sung verse of the national anthem that refers to slavery.

The lines of “The Star-Spangled Banner” that refer to slaves are, “No refuge could save the hireling and slave / From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave.” 

Madria told KHOU she’s knelt during the Pledge of Allegiance three times in the last two weeks and was sent to the principal’s office by a coach. Madria claims the principal called her mother, Elizabeth Owens, and “called me disgusting for not standing up.”

Owens told KHOU that she supports her daughter’s protest and doesn’t believe she’s doing anything wrong. 

Pearland Independent School District released a statement saying that Madria was not touched or disciplined in any way.

Here is the entire read:


Mike Fiers of course leads all ‘Stros pitchers by giving up 25 dingers to date this season.

Jake Kaplan of the Chron says we need to go 13-3 the rest of the way if we want to make the playoffs. 9 of those games are on the road. Wow!

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It looks like the firefighters are the holdouts in the pension deal. I will say that they have considerable sway in the legislature. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. Of the three employee groups, they were the most active campaigners for the Mayor last year. Here is Miya’s story:

Houstonians rely on city employees to fix our streets, fight fires, and keep us safe. When they retire, employees get a pension. However, those pension systems have been underfunded for years. “The current system is not sustainable, and I have 22,000-plus employees, the current system is not in their best interest,” said Mayor Sylvester Turner during an afternoon press conference.

In a significant development of the decade-long effort to rein in the pension system, Mayor Turner announced he has reached an agreement in principle with two of the three major unions in the city. Turner says he can close the multi-billion dollar gap with a complex plan that includes changes in employee pension benefits and the sale of a billion dollars in pension bonds. The multi-tiered restructuring has been conceptually agreed to by city and police pension boards, but not the firefighters’ board. “This is my package I am proposing, and based on my conversations of all the different groups in the last seven months, it is the best interest not just employees, but it is the best interest of the city of Houston.” The firefighters’ pension board, long the hold out for reforms, is still unmoved. In a letter to its members, Chair David Keller said in part: “…we are not comfortable portraying to the membership or the public that we have reached a deal. However, we have not walked away from the table. ” Firefighters may get dragged along in the reform anyway. State Rep. Jim Murphy, who has filed pension reform bills during the two previous legislative sessions, is prepared to do so again. This time, he is doing so with a mayor who spent 26 years in the Texas Legislature. It is widely expected that Turner will have better luck convincing his former colleagues to vote for pension reform.

“You know it’s hard to say what’s going to happen to that,” said Murphy. “I think the other employee groups will help convince them (firefighters) to do it, because it’s in their interest, all three of them, to try help the city.” We don’t yet have the specifics of just how much less money retirees will receive, or other benefit changes that would come with pension reform. Turner says specific changes will be made by each individual pension board, but he made it clear, change is coming. “Would I prefer all of us to be standing here today to make it perfect, yes, but at some point in time, the train has to leave the station. The train is leaving the station, but I will always pause to take on additional passengers,” Turner added.

Now who leads the ‘Stros in dingers?

Apparently, Donald Trump is overweight.

Here is from The Hill:

Defending Democratic nominee Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonPoll: Clinton struggling to win over millennialsTrump releases doctor’s letterSanders, Warren to Ohio as Clinton slides in pollsMORE‘s health, David Plouffe said Trump could have some health problems of his own that he hasn’t revealed.

“Let’s talk about medical records, by the way,” Plouffe told host Chuck Todd on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily.”

“Here’s Trump — you know, ‘Dr. Feel Good’ put out a one-page letter,” he added, referencing a letter from Trump’s longtime doctor that claims Trump would be the healthiest person ever elected president.

“He’s 70. He’s the heaviest president we’ve had, candidate we’ve had, since William Taft. There’s a legitimate issue.”

Now who did Trump call a fat pig?

SpringerDinger of course leads the team with 27 dingers.

The 2017 ‘Stros schedule was released yesterday. We open the season at home against the Mariners. In interleague play, we host the Braves, D-Backs, Nationals, and Mets. We play on the road on Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day. What’s up with that.

We won last night and still have a faint pulse.

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No We Are Not!

A lot of folks in Texas are talking about the article Brian Rosenthal of the Chron wrote about special education.  The Sunday front page headline blared “DENIED: HOW TEXAS KEEPS TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN OUT OF SPECIAL EDUCATION”

It is definitely an award winning article and Rosenthal deserves major kudos.

Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Lisa Falkenberg today writes about the Rosenthal article and here is how she ends her column:

And really, what does one say about the state’s decision to create an underclass of children in the name of fiscal conservatism?

This is what you say: it’s immoral and probably illegal. And we’re going to put an end to it. Texas is better than this.

Here is the entire Falkenberg column: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Texas-disregard-for-special-education-students-9221043.php?cmpid=btfpm.

No we are not. Texas is not better than this. For the last couple of decades Texas has been screwing over funding for public ed. And folks know it! Our state leadership decided once students of color became the majority in our public schools, it was time to cut funding – take that! It is going to take a major change in leadership before we ever approach being better than this.

The ‘Stros lost again last night and I am not in the mood for a MLB question.

City of H-Town pension reform was the big issue in last year’s mayoral campaign. The Mayor will hold a press conference today on the matter. Stay tuned!

Now this is what you call the dog days. Check this from the Chron:

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett has called for a summit of county and Houston city officials and animal welfare organizations to address the region’s “outrageous” problem with stray animals.

“I’m going to try and call everybody together, get everybody in one room and say ‘What do we really need to be doing here’ so we’re more coordinated,” Emmett said.

Emmett’s comments follow news reports about Harris County shelter employees refusing to pick up and euthanize a German shepherd mix that lay dying from a gunshot wound across the street from the facility.

The county facility, located inside the Houston city limits, handles animals from unincorporated sections of Harris County and has no jurisdiction in its own backyard — that’s the province of the City of Houston’s BARC shelter, several miles to the south.

The Houston Chronicle published an in-depth report about the jurisdictional problems last month.

Emmett called the situation “ridiculous.”

Here is the entire Chron article:


From the Daily Beast:

Lost amid the uproar over Saturday Night Live’s relative lack of black women performers a couple of years ago is the sad fact that the show went 41 seasons without a Latina cast member (and only two men of Latin heritage, Horatio Sanz and Fred Armisen). Now, that is about to change with the announcement on Monday that SNL has hired comedian Melissa Villasenor.

Good for her. But it took way too long for this to happen.

Here is the entire Daily Beast article:


This Donald Trump bromance with Putin is getting ridiculous. Now Simone Biles got hacked.

Last night’s loss was a heartbreaker. Fading, fading, fading.

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I pulled this from Texas Monthly today:

“I wish the NCAA was this concerned about the women who were raped at Baylor.”

—North Carolina Republican Party spokesperson Kami Mueller in a statement on Monday, according to the Washington Post. Mueller’s strongly-worded attack on the NCAA and blindside-punch at Baylor came in response to the college sports organization’s decision to pull several championship events scheduled for 2016 and 2017 out of North Carolina due to the state’s anti-LGBT “bathroom bill.”   

OK.  I wonder if Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is paying attention.

I got news for folks. Colin Kaepernick is winning. I think I said last week that I don’t agree with him but I have no problem with him protesting. And I would leave it at that.

Now Kaepernick got Sen. Ted Cruz to protest him. And he got a supermodel to also protest him. Here is more from Texas Monthly:

Ted Talks

Senator Ted Cruz took to Twitter to speak out against football players protesting police brutality. Cruz called for a boycott, suggesting people refrain from buying jerseys of athletes who exercise their First Amendment right to protest. “To all the athletes who have made millions in America’s freedom: stop insulting our flag, our nation, our heroes,” Cruz wrote on Twitter on Monday, according to the Washington Post. “Here’s a peaceful protest: never buy another shoe, shirt, or jersey of rich spoiled athletes who dishonor our flag.” Cruz seems to be pretty upset at the NFL players who are protesting, at least according to his Twitter timeline. On Sunday, Cruz retweeted supermodel Kate Upton, who shared similar outrage over the sideline protests during the national anthem started by San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick, tweeting: “This is unacceptable. You should be proud to be an American. Especially on 9/11 when we should support each other.” Cruz/Upton 2020?

Like I said. Kaepernick is leading the discussion and winning.

What is the percentage of African Americans in MLB these days?

And Kaepernick keeps winning. See this from the Washington Post yesterday:

Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during the national anthem has sparked far more discussion than imitation, but, certainly, other athletes have begun engaging in like-minded acts. Members of the Broncos, Dolphins, Chiefs and Patriots have staged protests during pre-game renditions of the anthem, and outside the NFL, kneeling during the anthem has occurred at a high school football game and a women’s professional soccer match.

However, while the NFL season is just getting going, another major professional sport has been in full swing, with multiple games occurring daily but no apparent emulations of Kaepernick. So why aren’t any baseball players, black ones in particular, following suit?

Orioles star Adam Jones offered an answer Monday to USA Today. “Baseball is a white man’s sport,” he said.

“We already have two strikes against us already,’’ said Jones (not to be confused with the Bengals’ Adam Jones, who also recently spoke out on the topic), “so you might as well not kick yourself out of the game. In football, you can’t kick them out. You need those players. In baseball, they don’t need us.”

I wasn’t aware of Jones’ remarks until last night while at The Yard. A Yard employee asked for my thoughts after he told me about the Jones remarks.

I kind of sarcastically responded that baseball was actually a white man and Latino sport. I went on to tell him how over the past couple of decades, the percentage of African American players has dropped in MLB. I tried to give him a history as to why. I also told him that MLB was well aware of this and had programs in place to address this issue.

Commentary didn’t get to watch Rick Perry dance last night. I heard I didn’t miss much.

With eight weeks left until Election Day, I still don’t know if Team Clinton gets it.

8.3% of MLB players are African American of course and 58.8% are Anglo.

We lost in extra innings last night and our playoff hopes are fading, fading, fading.

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Pneumonia Politics

Commentary is not impressed with the folks that advise and surround Secretary Hillary Clinton. This race shouldn’t even be close. I have to agree with David Axelrod on the following. Check this from Politico:

David Axelrod on Monday burned Hillary Clinton for her notorious lack of transparency, calling it more problematic than her recent diagnosis of pneumonia. 

“Antibiotics can take care of pneumonia. What’s the cure for an unhealthy penchant for privacy that repeatedly creates unnecessary problems?” Axelrod, President Barack Obama’s former chief campaign strategist, tweeted on Monday morning. 

Clinton’s campaign was heavily criticized by the press and others for failing to disclose the diagnosis, which she received on Friday, until Sunday, when the Democratic nominee had to leave a 9/11 memorial service in New York and almost collapsed as aides helped her into a van.

Clinton’s whereabouts were unknown for a period of time, and her campaign initially said she got “overheated” at the event and was “feeling much better.” It wasn’t until much later in the day that the campaign revealed Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia two days earlier. 

Throughout her political career, Clinton has been known for her fierce sense of privacy. That trait has haunted her this campaign season, perhaps most acutely with her decision to use a private email server while she was secretary of state — a controversy that continues to be a drag on her presidential run.

They are doing it to themselves.  They need to open up or else.

On MLB, name the team that leads the AL in runners caught trying to steal base?

On the politics of pneumonia, I don’t think I have ever heard of a presidential candidate having pneumonia less than two months before the election. There is no book on this! I don’t know how this will play out. The wobbly video is definitely not good. We will just have to wait and see.

Secretary Hillary Clinton makes one deplorable gaffe and the world around her explodes. Donald Trump makes gaffe after gaffe and folks shrug.

Back to the gaffe. If this was scripted beforehand, then shame on her staff.   If we win this thing, and if she takes her trusted aides to the White House, there won’t be a second term.

Like I said, this race shouldn’t be this close. You have to blame her and her campaign.

What a rough weekend for the Clinton campaign.

The ‘Stros of course have had 39 runners thrown out trying to steal a base and they lead the AL in this category.

Our last 10 games have been played against first place team. We are 4-6 during this stretch. We are now 3 ½ out of the Wild Card with 19 games remaining. It is going to be difficult. The Rangers are in for three. Like I said. It is going to be difficult.

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15 Years

Sunday will be the 15th anniversary of the horrible events of September 11, 2001. Does it feel like 15 years?

We have been at war ever since. Since being born, the USA has been at war for a little over 40% of my life. The last year of Korea, the escalated years of Vietnam, and this one – Afghanistan/Iraq, and ISIS. That ain’t right.

Politico has a good read today on what was happening with President George W. Bush that day. Check it out here: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/09/were-the-only-plane-in-the-sky-214230.

Since 2006, on September 11, MSNBC has aired NBC’s live coverage of September 11 – most of the morning portion. Some critics of this say enough is enough. That it is punishing to the families of the victims and those that assisted at Ground Zero and the Pentagon.

Some on the other hand say it is a teaching tool for those that were too young to remember and that we should never forget.

On a few September 11s since 2006, I have taken the time to watch parts of the coverage.

You can go to youtube and find chunks of the September 11 live coverage from many the of the national broadcast and cable networks. So it is never going away.

It is not like back in the sixties when we only had a few stations to watch. If you have MSNBC, I am thinking you also have a few hundred other choices to watch this Sunday morning.

Why have I watched at times? Like I said. Since September 11, 2001, we have been at war. Thousands of our military have died and more have suffered serious injuries.

We do things a lot differently since September 11 – air travel probably being the biggest.

We sing “God Bless America” at MLB baseball games on Sundays and holidays. We have to go through a security check to go to The Yard and other major venues.

And now we have candidates and politicians hating on Muslims and immigrants.

How many days out of the calendar do we remember? Some holidays, Valentine’s Day, birthdays of family and close friends, and September 11. Heck, most folks don’t even remember December 7, 1941. That’s Pearl Harbor Day. That got us quicker into World War II.

So I don’t have a problem with MSNBC airing it this Sunday.   Somebody has to. So folks won’t forget.

That’s why Politico has that piece out today.

I wonder if Donald Trump will try to politicize September 11 this Sunday?

I am skipping the MLB question today.

The Cubbies are in town for the weekend. Sunday’s evening game at The Yard will be on ESPN. On September 11.

Never forget!

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Two Months Left

I am ready for this campaign to end. Two months from today is when it ends. Hurry up, please!

Donald Trump flip-flopping is just being Donald Trump and folks just live with the flip-flopping. We learned yesterday what some of us always knew. He has no secret plan for defeating ISIS. I have to hand it to his talking head surrogates for trying to explain his latest flip-flopping.

This tweet is from a respected GOP consultant:

stuart stevens‏@stuartpstevens 12h12 hours ago

If in ’08, Senator Barack Obama had praised Putin as a better President than the American, Republicans would have demanded he quit race.

Then Trump called out our top military leadership. He dissed women in the military. And he praised Putin.

Yet, Secretary Hillary Clinton is only a few points ahead.   Arggghhh!

Carlos Correa wears the number 1, Alex Bregman wears the number 2, and #SpringerDinger wears the number 4. Name the former ‘Stros coach, player, and skipper who wore the number 3. This is an easy one.

I was dealing with family matters yesterday. I did not get to watch the forum last night hosted by Matt Lauer. Matt is getting toasted for his performance. Hey, Matt’s a morning guy.

I guess this fella has been boycotting the news. Check this from MSN.com:

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson on Thursday shocked the hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” by seeming to not know what the Syrian city of Aleppo is.

“What would you do if you were elected about Aleppo?” MSNBC political commentator Mike Barnicle asked Johnson minutes into an interview with the former New Mexico governor.

“And what is Aleppo?” Johnson asked.

“You’re kidding,” Barnicle responded.

“No,” Johnson said.

“Aleppo is in Syria,” Barnicle said. “It’s the epicenter of the refugee crisis.”

“OK, got it, got it,” Johnson said.

And he wants 15%. No way!

Scrap Iron of course wore the number 3 as a player, coach, and skipper – that’s Phil Garner.

We are 3-3 on our current roadie against first place teams and still 2 games out of the Wild Card. We end the roadie with a game starting at 11 this morning then come home to host the Cubbies.

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70 Years

On September 7, 1946, Alicia Torres and Tony Campos were married at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Baytown, Texas. So that means they have been married 70 years today. How about that!

I was asking my Mom the other day how many folks from their wedding party are still around. Sadly, just two.

Father Denis Kennedy married the two.

Congrats Mom and Dad!

The Dallas Morning News endorsed Secretary Hillary Clinton for president today. Check out how the endorsement starts:

There is only one serious candidate on the presidential ballot in November. We recommend Hillary Clinton.

We don’t come to this decision easily. This newspaper has not recommended a Democrat for the nation’s highest office since before World War II — if you’re counting, that’s more than 75 years and nearly 20 elections. The party’s over-reliance on government and regulation to remedy the country’s ills is at odds with our belief in private-sector ingenuity and innovation. Our values are more about individual liberty, free markets and a strong national defense.

We’ve been critical of Clinton’s handling of certain issues in the past. But unlike Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has experience in actual governance, a record of service and a willingness to delve into real policy.

Here is the entire DMN take: http://www.dallasnews.com/opinion/editorials/20160907-we-recommend-hillary-clinton-for-u.s.-president.ece.

The ‘Stros are 35-35 on the road. What was our roadie record last season?

The New York Times tweeted this yesterday:

Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to Paul Ryan urging him to bar Republicans from using hacked documents in the campaign.

Sure, OK. As if Dems would hold back the hacked emails if they belonged to the GOP.

The Times also tweeted this:

“I just don’t think she has a presidential look, and you need a presidential look,” Trump said of Hillary Clinton

And he does? That guy is a clown!

SEIU lost one yesterday. Here is from the Chron:

A state district court jury in Harris County on Tuesday awarded Professional Janitorial Service what it asked for: $5.4 million to compensate the commercial cleaning company for the business it lost when the Service Employees International Union targeted the company in an aggressive union organizing campaign. 

The jury, which voted 10 to 2, returned its verdict in less than eight hours of deliberations after a four-week trial that began last month. 

John Zavitsanos, the Houston lawyer who represents Professional Janitorial Service, said he was “extremely” pleased with the verdict, noting that it is the first- ever verdict against the Service Employees International Union in such a case. 

A statement from the union criticized the verdict as an assault on fundamental free speech rights guaranteed by the Constitution. The union plans to appeal the verdict and calls the trial “riddled with procedural errors and blatant appeals to the prejudices of the jury.”

Here is the entire read:


I wonder if SEIU will change its tactics?

Commentary has said before that I don’t like to write about college athletics because the players don’t get paid. I will say that was a pretty dramatic jump in the rankings for the Longhorns. It looks like they have four ranked opponents left on their schedule.

The ‘Stros were 33-48 on the road last season of course.

We won last night and are still two out of the Wild Card race. We have 24 games left with 11 on the road and 13 at The Yard.

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Yard Sign, Please

Commentary has to be brief today because I have to help in family matters. Thanks.

Jose Altuve now has 200 career doubles as a ‘Stros to put him at 10th in career doubles as a ‘Stro. How many doubles does he need to catch Craig Biggio, the leader in career doubles as a ‘Stro?

Take this for what it is worth. Maybe Donald Trump was right after all for campaigning in Texas recently. Here is from Elizabeth Koh of McClatchy:

A new poll by The Washington Post and online polling site SurveyMonkey suggests there may be another battleground for the already embattled Republican presidential nominee: Texas.

The poll, which sampled voters in all 50 states, showed opponent Hillary Clinton at 46 percent and Trump at 45 percent in the Lone Star State, suggesting Texas’ rapidly shifting demographics might tilt the historically red state more purple in the upcoming election.

Texas has not elected a single Democrat to statewide office in more than 20 years — the only Democrat to currently hold a statewide office changed his affiliation from Republican to Democrat after winning his seat on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. According to the Post, President Barack Obama also lost Texas by 16 points in his 2012 re-election bid, though Trump’s support has declined precipitously in recent polls during his campaign.

Texas Democrats have long hoped that the state’s growing Hispanic and Latino populations may put it in political play in future elections, and Clinton herself said in a New York Magazine article earlier this year that she hopes to be competitive in the state.

A national survey of Latino registered voters conducted by Latino Decisions showed they were substantially more likely to find Clinton a favorable candidate, with 68 percent in support. Trump, however, was likely to be viewed more unfavorably, with just 21 percent calling him a favorable candidate.

According to the 2010 census, Hispanics and Latinos made up nearly 38% of the state’s population. But the Post poll, citing the state’s electoral history, still predicts Trump is likely to win despite his current dead heat with the Democratic nominee.

The Post-SurveyMonkey poll also showed narrow races in North Carolina, Ohio and Arizona, which also has a long history of voting Republican. The poll was the largest undertaken by the Post, and included answers from more than 74,000 registered voters across the country throughout the month of August.

Commentary doesn’t think our state’s Dem leaders believe the number are close in Texas. My old friend Garry Mauro said a couple of months ago that Texas wasn’t in play.   I have not heard of any effort being organized on a statewide level. Heck, I don’t even see anything going on here locally.   I have seen some tweets and emails from some of the local candidates though.

State Dems are so used to losing that they will probably dismiss these poll numbers because, well, they simply can’t be true, because, well, we’re Texas. That’s too bad.

Still, I would like a yard sign. Just in case.

We lost Hugh O’Brian yesterday. He was one of the first TV stars back in the ‘50s when he played Wyatt Earp. I was a big fan.   The TV series also had one of the best theme tunes. I used to sing it all the time. Here it is:

Well he cleaned up the country

The old wild west country

He made law and order prevail.

And none can deny it

The legend of Wyatt

Forever will live on the trail.

Wyatt Earp, Wyatt Earp,

Brave courageous and bold.

Long live his fame and long life his glory

and long may his story be told.


Altuve needs 468 doubles to catch Biggio at 668 of course.

We won last night and are still 2 out of the Wild Card.

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On Labor Day

It will be a light day today. Hope yours is too.

The Chron E-Board endorsed Kim Ogg for Harris County DA yesterday. It was kind of like a slam of the incumbent GOP DA. Here is how the endorsement starts out:

Why should Kim Ogg replace Devon Anderson as district attorney? Let us count the ways:

Anderson’s office threw a rape survivor in jail to force her to testify. Anderson unnecessarily delayed the case of Alfred Dewayne Brown after the appeals court overturned his conviction, leaving an innocent man in jail for months. She mishandled the prosecution of anti-abortion activists charged with tampering with a governmental record, facing criticism from both pro-choice and anti-abortion groups. In a brazen act of political grandstanding, she stoked public fears and racial tension after the senseless killing of sheriff’s deputy Darren Goforth by the mentally ill Shannon Miles. One of her prosecutors was even caught texting with a bailiff in the middle of trial to talk about the jury. And Anderson continues to brag about using the death penalty even as innocent people are exonerated from death row and Texas’ top legal minds are calling for it to be abolished.

Each month seemed to bring more allegations of prosecutorial misconduct, whether witnesses being paid for their testimony or evidence being withheld from defendants. Yet every time problems arose in the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, you could bet that Anderson would stonewall instead of standing for justice.

Harris County cannot take four more years of a prosecutor’s office that pursues convictions at any cost. It is a mentality that risks putting the innocent behind bars while the real criminals run free.

Here is the entire endorsement: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/recommendations/article/For-Kim-Ogg-9202209.php.

Good for Team Ogg.

Now who leads the ‘Stros in RBIs?

Commentary has said before that I don’t like to write about college athletics because the players don’t get paid. I will say the schedule looks favorable for the Cougars and that may also be the problem coming from the doubters. There is only one ranked team to play on the schedule. Oh, well, just keep winning.

Longhorns looked impressive last night. I wonder if they will break into the top 25 tomorrow?

Commentary has taken in a couple of high school football games the past couple of weeks. Dante is playing. Price of bottled water at The Yard, $5. Price of same bottled water at Friday Night Lights, $2. This past Saturday, one of the bands at halftime started off their program playing the theme song from “Blazing Saddles.” I guess it was a Gene Wilder deal.

Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa lead the team with 90 RBIs each of course.

We took one out of three in Arlington this past weekend and are two out of the Wild Card race. Now we are in Cleveland for four. Still hanging?


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