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Commentary is not going to spend a whole lot of time talking about Melania Trump and working without her papers when she came to America. Hey, it goes both ways. I don’t expect Donald Trump to toss her over his wall. I do think that it has the potential to set off Trump again to go on another of his twitter tantrums.

The NY Times put out a tweet yesterday on folks at Trump rallies. It included a lot of vulgarities and racist comments including the term “beaner.” I have not heard “beaner” in a long time. It was from a kid too. I wonder where he picked up the term?

Check it out here: http://www.nytimes.com/video/us/politics/100000004533191/unfiltered-voices-from-donald-trumps-crowds.html?action=click&contentCollection=us&module=lede&region=caption&pgtype=article.

Here is from Politico today. Keep on Trumping:

POLLS DU JOUR — DISASTER for Trump — Donald Trump is down nine points in Michigan, 15 points in New Hampshire and 11 points in Pennsylvania, according to three new polls out this morning. Hillary Clinton is beating Trump 41 percent to 32 percent in a Detroit News poll of Michigan, a state the GOP nominee’s team says is crucial to winning the White House. Sixty percent of voters in Michigan say Trump is not qualified to be president. In New Hampshire, WBUR found Clinton is up 47 percent to 32 percent. Trump and Clinton were running neck and neck there two months ago. And in a Franklin and Marshall poll in Pennsylvania, Clinton is up 49 percent to 38 percent among likely voters. New Hampshire poll: http://wbur.fm/2azO0lDMichigan poll: http://detne.ws/2avnsk3Pennsylvania poll: http://bit.ly/2aEGKml It looks like Arlington voters are going to be voting on a new crib for the Rangers. Name the MLB club with the newest crib?

The HISD Auditor is back at work. In reading the Chron story, I can’t figure out what is going on. I’ll put out from the Chron article what my trustee thinks here:

HISD trustee Anna Eastman, who serves on the board’s audit committee, said she was pleased Patton was back on the job.

She noted that she was absent from the board’s closed-door meeting March 10 that preceded Patton’s suspension.

“He was instrumental in the beginning stages of overhauling the audit department,” Eastman said, “and I look forward to him having a good relationship with the board so he can help us run the most efficient organization possible.”

Here is the entire Ericka Mellon article: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/education/article/HISD-s-chief-auditor-Richard-Patton-returns-to-9112517.php.

This will probably get more interesting.

Wanted: New Housing Authority Chair. Here is this from the Chron:

Mayor Sylvester Turner slammed Houston’s housing authority Wednesday for not building new affordable housing in several years, yet he reiterated his opposition to the agency’s proposed development in an upscale Galleria-area neighborhood.

Federal and state officials have blocked all but three of the Houston Housing Authority’s eight projects proposed in the last three years, meaning it has been a decade since the agency last brought new affordable units to the city.

“I am very disappointed with the board for not having moved forward on building affordable housing in this city,” Turner told City Council.

He added that he intends to change the agency’s leadership. 

The mayor’s comments come days after he blocked tax credit financing for a mixed-income complex at 2640 Fountain View by declining to bring the project to a vote at City Council. He said the deal’s price tag of $240,000 per unit was too expensive.


Housing authority chairman Lance Gilliam bristled at the mayor’s criticism, saying the comments “surprised and disappointed” him. 

“We’re the wrong target,” Gilliam said. “For him to target us and attack us is deeply disappointing.”

Here is the entire Rebecca Elliott article: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/houston/article/Turner-criticizes-city-agency-for-affordable-9102138.php.

I give the chair credit for standing his ground. He knew he was on the way out though.

And this:

Mike Snyder ‏@chronsnyder 12h12 hours ago

HHA chair was appointed by @AnniseParker

Here is the deal. I don’t know of a civic or neighborhood group that wants an affordable housing complex nearby. We will see where this goes.

Marlins Park of course opened in 2012.

And this:

Brian McTaggart ‏@brianmctaggart 11h11 hours ago

In losing seven of their last nine, the Astros are hitting .188.

I think I talked about the paltry offense yesterday. It is rough to watch. I don’t have any confidence in batters five through nine. I just don’t.

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