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Feeling Better

Dems should be feeling better this morning. Check this NBC tweet from last night:

TODAY ‏@TODAYshow 3m3 minutes ago

“This convention is a mess.” –@ChuckTodd #RNCinCLE


Then these:


Jamelle BouieVerified account ‏@jbouie 10m10 minutes ago

It is no small thing to sabotage a convention night, which makes Cruz the only national Republican of stature to oppose Trump with teeth.


Teddy Schleifer ‏@teddyschleifer 17m17 minutes ago

Ted Cruz was turned away from Sheldon Adelson’s suite today after his rebuke of Trump, sources tell CNN.


Miya Shay ‏@miyashay 24m24 minutes ago

The @Mike_Pence was solid, what you expect from VP nominee. I still can’t believe the whole @TedCruz thing actually happened. #RNCinCLE


Donald J. TrumpVerified account ‏@realDonaldTrump 15m15 minutes ago

Wow, Ted Cruz got booed off the stage, didn’t honor the pledge! I saw his speech two hours early but let him speak anyway. No big deal


Annise Parker ‏@AnniseParker 32m32 minutes ago Houston, TX

Annise Parker Retweeted The Hill

Not a fan of Cruz, but he showed integrity and courage tonight. He knew how that crowd would react.


Dan McLaughlin‏@baseballcrank 6m6 minutes ago

All you really need to know is that Ted Cruz calculated that by 2017, the smart play will be to have not endorsed Trump.


Teddy SchleiferVerified account ‏@teddyschleifer 1m1 minute ago

Teddy Schleifer Retweeted Dan McLaughlin

Yep. Never good to be booed, but Cruz placed a bet tonight. A year from now, it could be a good one.


Teddy Schleifer Retweeted

Glenn Thrush ‏@GlennThrush 20m20 minutes ago Cleveland, OH

.@tedcruz just told me: ‘I had to speak the truth… It’s going to be an interesting couple of days. The chips will fall where they may.’


I tweeted last night that Ted Cruz stole the night. Chuck Todd said the same thing. So did Don Lemon on CNN around midnight.

Dems should be feeling better because this has been a poorly run convention.

The Trump campaign couldn’t get their act together on the Melania Trump speech. The speech wasn’t vetted. When the plagiarism was discovered an hour after the speech, they lied, blamed Hillary and the media, and let the story fester for a day and a half. Better pros would have put the story to bed at the latest Tuesday morning.

They never should have invited Cruz to speak unless he was willing to endorse – period.  No ifs, ands, or buts.

Governor John Kasich didn’t speak. Neither did Jeb Bush. Neither did Carly Fiorina.

To invite Cruz to speak without getting an endorsement was reckless.

So last night, instead of talking about Governor Mike Spence’s speech or the Trump kid’s speech, we are talking about Cruz punking Donald’s parade.   Way to go!

Dems should be feeling good because if this is how Team Trump run their convention, this could very well be how they run the remainder of the campaign. Let’s hope so.

Jose Altuve leads MLB with 133 base hits. Who is number 2 in the base hit department for the ‘Stros this season?

It gets better for Dems. Check this from an AP story:

Donald Trump says the United States under his leadership might not come to the defense of some NATO members if Russia were to attack them. 

Trump tells The New York Times he would decide whether to protect the Baltic republics against Russian aggression based on whether those countries “have fulfilled their obligations to us.” 

In 2014, the 28-member alliance created a rapid-reaction force to protect the most vulnerable NATO members against a confrontation with Russia. 

Trump also says in the Times interview that he would not criticize Turkey for cracking down on political opponents and restricting civil liberties. 

Trump says the U.S. has no “right to lecture” other countries when “people are shooting policemen in cold blood.”

Then this tweet:


Tom Nichols‏@RadioFreeTom 40m40 minutes ago

Tom Nichols Retweeted Chuck Todd

Put another way, Trump wouldn’t honor a treaty our own allies invoked to come to our defense after 9/11.


I sure am looking forward to the debate that focuses on foreign policy. Trump is going to be all over the map – no pun intended.

He will be very scripted tonight.

Now to a baseball tweet:


Pete Abraham ‏@PeteAbe 23s23 seconds ago

Interleague play has somewhat lost its luster. But games like this are ‘event’ level for sure.


He’s talking about Red Sox versus Giants.

Nope! I think interleague has lost its luster. Though I am looking forward to catching San Luis for two in August and the Cubbies for a weekender in September, both at The Yard.

Prospect Alex Bregman played left field in Fresno last night. Fresno is our AAA affiliate.   He has been tearing it up. He was also drafted as a shortstop.   When we bring him up shortly, he is not going to play short. He could play third but that means Luis Valbuena would play first and that means Marwin Gonzalez would see less playing time. If we stick Bregman in left, what do we do with Colby Rasmus, who by the way hasn’t had a hot stick since April.   Well, as they say in MLB, that’s a good problem to have.

George Springer of course follows Altuve with 98 base hits.

We are 3 ½ out this morning and play the next 13 of 15 at home.

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