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Want to know what’s in store for the Donald Trump campaign between now and November 8? Just go to http://www.breitbart.com/. It is a very spooky website. I thought about this most of the day yesterday, so just get ready for the kitchen sink. Trump bringing on this Breitbart fella is unconventional for sure.

I was wondering what mainstream GOP consultants were thinking about Trump and the Breitbart fella, Steve Bannon, and I saw this from GOP consultant Rick Wilson who also happens to be helping an independent presidential candidate:

“If you were looking for a tone or pivot, Bannon will pivot you in a dark, racist and divisive direction. It’ll be a nationalist, hateful campaign. Republicans should run away.”

Come on!  Best I can tell, the fella has never been involved in running political campaigns.  Now he is helping run a presidential race?

Look for the Trump campaign to blow things up and hope that they are the only ones left standing. Like I said, this isn’t conventional. Kind of scary.

You need to check this for more on what to expect: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/local/gray-matters/article/Breitbart-and-the-Trump-campaign-9155377.php.

This is kind of an interesting question today. This is what Chron sports columnist Brian T. Smith said today about the ‘Stros: “Wednesday’s lineup had AAAA written all over it.” What does Smith mean – I think?

Here is a bonus question. Robert Redford is celebrating his 80th birthday today. What was the name of his baseball team in “The Natural?”

Really? Breaking news? The Ryan Lochte stuff is now trending #LochteGate or #LochMess and even #Watergate. Really?

The HISD Board of Trustees will hire a new superintendent today. Good luck!

Roy Hobbs of course played for the New York Knights.

AAAA means that a player is too good for Triple A ball but not ready for MLB level ball. FYI: AAAA ball does not exist of course – got it?

This is the headline of the hard copy of the Chron’s Sports Section today:

Not quite done, but fork hangs overhead

They are talking about the ‘Stros. That’s where we are at today

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