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1.4 Million

Newt Gingrich said this about Alicia Machado yesterday. I wonder if he said it while standing in his undies only and in front of a full length mirror:

“You are not supposed to gain 60 pounds the year you’re Miss Universe.”

The County Clerk said this yesterday:

One million, four hundred thousand (1,400,000) voters are anticipated to vote in the November 8 Election.  Sixty percent (60%) of these voters are expected to vote early at an early voting location.  The communication and the logistics are significant to ensure that voting goes smoothly for every Harris County Voter.

That is a ton of voters. I hope the county is prepared. I am glad they are going to continue with the Heights EV location over at the SPJST Lodge #88, the bingo hall over on Beall Street close to 15th and Durham.

1.4 mil is like 200,000 more than 2012. We will see.

Commentary has to say this. If you are thinking about voting for the Libertarian guy, you are full of it. He didn’t know about Aleppo. Now it turns out, he can’t even name a good foreign leader. He could have said Trudeau up in Canada or Merkel over in Germany. I even would have given him a pass if he would have mentioned the Queen of England or even former UK Prime Minister David Cameron. Come on! You can’t be voting for this fella.

I was at The Yard yesterday and we got our arses handed to us so I am skipping the question today.

It looks like three legitimate polls have Secretary Hillary Clinton winning Monday night’s debate.

From TPM:

Donald Trump’s aides reportedly told surrogates Wednesday that the GOP nominee is upset his supporters went to the press and painted his performance in the first presidential debate as anything but a resounding success.

In a Wednesday afternoon conference call, Trump’s team told allies that he was upset by negative evaluations of his debate performance, according to a CNN report.

Trump’s aides were “not subtle” in expressing his displeasure with reports that his advisors—while publicly praising his performance in the debate—are wringing their hands in private, one unnamed source told CNN.

The GOP presidential nominee wants his surrogates to stop telling reporters that they want him to change his strategy before the second debate, CNN reported. Instead, aides told Trump’s surrogates to cast the debate as a success in which the candidate cemented his status as a political outsider.

And this from TPM:

The Donald Trump campaign has circulated a memo telling surrogates to bring up Bill Clinton’s sex scandals while defending Trump’s comments about women like former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, CNN reported late Wednesday.

“Mr. Trump has never treated women the way Hillary Clinton and her husband did when they actively worked to destroy Bill Clinton’s accusers,” one campaign talking point reads, according to CNN.

Another line tells surrogates to say, “Hillary Clinton bullied and smeared women like Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky.”

No wonder respected GOP consultants passed on working for Trump.

There is a story out today about a Trump enterprise illegally doing business in Cuba. Unfortunately, nobody cares.

The ‘Stros could be officially out of contention this evening. Last season, folks were heaping praise on the GM. We still have the same GM. Just saying.

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