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Worship the NFL

Commentary was not surprised to see the Chron E-Board come out with an early endorsement of Secretary Hillary Clinton. Go check it out here if you have not read it: http://www.chron.com/opinion/recommendations/article/For-Hillary-Clinton-8650345.php

Here is a taste:

The Chronicle editorial page does not typically endorse early in an election cycle; we prefer waiting for the campaign to play out and for issues to emerge and be addressed. We make an exception in the 2016 presidential race, because the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is not merely political. It is something much more basic than party preference. 

An election between the Democrat Clinton and, let’s say, the Republican Jeb Bush or John Kasich or Marco Rubio, even the hyper-ideological Ted Cruz, would spark a much-needed debate about the role of government and the nation’s future, about each candidate’s experience and abilities. But those Republican hopefuls have been vanquished. To choose the candidate who defeated them – fairly and decisively, we should point out – is to repudiate the most basic notions of competence and capability.

Really? Why are we even having this discussion? I am talking about football going up against picking the leader of the free world and by the way, the most important job on the planet.

Here is a tweet from a fella who is still auditioning for a position in a Donald Trump administration:

Newt GingrichVerified account ‏@newtgingrich 36m36 minutes ago

Scheduling 2 out of 3 presidential debates opposite NFLGames makes me think the commission is rigged to help hide Hillary from the voters

And here is from a senior writer at Fox Sports, yes, Fox Sports:

Dieter Kurtenbach ‏@dkurtenbach 20m20 minutes ago

Dieter Kurtenbach Retweeted Newt Gingrich

  1. You get the democracy you deserve.
  2. If you care more about Falcons-Saints than our country, I can’t help you

Just for the record, the first debate is Monday, September 26. Yes, the Falcons and Saints play that evening.

Tuesday, October 4 is the night of the Vice-Presidential debate.   I think the MLB Wild Cards games begin play that evening.

The second Presidential debate is Sunday, October 9 when Giants and Packers meet.

The final Presidential debate is Wednesday, October 16 when the MLB LCSs will be getting underway

Like I said, I don’t even know why we are even having this discussion. Sadly, because there are some out there who put the NFL above country.   NFL worshippers they are called.

Just so you know. If the ‘Stros happen too be playing at The Yard in the Wild Card game or at home in the playoffs on October 4 and October 19. My tickets are going up on Stub Hub. My family and friends know what is important and they wouldn’t be interested in using them. That’s how we roll.

The Blue Jays are in town for four. How many times has a Jays pitcher won the AL Cy Young Award?

It is obvious to the world that Trump didn’t like being taken down by a Muslim. It was pitiful to watch the Trump apologists, err supporters on the news shows yesterday. When asked about Trump and the Khan family, the Trump talking point was “Hillary bad.” They sounded so primitive. They also looked like they were not enjoying it. Get used to it. We got 99 days left.

I tend to agree with what Mark Cuban had to say about Trump at the Hillary Clinton campaign rally Saturday evening in PA.

This is the word used by Cuban to describe Trump. From Urban Dictionary:


  1. Someone who is complete waste of human flesh and should not be allowed to take up air or space; 2. Anyone who thinks the term jagoff originated anywhere else but Pittsburgh, where it most definitely had its origin.

I think the first time I heard the term used like that was by Mykelti Williamson’s (Bubba of Gump fame) character “Detective Drucker” from the 1995 flick “Heat” with DeNiro and Pacino. He told a perp “’Cause you’re on a plane back to New Jersey, jagoff.”

In 1996, Pat Hentgen (who?) won the AL Cy Young Award as a Jay. The Rocket won it in 1997 and 1998. Roy Halladay won it in 2003 of course.

The team had a miserable weekend at Comerica and we are now six out. Today is the trade deadline and Commentary is kind of on the so-so side on us making a deal. We traded for Carlos Gomez last year and he is hitting .216.

We need to have an outstanding seven game homie because afterwards we are on the road for 14 out of the next 16 games.

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