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The Speech

Like Freddy Fender once said, “wasted days and wasted nights.” I am talking about Donald Trump’s day and night yesterday.

First, the president of Mexico said he told Trump that Mexico would not pay for the wall after Trump said they didn’t talk about it. Then Trump’s anticipated speech on immigration last night didn’t win over any folks. He pleased the crazies though, like in these tweets:

Ann Coulter ‏@AnnCoulter 12h12 hours ago

I think I’ll watch this speech every night before going to bed so that I will sleep like a baby.


David Duke ‏@DrDavidDuke 11h11 hours ago

Excellent speech by Donald Trump tonight. Deport criminal aliens, end catch and release, enforce immigration laws & America First.

Plus, he said he would do away with DACA.

Then he lost some of his few GOP Latino supporters. Check this from the Tribune:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has lost a key Hispanic supporter in Texas after his speech Wednesday night on immigration.  Houston immigration lawyer Jacob Monty said early Thursday morning that he had decided not only to resign from Trump’s National Hispanic Advisory Council but also to stop raising money for the nominee in Texas. Politico first reported Monty was leaving the group, which has five other members from Texas. Some Hispanic Republicans, including Monty, had hoped Trump would use his speech to outline a more thoughtful approach to the millions of people who are already in the country illegally. Instead, Trump stuck with the hardline views that got him through the primaries, appearing to back little away from his pledge to deport many people who are in the United States unlawfully.  Monty called the speech, which Trump delivered in Phoenix after a whirlwind trip to Mexico earlier in the day, a “complete betrayal to Republican ideals and his [commitments] made.” Monty also said the GOP “must reclaim our Party from the [nativist] elements.”

Here is the entire Trib piece: https://www.texastribune.org/2016/09/01/after-speech-trump-loses-key-texas-hispanic-backer/.

Then Trump got the “payaso” treatment from the U.S. Hispanic Chamber honcho here in Politico:

The head of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce lamented the lost opportunity of the Republican Party in 2016 with Trump as its nominee. 

Javier Palomarez, whose group made its first-ever presidential endorsement in July, backing Hillary Clinton, remarked Thursday that Trump was in a bind after his meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. 

“He had to come back out and really kind of fire up his base. But the reality of it is, he hasn’t done anything to help himself in terms of growing the number,” Palomarez said during a discussion on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” 

“And so I think he’s done for with the Hispanic community. He’s never going to see the White House if he doesn’t get a significant portion of the Hispanic vote,” he continued. “I don’t know if you guys speak Spanish but I want you to remember this one word: payaso. Payaso.” 

Explaining that it translates to “clown,” Palomarez called Trump a “complete clown.”

Calling Trump a clown is too kind if you ask me.

Here is one for you. Have the ‘Stros ever had a Latino skipper?

Commentary doesn’t talk much about college sports because the players don’t get paid. On occasion I do talk about the coaches. Yesterday, UH said its head football coach wouldn’t do Sports 610 radio shows I guess because the radio station has put out some stuff that ended up not being true on the coach and posted a piece on their website on other schools the coach may end up coaching at some day. Here is from the Chron on this matter:

University of Houston football coach Tom Herman will not continue this season his weekly appearances on KILT (610 AM), a school spokesman and the station said Wednesday. 

Herman, who had a public disagreement with some of the station’s current and former hosts about a recruiting topic last year, will appear at 8:30 a.m. Thursdays on KBME (790 AM), which broadcasts UH games. 

Ryan McCredden, KILT’s program director, said the station will have occasional appearances from college football coaches this year but has no regularly scheduled appearances planned. 

Apparently, the final straw for Herman was an article on KILT’s website last week with the headline “Tom Herman Should Leave UH for These 9 Programs.” The author of the article then tagged Herman in a tweet promoting it. 

In a segment on KILT’s afternoon drive-time show “The Triple Threat” on Monday, hosts Sean Pendergast, Rich Lord and Ted Johnson addressed Herman cutting off the station.

“My opinion on this – I do think it’s short-sighted,” Pendergast said. “This is a show that has numerically speaking, our show, has the biggest audience in town and has for a long, long time. It seems peculiar that you wouldn’t want to do an interview. 

“If Coach Herman were to leave someday to go somewhere else, there are places where the spotlight burns a whole lot brighter than the University of Houston. Things like articles on the 610 Sports Radio website are going to seem minuscule. They’re going to be a pimple compared to starting out 4-5 in a given season at Texas, Texas A&M or some other school.  

“His us-against-the-world mentality is a) perfect for that school because I think they have that mentality and b) it’s perfect for that school right now.” 

Johnson, a former standout linebacker at Colorado and with the New England Patriots, called Herman’s decision “overreacting big time” and a “college football mentality” to try to control the media. 

“For college coaches to do that, they can do that in those small little towns in Happy Valley (Pa.) and those kinds of places,” Johnson said. “For him to have this as a straw that broke the camel’s back is a huge overreaction on his part.”

Here us the entire Chron article: http://www.chron.com/sports/cougars/article/UH-coach-Tom-Herman-cuts-off-SportsRadio-610-9195612.php.

I don’t listen to 610 these days except for Texans games. I got annoyed with the 610 crew a while back. I am a 790 guy when I am not listening to CNN or Sixties on Sirius.

I like the UH coach. I think he’s done a very good job. He needs to reconsider on the 610 deal. This is sports talk, not the New York Times. At times they are not going to use good journalistic principles when putting out their stories. They also have large audiences out there that he needs to be reaching. What happens when 790 puts out a story that is critical of his program or has faulty info. Is he going to KPFT? The coach is bigger than this.

Preston Gomez born in Cuba of course was the skipper for the ‘Stros in 1974 and 1975.

We won another yesterday and are now one game out of the Wild Card.  Now we have the next thirteen games against first place teams. This will make or break us – maybe.

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