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Here is the best line from last night:

“I’m a New Yorker, I know a con when I see one!” This was from former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. You know a line like this gets under Donald Trump’s skin.

The second best line:

To Trump from retired Rear Admiral John Hutson: “You’re not fit to polish John McCain’s boots.”  This line also got under Trump’s skin.

Last night was like back-to-back-to-back-to-back dingers at The Yard. Four great speeches by The President, Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Tim Kaine, and Mayor Bloomberg.   I think we moved the needle last night.

Trump is a big TV ratings guy. It is interesting that he hasn’t said anything about the fact that more folks watched the 2012 GOP convention than the Cleveland confab last week. The “Choker” was viewed more than the Donald.

The early numbers also indicate that more folks are watching the Dems in Philly.   Trump isn’t saying anything about this either.

We are seeing a lot of hugs and embraces amongst Dems in Philly. We didn’t see a whole lot of loving in Cleveland. Commentary is feeling better this morning.

The ‘Stros start a weekend series tomorrow at Comerica Park. The Tigers last won a World Serious in 1984. Who was their skipper in 1984?

Here is from Ericka Mellon’s story today on the new HISD Superintendent:

The San Francisco public schools superintendent won over a divided Houston school board with what members described as his devotion to equity for all students, passion for the arts and willingness to collaborate.

The trustees, often split along ideological and racial lines, voted unanimously Wednesday to select Richard Carranza, an educator who has led the much smaller California district for four years, as the lone finalist for the superintendent’s job here.

The former teacher and principal, who spoke Spanish growing up in Arizona and learned English in school, said he looks forward to taking the helm of the Houston Independent School District after his contract negotiation and the state’s mandatory 21-day waiting period.

“We have come together as a team,” school board vice president Wanda Adams said. “We have agreed to disagree on issues. But at the end, we were able to cross the finish line.”


The board apparently struggled behind closed doors to agree on a finalist after narrowing the pool from 35 applicants. Trustees “duked it out,” trustee Jolanda Jones said. Some board members initially were resistant to an outsider and were leaning toward an African-American candidate, according to sources not authorized to discuss the board’s deliberations. However, during a news conference after the vote to pick Carranza, board members offered unqualified praise of him.

Here is the entire story: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/education/article/HISD-s-superintendent-pick-says-Houston-schools-8473056.php.

On the one hand, Commentary would like to know more details on how the divisions were lining up and who prevailed. On the other hand, maybe it is best that we be spared the details so as to not have divisions aired publicly – you know what I mean.

In checking out the story, it turns out the superintendent is a mariachi. I am looking forward to seeing him in mariachi gear.

From the “He’s an Actor” Department – this from the AP:

Bradley Cooper‘s appearance at the Democratic National Convention has irked some conservative fans of the actor’s portrayal of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in 2014’s “American Sniper.”

Cooper was spotted by TV cameras Wednesday night seated at the meeting in Philadelphia alongside his Russian model girlfriend, Irina Shayk.

Some Twitter users say they plan to boycott Cooper’s future films over his presence at the convention. Another commented that they thought his experience playing Kyle would have rubbed off on him.

Oh, brother.  Sorry to disappoint you.

Hall of Fame great Sparky Anderson was the skipper of the Tigers of course when they last won the World Serious in 1984.

We are back to 2 ½ games out and Alex Bregman is 0-9 and we have 61 games remaining.

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