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First Night

The First Lady knocked it out of the ballpark last night. A real trooper for sure. She left no doubt on where she is at. Even Donald Trump knows she smoked it. Trump twitter trashed Sens. Bernie Sander, Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker last night, but said absolutely nothing about the First Lady.

My second favorite moment of last night was watching Sanders supporter Sarah Silverman tell the “Bernie or Bust” people that they were being ridiculous. They are.

New ‘Stro Alex Bregman is wearing the number 2. Name the two former ‘Stros skippers who wore the number 2?

Kuffer had a take a few days ago on Secretary Julian Castro and what he could be doing to help his political future. Here is a part:

In the meantime, if Castro is even slightly inclined towards running for Governor in 2018, he can lay a lot of groundwork for it by working to turn out Latino voters in Texas and help Democratic candidates, especially Latino candidates, get elected this year. There’s Pete Gallego for CD23, Dori Contreras Garza for State Supreme Court, State Rep candidates in Dallas and Bexar Counties, Ed Gonzalez for Harris County Sheriff, etc etc etc. He’s going to be out on the trail anyway, so why not put a little elbow grease into helping out in his own state? If he really wants to get people fired up about a future candidacy, spend a little time in places that aren’t Democratic now but which need to be at least on the way there for him to have something resembling a reasonable shot – Fort Bend, Williamson, Bastrop, Comal, Collin, Denton, Brazoria, you get this idea.

Here is the entire take: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=75547.

It is a good take but it probably will not happen. The Clinton/Kaine folks will have him go to Nevada, Colorado, and Florida and any other swing state where Latinos will make a difference. That’s politics.

This isn’t good.   From Politico:

Rep. Alan Grayson’s ex-wife repeatedly went to police with accusations of domestic abuse over a two-decade period, according to documents she has provided to POLITICO, revelations that come as the Florida congressman enters the final weeks of his Democratic primary campaign for Senate. 

Lolita Grayson called police on her husband at least two times in Virginia and two more times in Florida, sought medical attention on at least two occasions and said that, in one instance, he had threatened to kill her, according to a police report

Here is the entire Politico story: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/07/alan-grayson-wife-florida-226090.

In the Chron business section today there is a story on the upcoming Heights wet/dry election. Commentary lives a few blocks from the wet/dry section so I don’t get to vote and I won’t express an opinion.  Here is from the article:

H-E-B, which has expressed strong interest in establishing a store in the area, gave proponents a boost by working with Austin-based political consulting firm Texas Petition Strategies for the signature drive.

“H-E-B looks forward to the possibility of expanding our offerings to the Heights and Garden Oaks neighborhoods and are hopeful the registered voters will support us in November,” Cyndy Garza, public affairs director for H-E-B’s Houston region, said in a statement.

Garza added the company is “encouraged with all the positive, eager and rapid responses.”

Proponents say allowing retail beer and wine sales makes it viable for more grocery stores to operate in the area. Reaction to the effort has not been completely positive, judging from a spirited online neighborhood forum and letters to the editor.

Opponents say the ban – put in place shortly before Prohibition – has kept the neighborhood family-friendly and helps guard against unwanted development. A change could alter future development, local resident and real estate agent Bill Baldwin warned.

“It opens the door for waves of other commercial development that undermines the character of this historic neighborhood, when the reality is we could simply drive one extra mile to get out of the dry area, get what we need, and still be able to enjoy the amenities and quality of life that I and my neighbors love,” Baldwin said in an email. “I myself am willing to go that extra mile.”

Does he even live in the wet/dry area? Oh, well.

Here is the entire article: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/retail/article/Petition-drive-to-turn-dry-area-of-the-Heights-8414059.php.

Former ‘Stros skippers Terry Collins and Brad Mills of course wore the number 2.

Bregman went 0-4 last night and we slipped to 3 ½ out.

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