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Just so you know, Commentary is on record saying that the presidential debates will not happen this year. The Donald Trump campaign and GOP is laying the groundwork for opting out.

Check these:

Greta Van Susteren ‏@greta 16h16 hours ago

.@newtgingrich: Presidential debate schedule is not only rigged, but it’s stupid. – OTR #greta @foxnews


Greta Van SusterenVerified account ‏@greta 15h15 hours ago

.@Reince: We shouldn’t be having debates on Sunday nights – OTR #greta @foxnews

And this:

“I’m afraid the election’s going to be rigged. I have to be honest,” (Donald) Trump told voters in Ohio, a crucial swing state.

Plus, it is obvious to anyone paying attention that Trump is the least informed presidential candidate in my lifetime. I mean, come on, Russia isn’t in Ukraine?

The last thing they want to do is put him on the same debate stage with Secretary Hillary Clinton. He would look like a complete moron.   I really don’t think he is capable of studying up on the issues before September 26. If he doesn’t know them now, he is not going to know them then.

Plus, Trump keeps calling the media dishonest, so he will probably say that potential debate moderators and panelists would have it in for him.

For those that stayed up for the 14 innings last night at The Yard, how many batters struck out?

Then this from the NY Times:

The investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett unleashed a withering attack on Donald J. Trump on Monday for refusing to release his tax returns, asserting he had something to hide, and for misleading voters about his success as a businessman and ability to improve the American economy.

Mr. Buffett, known to investors as the Sage of Omaha, said a monkey throwing darts at the stock pages in 1995, when Mr. Trump first offered stock in his Atlantic City hotels, would have come out far ahead of anyone who listened to Mr. Trump’s “siren song” and invested in his company that lost money year over year.

The attack from perhaps the nation’s most revered investor undercut a core argument of Mr. Trump’s presidential candidacy: that his success as a businessman qualified him to run the country despite his lack of political experience.

What can Trump say about this hit from Buffett?

40 hitters of course struck out last night. 22 were Jays and 18 were ‘Stros.

Even though the game went 18 innings last night, it still ended around 11:15. We won.

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