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Here are the folks who are auditioning for a job with a Donald Trump administration from the best Commentary can tell: Governor Chris Christie, former Governor Rick Perry, and former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Trump’s lap dogs for sure.

Here is the phrase that isn’t working: “Lock her up! Lock her up!” The phrase may be fun for their base, but I don’t think it works with suburban moms.

Here is what I didn’t hear yesterday when Donald Trump officially clinched the nomination: Even though they talked about his unusual candidacy and the fact that nobody predicted his win when he announced, there was not a peep from the talking heads that his campaign was about cheap personal attacks on his opponents (Lying Ted, Low Energy Jeb, Little Marco Rubio) and the media (dishonest media, Megyn Kelly, stripping away libel law protections), and misrepresentation of the facts (9/11 Muslim cheer leading in New Jersey, Mexico sending their rapists to the U.S.).

Sure it was an epic triumph and it was a good call to show his kids, but what was missing was how he got there and the political carnage that was created along the way – just saying.

The dumbest speech goes to Dr. Ben Carson for throwing in Lucifer and Saul Alinsky. Nobody knows who Saul Alinsky is. Who advises Carson?

Maybe Commentary is the only one who thinks this. I thought Tiffany Trump did okay for a 22-year old, but bought zero votes to the table.  Commentary also thought that Trump, Jr. gave a good delivery and made a good appeal to kids of billionaires.

As Savannah Guthrie said this morning, the second half of the convention begins today.

Speaking of Cleveland, Cleveland currently leads the AL Central with a 6 ½ game lead over the Tigers. When was the last time Cleveland made the playoffs?

I think Jorge Ramos wants to start a fight with Trump.  Check this tweet:

JORGE RAMOS ‏@jorgeramosnews 26m26 minutes ago

Jorge Ramos: Donald Trump Can’t Win Without Latinos http://adweek.it/2aern7Y  (And a Latin@ should be a moderator for the presidential debates

Trump doesn’t have any use for the Latino community. He for sure does not have any use for the Latino media. Same goes for the GOP on the Latino media front.

Trump for sure doesn’t want a Latino or Latina moderating a debate or heck, even as a panelist.

If Ramos pushes this, Trump could very well use this to duck out of the debates. I think Team Trump knows that he is not going to do well in the debates and he could very well say that he wouldn’t be treated fairly by the Latino journalists in a debate and threaten to walk – just saying.

The Chron has a piece on picking the next HISD Superintendent. Check this from Ericka Mellon:

The Houston school board is moving closer to hiring a superintendent, who will face stiff challenges of improving student achievement on a tight budget. And that person will work for a board with ideological differences and racial tension.

The board plans to conduct a second interview with one or more candidates on Wednesday. Board President Manuel Rodriguez Jr. declined to say how many contenders remained or to reveal names, though he confirmed that the trustees did interview interim Superintendent Ken Huewitt, who publicly expressed interest in the job. A source with knowledge of the national search said at least five candidates, including Huewitt, were given first interviews.

The Houston Independent School District board is set to meet again Thursday. The public notice stated the possibility of the trustees naming a finalist. Rodriguez, however, said he considered a decision that day “very unlikely” as the board may want to do more research.


“When you have a board that basically does not appear to like each other and is not on board philosophically with each other, I wouldn’t want to be a superintendent in that situation,” said Gayle Fallon, the retired longtime president of the Houston Federation of Teachers.

Fallon said she expects that a candidate’s race or ethnicity will factor into the board’s hiring decision. The board is made up of four Caucasions, three African Americans and two Hispanics. “Unfortunately, ‘what’ is going to be as important as ‘who,'” Fallon said.

Here is the entire piece: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/education/article/HISD-nears-end-of-search-for-a-new-superintendent-8393856.php.

Cleveland made the playoffs in 2013 as a Wild Card team of course and lost to the Rays in the Wild Card game.

We had a 3-0 lead going into the 7th and lost 4-3 in the 10th. We can’t be doing this and expect to be in the hunt in late September.

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