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On Labor Day

It will be a light day today. Hope yours is too.

The Chron E-Board endorsed Kim Ogg for Harris County DA yesterday. It was kind of like a slam of the incumbent GOP DA. Here is how the endorsement starts out:

Why should Kim Ogg replace Devon Anderson as district attorney? Let us count the ways:

Anderson’s office threw a rape survivor in jail to force her to testify. Anderson unnecessarily delayed the case of Alfred Dewayne Brown after the appeals court overturned his conviction, leaving an innocent man in jail for months. She mishandled the prosecution of anti-abortion activists charged with tampering with a governmental record, facing criticism from both pro-choice and anti-abortion groups. In a brazen act of political grandstanding, she stoked public fears and racial tension after the senseless killing of sheriff’s deputy Darren Goforth by the mentally ill Shannon Miles. One of her prosecutors was even caught texting with a bailiff in the middle of trial to talk about the jury. And Anderson continues to brag about using the death penalty even as innocent people are exonerated from death row and Texas’ top legal minds are calling for it to be abolished.

Each month seemed to bring more allegations of prosecutorial misconduct, whether witnesses being paid for their testimony or evidence being withheld from defendants. Yet every time problems arose in the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, you could bet that Anderson would stonewall instead of standing for justice.

Harris County cannot take four more years of a prosecutor’s office that pursues convictions at any cost. It is a mentality that risks putting the innocent behind bars while the real criminals run free.

Here is the entire endorsement: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/recommendations/article/For-Kim-Ogg-9202209.php.

Good for Team Ogg.

Now who leads the ‘Stros in RBIs?

Commentary has said before that I don’t like to write about college athletics because the players don’t get paid. I will say the schedule looks favorable for the Cougars and that may also be the problem coming from the doubters. There is only one ranked team to play on the schedule. Oh, well, just keep winning.

Longhorns looked impressive last night. I wonder if they will break into the top 25 tomorrow?

Commentary has taken in a couple of high school football games the past couple of weeks. Dante is playing. Price of bottled water at The Yard, $5. Price of same bottled water at Friday Night Lights, $2. This past Saturday, one of the bands at halftime started off their program playing the theme song from “Blazing Saddles.” I guess it was a Gene Wilder deal.

Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa lead the team with 90 RBIs each of course.

We took one out of three in Arlington this past weekend and are two out of the Wild Card race. Now we are in Cleveland for four. Still hanging?


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