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Yard Sign, Please

Commentary has to be brief today because I have to help in family matters. Thanks.

Jose Altuve now has 200 career doubles as a ‘Stros to put him at 10th in career doubles as a ‘Stro. How many doubles does he need to catch Craig Biggio, the leader in career doubles as a ‘Stro?

Take this for what it is worth. Maybe Donald Trump was right after all for campaigning in Texas recently. Here is from Elizabeth Koh of McClatchy:

A new poll by The Washington Post and online polling site SurveyMonkey suggests there may be another battleground for the already embattled Republican presidential nominee: Texas.

The poll, which sampled voters in all 50 states, showed opponent Hillary Clinton at 46 percent and Trump at 45 percent in the Lone Star State, suggesting Texas’ rapidly shifting demographics might tilt the historically red state more purple in the upcoming election.

Texas has not elected a single Democrat to statewide office in more than 20 years — the only Democrat to currently hold a statewide office changed his affiliation from Republican to Democrat after winning his seat on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. According to the Post, President Barack Obama also lost Texas by 16 points in his 2012 re-election bid, though Trump’s support has declined precipitously in recent polls during his campaign.

Texas Democrats have long hoped that the state’s growing Hispanic and Latino populations may put it in political play in future elections, and Clinton herself said in a New York Magazine article earlier this year that she hopes to be competitive in the state.

A national survey of Latino registered voters conducted by Latino Decisions showed they were substantially more likely to find Clinton a favorable candidate, with 68 percent in support. Trump, however, was likely to be viewed more unfavorably, with just 21 percent calling him a favorable candidate.

According to the 2010 census, Hispanics and Latinos made up nearly 38% of the state’s population. But the Post poll, citing the state’s electoral history, still predicts Trump is likely to win despite his current dead heat with the Democratic nominee.

The Post-SurveyMonkey poll also showed narrow races in North Carolina, Ohio and Arizona, which also has a long history of voting Republican. The poll was the largest undertaken by the Post, and included answers from more than 74,000 registered voters across the country throughout the month of August.

Commentary doesn’t think our state’s Dem leaders believe the number are close in Texas. My old friend Garry Mauro said a couple of months ago that Texas wasn’t in play.   I have not heard of any effort being organized on a statewide level. Heck, I don’t even see anything going on here locally.   I have seen some tweets and emails from some of the local candidates though.

State Dems are so used to losing that they will probably dismiss these poll numbers because, well, they simply can’t be true, because, well, we’re Texas. That’s too bad.

Still, I would like a yard sign. Just in case.

We lost Hugh O’Brian yesterday. He was one of the first TV stars back in the ‘50s when he played Wyatt Earp. I was a big fan.   The TV series also had one of the best theme tunes. I used to sing it all the time. Here it is:

Well he cleaned up the country

The old wild west country

He made law and order prevail.

And none can deny it

The legend of Wyatt

Forever will live on the trail.

Wyatt Earp, Wyatt Earp,

Brave courageous and bold.

Long live his fame and long life his glory

and long may his story be told.


Altuve needs 468 doubles to catch Biggio at 668 of course.

We won last night and are still 2 out of the Wild Card.

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