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Mr. Birther

Donald Trump is Mr. Birther period.

Since Friday afternoon, his sad team of surrogate talking heads have been trying to peddle the story that the 2008 Hillary Clinton campaign started the birther issue. Sorry, pals! Nobody is buying it.

This birther baby has been all Trump’s the past five years and everybody knows it. He owns it. It is not even up for debate. This isn’t spin material.

This is from an MSN story:

Donald Trump derided former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, calling the national security official a “clown” and a “mess.”

Guys like Gates need to get off their arses or high horses and endorse Secretary Clinton like right now.

Commentary is not going to talk much about pensions but you can read what the E-Board said yesterday on the matter here: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Pension-possibilities-9228440.php.

Mark Trumbo of B’More leads MLB with 43 dingers this season. When was the last time a player hit 50 or more dingers in a season?

The Rice band pulled off a good one over Baylor Friday night. Here is from the Chron:

Rice didn’t beat Baylor on the football field, but the MOB band aimed to win halftime Friday night at Rice Stadium. 

The MOB, the Owls’ band known for its humorous halftime shows, dedicated Friday’s performance to poking fun at Baylor’s sexual assault scandal, which led to the firing of football coach Art Briles.


The band proceeded to align in a formation to resemble the Roman numeral nine representing Title IX – poking fun at the multiple Title IX lawsuits Baylor is facing over the school’s handling of sexual assaults. 

The band then aligned in a star formation meant to represent former Baylor president Ken Starr and his exit, all the while playing the song “Hit The Road, Jack.” 

Here is the entire read: http://www.chron.com/sports/rice/article/Rice-band-mocks-Baylor-for-Title-IX-lawsuits-9228565.php.

The General, who by the way, went to Baylor was at the game and tweeted this:

John McClain ‏@McClain_on_NFL 16h16 hours ago

The loudest ovation for first half is still Art Briles showing up on Baylor sideline. Fans stood and cheered whey they recognized him.

And this:

John McClain ‏@McClain_on_NFL Sep 16

What an ingenious halftime show by the MOB. Baylor fans need a sense of humor.

Then the Rice administration sold out the MOB with this statement:

“The Marching Owl Band, or MOB, has a tradition of satirizing the Rice Owls’ football opponents. In this case, the band’s calling attention to the situation at Baylor was subject to many different interpretations. Although the band’s halftime shows are entirely the members’ projects with no prior review by the university administration, we regret any offense, particularly if Baylor fans may have felt unwelcome in our stadium. While we know that the MOB did not intend in any way to make light of the serious issue of sexual assault, we are concerned that some people may have interpreted the halftime performance in that vein. Sexual assault is a matter of serious concern on campuses across the nation, and all of us have an obligation to address the matter with all the tools at our disposal. The MOB sought to highlight the events at Baylor by satirizing the actions or inactions of the Baylor administration, but it is apparent from the comments of many spectators and Baylor fans that the MOB’s effort may have went too far.”

There is a column in the Rice newspaper today that starts like this:

Two years ago, I wrote an opinion piece in the Thresher to shed light on what I saw as systemic issues within the Rice community that enabled acts of sexual assault and violence to occur. Since then, the Thresher has reported on the administration’s numerous efforts to curb sexual assault and to increase dialogue on campus. However, the statement released by Rice after the Marching Owl Band’s halftime performance at the Baylor game is a disappointing reminder of our university’s failure to elevate the discourse surrounding sexual assault.

Here is the entire piece: http://www.ricethresher.org/article/2016/09/rices-response-to-mob-performance-deeply-disappointing.

On Friday, Commentary got the Texas Sports Nation in my Chron. Here is what it is:

As a subscriber, you will receive all-star coverage of our beloved hometown teams and athletes across all sports from the Houston Chronicle. Enjoy, deep, in-depth sports coverage and content, valued by sports enthusiasts coupled with a weekly 48+ page full-color magazine, intense interactive online media.

Texas Sports Nation will also air on Sunday nights @ 11pm  on KPRC/Channel 2, immediately following Randy McIlvoy Sports Sunday show which we will co-anchor with Houston Chronicle’s own Sports Columnist Jerome Solomon.

There is a lot of stuff in the 48 pager. I will pay the extra $52 annually to support my paper.

Kaepernick keeps winning. Check this from Saturday’s Chron:

Coach Jeff Riordan thought he was getting ahead of a contentious issue.

At Crosby High School, where he is head football coach and athletic director, Riordan talked to student-athletes this week about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to take a knee during the national anthem to protest racism and police brutality.

None of the players discussed plans to kneel, but Riordan issued a pre-emptive warning: Stand for the anthem or be sent to the locker room.

Riordan and the district reversed the decision days later after some team members complained. Students from across the political spectrum discussed everything from respecting veterans to the Black Lives Matter movement during a lengthy meeting.

They decided to kneel during the coin toss and stand for the anthem.

Here is the entire read: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/article/Taking-a-stand-over-the-anthem-9228522.php?cmpid=btfpm.

In 2013, B’More’s Chris Davis hit 53 dingers of course.

We won 2 of 3 in Seattle and moved up a game. We are 3 out of the Wild Card with 13 to play.








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