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Rudy Knows

Only the hard core Donald Trump supporters think he won last night’s debate.

His top advisor, Rudy Giuliani, knows he lost. So there is no debating who won the debate. It was a genuine arse kicking for sure.

Check out Giuliani’s tweets:

Rudolph Giuliani ‏@rudygiulianiGOP 11h11 hours ago

This debate was not @realDonaldTrump‘s best, but there are still two more. #debatenight


Rudolph Giuliani ‏@rudygiulianiGOP 10h10 hours ago

.@realDonaldTrump needs to think long and hard about the moderator before participating in another debate. #Debates2016

This line from Politico:

“He was rattled that he had trouble competing in the arena,” said Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook. “He became unhinged.”

From Vox:

A poll of debate watchers by CNN/ORC, which found that 62 percent thought Clinton won and 27 percent thought Trump did. CNN’s David Chalian emphasized on air that the sample was 10 points more Democratic than in a typical poll, but that’s still a strong win for Clinton.

A poll of debate watchers by Public Policy Polling, which found that 51 percent thought Clinton won and 40 percent thought Trump won.

A focus group of 20 undecided Florida voters by CNN found that 18 of them thought Clinton won.

And a focus group of Pennsylvania voters by GOP pollster Frank Luntz overwhelmingly thought Clinton had won. Libby Nelson has more details about that here.

And this:

As Dana Milbank writes, “Trump ostentatiously avoided preparation — playing the proverbial high school slacker drinking beer behind the bleachers while the teacher’s pet was in the library. But Monday night was the revenge of the nerd.”

It ought to be embarrassing for the Trump team, but it is not. They will just blame Lester Holt, the media, Alicia Machado, and the bad microphone.   His hard core supporters will stick with him. Let’s just hope those in the middle take stock in what they saw last night.

Before the debate, his handlers wanted him to come across as “presidential.” Instead he came across as a joke. The proof is in last night’s 97 minutes.   Hillary owned him and that has to hurt him personally.

I am skipping the MLB question today.

We lost last night and we are a game or three away from being eliminated from the playoffs.

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