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It Was Plagiarism

Let’s just get this out of the way. No ifs, ands, or buts, it was plagiarism pure and simple. Here is the definition from dictionary .com:

an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that author’s work as one’s own, as by not crediting the original author:

Commentary watched last night and after Melania Trump spoke, I concluded that the Donald Trump campaign had a good day. Not a great day, but a good day.

They had the scuffle earlier with the rules fight. Rudy Giuliani nearly exploded in front of our eyes. Blue lives, Black lives, all lives, and Benghazi also got mention. Trump made a rock star entrance and introduced Melania and she did OK. She never really said what Trump was like at home. Did they play Scrabble at night? What was the last movie they watched together on the flat screen? Does he know how to make his own taco bowl? We didn’t get any of that.

Later on as the last speakers finished up, the Twitter started lighting up about the speech. I was watching CNN and wondering if the speech was going to be addressed. I think it was Anderson Cooper who brought it up and even the GOP talking heads conceded it was plagiarism.

The CNN panel discussion turned to how should the Trump campaign respond. Fire the speechwriter? Have Melania Trump own up to it and make light of it. I think it was Jake Tapper who said don’t rule out Trump denying it was plagiarism and going on attack against the media.   And that is where we are this morning.

The fella who is running the Trump Campaign says there was no lifting of lines from the 2008 Michelle Obama convention speech.  That is not what the GOP Chair thinks. Check this:

CNN Breaking News ‏@cnnbrk 33m33 minutes ago

RNC chairman Reince Priebus: I’d “probably” fire whoever included plagiarized quotes in Melania Trump’s speech.

Of course, this doesn’t surprise me from the First Valet:

TODAYVerified account ‏@TODAYshow 2h2 hours ago

Plagiarism? “Not when 93% of the speech is completely different than Michelle Obama’s speech.” –@GovChristie

That guy has his head so far up Trump’s arse it is disgusting.

And this:

Dog Days of Evan Retweeted

Rafi Schwartz ‏@TheJewishDream 1h1 hour ago

Rafi Schwartz Retweeted Fusion

That thing when a GOP crowd cheers someone born outside the US as she steals work from an American citizen.

Well, their good day was just blown up if you ask me. Let’s keep talking about it today.

Apparently things got a little interesting in the ‘Stros dugout last night involving the Skipper, Mike Fiers, Jose Altuve, and Carlos Gomez. Lucky for the team, it got settled quickly and Fiers owned up after the game. In 2008, who was the ‘Stros player who pushed the GM to the ground and grabbed him by the neck?

They have a lot of work to do.  I am talking about the Trump Campaign and women. Here is this from the internet:

Only about 17 people showed up to a “Women Vote Trump” rally in Cleveland on Monday, according to a Guardian journalist present at the event. 

The Guardian reporter tweeted that since the crowd was so small, panelists had to ask each other questions during the Q&A portion of the event. 

Though Jezebel reported the number higher at 30, the figure still included journalists and media interns covering the event. 

Stacey Dash, “Clueless” star and Fox news contributor, was scheduled to attend the event but was a no-show, according to Jezebel.  

YouTubers Diamond and Silk were there, however, and they spoke about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s lack of job creation abilities. 

“Unless you wanna talk about that one she created for Monica Lewinsky with her husband,” Diamond quipped, according to Jezebel. 

By contrast, over 1,800 women volunteered to speak out at an anti-Trump rally and performance art piece on Sunday.

Like I said, a lot of work to do..

Pitcher Shawn Chacon of course got into a physical altercation with GM Ed Wade.  Chacon was terminated and never played in baseball again.

Dallas Keuchel takes the mound today. Let’s hope for a win.

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