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A Mess and a Mess

First this:

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Pence today: “The only poll that really matters is on Election Day.”

We all know that’s what they always say when you are getting clobbered in the polls. In one poll released yesterday, Donald Trump was nearly getting shutout amongst African Americans 91% to 1%. Which prompted me to tweet: “I wonder what the 8% are thinking?” There is even a poll out today showing Secretary Hillary Clinton leading Trump by 4 points in Georgia, yes Georgia.

Then there have been a number of GOP defectors.

Trump keeps taking the bait. He is undisciplined and he is woefully unprepared. There is even a story today on a number of GOP insiders wishing Trump would quit the race. Here is from Politico: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/08/insiders-to-trump-drop-out-226689.

Now that is not going to happen but it does point to the major problems the campaign is having. The Trump campaign is a mess today.

We know that the race will tighten between now and November 8, but right now, Dems have to be feeling pretty darn good.

The ‘Stros are 56-52. How were we sitting last year at the 108 game mark?

Speaking of messes, I kind of hope HISD gets past this HISD Auditor issue soon or things could get worse. The auditor has on his side former H-Town City Attorney Dave Feldman and Wayne Dolcefino. Those are pretty good hired guns if you ask me. They are holding a press conference today to announce their next move.

Here is Ericka Mellon’s Chron article on the latest: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/education/article/HISD-reassigns-ethics-and-compliance-officer-9123923.php.

As we head into the new school year and get ready to welcome a new superintendent, do we need to keep having fights in the media over ethics. Let’s get this thing settled and move on to other issues like making our schools better. Just a thought.

Fifty years ago today “Revolver” was released. “Taxman”, “Eleanor Rigby”, “Here, There and Everywhere”, “Yellow Submarine”, “Good Day Sunshine”, “And Your Bird Can Sing”, and “Got to Get You into My Life.” Not bad at all. One of the greatest albums of all time.

Last year after 108 games, we were 60-48 of course.

In my opinion, things are looking bad at The Yard. The Rangers are in town this weekend and we can’t let them put more distance between us and them. I expect near sellout crowds this weekend.

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