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E-Board and 13

It is pretty obvious the Chron E-Board doesn’t think much of State Rep. Borris Miles. The E-Board endorsed State Rep. Senfronia Thompson yesterday for the Senate District 13 nomination and in the process hit Miles pretty good – ouch. The E-Board also said that if SD 13 Dem precinct chairs nominated Miles, Dems are down in the gutter with the GOP in the ethics and morals department – ditto ouch. Check parts of the E-Board take here:

It isn’t hard to argue that the Texas Republican Party has an ethics problem. The attorney general has been indicted for fraud. The agriculture commissioner spent taxpayer bucks to get a “Jesus Shot.” The land commissioner spent $1 million paying ex-workers for not suing over their terminations.

As Harris County Democrats move to replace state Sen. Rodney Ellis in the race for Senate District 13, we can’t help but feel like they’ve looked at the Republicans’ mess and decided they want in on the action.

The leading candidate for the position is state Rep. Borris Miles, a man whose name has become synonymous with dirty politics.

In 2008 he was indicted (and later acquitted) for deadly conduct in a bizarre scenario that had him accused of crashing a holiday party at the St. Regis Hotel flashing a gun, threatening the host, and forcibly kissing a married woman on the mouth. In 2010, he had a constable call on him for illegal electioneering. Last year he tussled with a public safety officer after trying to force his way into a private dining room at an Austin restaurant. He went for years without revealing his personal business interests in violation of state law, and failed to maintain a proper certificate of occupancy for his cigar bar, Our Legends, a popular hangout for politicians and the politically connected

Those political connections seem to come easily for Miles. As the owner of an insurance agency, the state representative has had contracts with the Houston Independent School District, Houston Community College and the city of Houston.

Miles told the Houston Chronicle editorial board that he earned these contracts before his election to public office in 2006. Legal or otherwise, the fact that a state representative’s private company is underwritten by taxpayer-funded institutions perpetuates the image that elected officials have an insider track to the public trough. That image of impropriety is only underscored by the fact that, while selling insurance to the school district, he maintained a business relationship with the husband of one HISD board member and arranged vacations to Costa Rica for another board member under the pretense of studying medical treatment for teachers in the Central American nation.

Is this really the behavior that Democrats want to reward? Is this the

Is this really the behavior that Democrats want to reward? Is this the image that they want to promote? We hope not.

And here is the part about Senfronia Thompson:

Mrs. T, as she is known, was first elected to the House in 1972, and since then she has become a moral force in Austin. The longest-serving woman or African-American in Texas legislative history, Thompson has made it her personal duty to defend the “little dogs” of our state by raising the minimum wage, passing a hate-crime bill to protect gays and lesbians, requiring insurers to cover women’s health, supporting rape victims and preventing racial profiling.

Texas Monthly has described Mrs. T as a “guardian angel of the process,” standing at the front of the House chamber during debate to check over proposed amendments and ensure that nobody tries to pull a fast one.

This is the sort of experience and dedication that Texas Democrats should want to see in the Senate.


I kind of find the shots at Miles interesting on making money off of local government entities. Sen. Rodney Ellis makes money off of local government entities (the Chron wrote about it yesterday) and the E-Board didn’t take shots at him in their take on the County Commissioner race a month or so ago. Oh, well.

I wonder if SD Dem 13 precinct chairs will pay attention to what the E-Board says. Stay tuned.

Back to the MLB questions. How many extra-inning games have the ‘Stros played this season? Who leads the team in RBIs?

The morning after the murdering of the Dallas police officers, I watched on live TV Dallas Police Chief David Brown say something that has kind of been nagging me since. What he said was part of Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Lisa Falkenberg’s column yesterday. Check this from Falkenberg:

“We don’t feel much support most days,” Brown said Friday. “Let’s not make today most days.”

Here is all of the Falkenberg column: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/columnists/falkenberg/article/It-s-time-for-empathy-and-an-end-to-destructive-8350256.php.

Now that does “support” look like? I respect law enforcement officer and to the best of my knowledge I don’t think I’ve ever used my platform to go after them. I don’t have a “Support the Blue” bumper sticker on my ride. I am not going to send over some cookies to the police station. I am not going to pick up their tab if I see them eating at a restaurant. I visited with an HPD sergeant the other day and asked her what “support” meant to her. She told me a fist bump every now and then would be OK with her. That works.

It is really sad to see Rudy Giuliani on TV these days. The guy has lost it.

Guys like Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, and Dan Patrick are doing their best to divide us.

The ‘Stros have played 12 extra-inning games this season and Carlos Correa leads the team with 55 RBIs of course.

It sure was nice to pull the win off yesterday heading into the All Star break. Beats losing. We are in pretty good shape. 5 ½ out and in the Wild Card hunt.



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