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Go Home

Cong. Debbie Wasserman Schultz needs to go home.

Yesterday I tweeted this after it was announced that she would not preside at the Democratic National Convention:


Marc Campos ‏@MarcCommentary 8h8 hours ago

This move will eliminate a lot of boos from @SenSanders delegates. Resignation next? #DNCinPHL


Later on during the day, it was announced that she would resign after the convention.

I’m sorry. She has become a distraction and needs to exit the stage immediately. There are no excuses. She is giving Donald Trump more ammo on the “rigged” thing.

Instead of celebrating Secretary Hillary Clinton’s VP pick, we are talking about a DNC that was taking sides during the primary. This is completely unacceptable – period.  Go home, Cong. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, please!

They also ought to fire every staffer who took sides against Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Heck, they booed her this morning at her own state delegation breakfast.  Go home!

The ‘Stros are 54-44 and 2 ½ out after 98 games. How were we doing last season after 98 games?

Commentary thinks Sec. Clinton made the right choice in picking Sen. Tim Kaine. Even though I said a few weeks ago that picking Secretary Julian Castro would help Dems here in Harris County, Sen. Kaine helps her in key states like his home state of Virginia and in Florida.

I was watching his introduction this past Saturday and was very impressed with his Spanish. He certainly will connect with those whose primary language is Spanish. He was blending it in smoothly. It is a given that he will throw in quite a few lines in Spanish during his acceptance speech Wednesday night. A first for sure, I think.

Commentary is disappointed in Commentary. When Ivanka Trump was introduced last Thursday evening, they played “Here Comes the Sun” by George Harrison. The Harrison estate came out the next day and said playing the tune was “offensive and against the wishes of the George Harrison estate.” They also said kind of tongue in cheek that it was OK to use George’s “Beware of Darkness” tune.

“Watch out now, take care

Beware of greedy leaders

They take you where you should not go….

…. Beware of Darkness.” 

I am disappointed because I should have thought of that.

This DNC email hack thing got me thinking of the 1966 comedy and Best Picture nominee “The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming” starring Carl Reiner, Brian Keith, Eve Marie Saint, Alan Arkin, and Jonathan Winters – just saying.

From an AP story yesterday:

Japanese electronics maker Funai Electric Co. says it’s yanking the plug on the world’s last video cassette recorder.

A company spokesman, who requested anonymity citing company practice, confirmed Monday that production will end sometime this month, although he would not give a date.

He said the company would like to continue production to meet customer requests, but can’t because key component makers are pulling out due to shrinking demand for VCRs.

I didn’t even know they were still making VCRs.

Last season, after 98 games, the ‘Stros were 55-43 and tied for first of course.

I am glad the team is bringing up Alex Bregman but I am still just going to wait and see. Remember at the beginning of the season when we celebrated the Tyler White debut and he ended up batting just .211.  Same for A.J. Reed who batted .156.   Let’s just wait and see with Bregman.

The Yankees visit The Yard for three and Carlos Beltran will still be booed after 12 years. If A-Rod plays, will he also get a few boos? Get on out to The Yard this evening and find out.

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