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Going into last night’s speech, the NBC talking heads said Secretary Hillary Clinton had to address the “trust” thing. Last night, after her speech, they said she didn’t do enough to reach out to independent voters. Make up your minds!

I was watching CNN last night after the speech and found it interesting that Paul Begala said some reporters were saying that Donald Trump might not debate Hillary this fall. I think Commentary said that a couple of days ago.

The ‘Stros are 55-46 with a plus 58 run differential. The Cubbies have the best MLB record at 61-40. What is their run differential?

A key Clinton campaign strategy is to get under Trump’s thin skin. It is working. Look at these tweets:

Lisa Falkenberg ‏@ChronFalkenberg 50m50 minutes ago

“A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.” #DemConvention


Dog Days of Evan ‏@evan7257 56m56 minutes ago

“A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.” Ice Cold.

And we know Trump didn’t like being taken down by a Muslim. See this:

Anderson Cooper 360° ‏@AC360 11h11 hours ago

Father of Muslim soldier: Donald Trump, have you read the U.S. Constitution? “I will gladly lend you my copy.”

Remember when Commentary said a day or two ago that Trump was a TV ratings freak. Well, now he is freaking out. Check out this MSN story from yesterday:

President Obama’s prime time speech lifted the Democratic convention to its third straight night of ratings wins over the Republican convention last week — and now the Trump campaign is exhorting supporters not to watch the Democrats’ final night.

About 24 million viewers watched Wednesday’s DNC coverage on the six biggest channels (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox News), according to preliminary Nielsen data.

Last Wednesday’s RNC coverage drew 23.4 million viewers across eight channels.

The coverage of Obama’s speech and Hillary Clinton’s appearance on stage spilled into the typically lower-rated 11 p.m. hour, but the ratings results indicate that most viewers kept watching until the very end of the evening.

For the third night in a row, CNN was #1 overall, with 6.17 million viewers between 10 and 11:45 p.m. MSNBC was #2 with 4.92 million. NBC was #3 with 4.17 million.

The Democratic ratings advantage has come as something of a surprise, given Donald Trump’s reputation as a ratings magnet.

Last week he touted the viewership for his Republican convention and predicted that no one would watch the Democrats.

On Thursday morning, Trump’s campaign sent a fund-raising email urging supporters not to tune into Clinton’s acceptance speech on Thursday night.

“Unless you want to be lied to, belittled, and attacked for your beliefs, don’t watch Hillary’s DNC speech tonight,” the email read. “Instead, help Donald Trump hold her accountable, call out her lies and fight back against her nasty attacks.”

The email could be interpreted two ways: As a creative way to raise money off of Clinton’s speech or an admission of insecurity by the Trump campaign.

I love it! And you know Trump hated the takedown by Kareem here:

Amanda TerkelVerified account ‏@aterkel 3m3 minutes ago

Kareem Abdul Jabbar: Introduces himself as Michael Jordan. Says it doesn’t matter, bc Trump can’t tell the difference btwn the two of them

You can say this again:

Dog Days of Evan ‏@evan7257 32m32 minutes ago

Democrats’ only regret is that the election isn’t tomorrow.

After Trump got nailed on the Russia email thing, he decided to lie his way out. See this:

Houston News ‏@abc13houston 39m39 minutes ago

Trump: ‘I was being sarcastic’ about Russia finding Clinton’s emails: http://abc13.co/2aAu1F8  #abc13 #Election2016

Even though Commentary doubts there will be debates, I wonder who will play Trump during the Clinton debate preps?

The Cubbies of course have a whopping plus 155 run differential of course.

The schedule is a little tougher over the next ten games. All the teams we are playing are contenders for sure.

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