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Grow Up

In the Chron today, Stan Marek, a “specialty subcontractor based in Houston”, has an Op-Ed that starts with this:

As the debate about illegal immigration rages at the national level thanks to the vitriolic rhetoric of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, it’s high time for all of us to take a look at how the broken system is negatively affecting people right here in our own community.

My entire career has been spent in construction, so I’ve been perfectly positioned to see how this mess has evolved over the past few decades. Rather than rehash arguments I’ve made previously – arguments I will continue to make in the future – I’d like to share with you the story of a young woman whose experience is all too common here in Southeast Texas.

Here is the entire Marek Op-Ed: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/outlook/article/Marek-What-immigration-reality-looks-like-for-9237716.php.

That is all fine and dandy. But guys like Marek just need to grow up and endorse Secretary Hillary Clinton. Quit being wimpy, please!

The ‘Stros are now 81-71. What was our record last year with 10 games to go?

Last night, I spent part of the evening watching the riot. How come folks don’t riot during the day?

I also watched the  first episode of “Designated Survivor” and I was impressed.

Remember this from 11 years ago today. I am talking about Lovely Rita, or premature evacuation, as a former H-Town Council Member once said. Check this from today’s Chron:

This week in 2005 many of us in the Houston area were buckling down to bear the brunt of Hurricane Rita. 

The aftermath and horror of Hurricane Katrina just weeks before had scared many people in the area into action, with long lines at grocery stores, hardware stores and voluntary evacuations.

Hurricane Rita, a Category 5 monster, was moving toward the Texas Gulf Coast with frightening speed, causing evacuation orders for low-lying areas. 

The rush to get out of town and to places to the north and west created horrendous traffic jams as residents from every county in the area clamored to get out of the path of what was predicted to be a damaging hurricane. 

People who would have otherwise hunkered down, were scared into taking drastic action. Rita did indeed look terrifying and was headed straight toward Houston with 175 mph winds and worst-case scenario potential. 

The worst was possible. 

Some 2.5 million people hit the road ahead of the storm’s arrival. The worst day was probably Thursday, Sept. 22, as every conceivable evacuation route was clogged well past capacity.

I stayed in town.

With 10 games to go last season, we were 80-72 of course.

Even though we are now 1 game out of the Wild Card race, I am thinking more folks will be more interested in watching football tonight instead of checking the ‘Stros host the Angels. Just saying.

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