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On Oh, Says

Commentary doesn’t put his hand over his heart for the playing of the National Anthem at The Yard. I sing it and one of the few (if not the only one) in my section that sings it.   I had to look up National Anthem etiquette on the internet the other day to find out that the hand on the heart deal is Anthem etiquette. I am going to continue to do it my way and I mean no disrespect because I sing it.

Gabby Douglas, the 2012 All Around Gold Medal gymnast, is African American. Last week, she was roundly and may I say unfairly criticized for not having her hand on her heart when they played the National Anthem at the awards ceremony when Douglas and her fellow teammates were awarded the gold. You gotta be kidding, right?  She instead stood at attention.

A few nights later, I was watching Michael Phelps on the medal stand after being awarded the gold and he started laughing during parts of the Anthem. Phelps is Anglo and didn’t get any criticism. He’s Michael Phelps.

Just saying.

Speaking of, I have noticed that some of the U.S. gold medal winning Olympians sing along with the Anthem and some don’t.

After September 11, on Sundays and on holidays, at MLB cribs in the U.S., MLB started to have someone lead the singing of “God Bless America.” At The Yard, the PA announcer asks folks to stand up and remove their lids. It didn’t used to be that way.

Jose Altuve is sitting on 997 career base hit as a ‘Stro. He ranks 13th all time for base hits as a ‘Stros. Who is number 12 at 1,037 base hits as a ‘Stro? Hint: He is no longer with us.

The Texas Ethics Commission is looking at more transparency when it comes to campaign expenditure reporting. No more giving a big check to the consultant and not detailing the actual expenses. I can handle this. This should be a no brainer. Who would be opposed other than consultants and consultants aren’t supposed to wield the type of power to prevent disclosure. It might be more paperwork, but the process should be more open. Here is from Ross Ramsey of the Trib:

People get away with all kinds of stuff in campaign finance.

You suspected this, probably, but an item on the agenda of Monday’s meeting of the Texas Ethics Commission offers some evidence.

The title is unalarming: Expenditures involving consultants. The proposed rule sets out to require political consultants to report their spending in the same way that candidates are required to do. Consultants wouldn’t have to report everything — just the spending that’s done at the direction of the candidate or officeholder for whom the consultant is working. The rule says the candidates and officeholders filing campaign reports have to reveal what their consultants are spending as if the filers themselves were spending it.

If you buy an ad in the newspaper, you have to report it. If you pay a consultant who then buys an ad in the newspaper, you don’t. The proposed rule would require the consultant’s spending to be detailed in the candidate’s campaign finance report.

The state is trying to regulate what some have called the “campaign in a box,” when a candidate reports writing one big check to a consultant, who then handles all of the campaign spending off the books.

This is one of those times when seeing a rule or regulation opens your eyes to a vast range of tricks open to practitioners of the activity being regulated.

Campaigns can hide almost anything: how much they spent on TV, whether there’s an astrologist on the campaign staff, who stayed in what hotel in what city while they were out trying to get their candidate elected.

“It’s been going on since before I was in politics,” says Harold Cook, a Democratic consultant who’s been either watching or participating in campaigns for several decades.

This is hardly new. Campaigns have been hiding their expenses forever. Still, it’s possible under Texas law to run a campaign that makes its legally required disclosures without really telling you anything.

Here is the entire Trib article:


Campaigns should have to disclose generally how the money is being spent. You know- media ads, mail, print, staff – you get the picture. I wonder who is going to lead the effort to kill this proposal. I hope they are identified just so we can know

Ken Caminiti of course had 1,037 base hits as a ‘Stro and is number 12 on the list.

We have a brief homie.   Just two games with San Luis. Keuchel goes tonight. We have to win.


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