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Let me start with this tweet from last night:

(((Steph Haberman))) ‏@StephLauren 10h10 hours ago

2 hours ago, I told friends I just didn’t want to wake up to more tragedy tomorrow. Small ask. Didn’t think I’d get it before bed. My bad.

Commentary will be at The Yard tonight and before the game we will observe another meaningless moment of silence. Yes, I said that! Because we don’t do a damn thing about it.

It is open season on America and it has been that way for a while.

We have had mass shootings in a cafeteria, high school, colleges, elementary school, movie theater, gay bar, retail outlets, places of worship and on and on. And what has been our response? Conceal carry, open carry and campus carry. Carry on, America!

A movement called Black Lives Matter has resulted in more black lives that didn’t matter. And what has been our response? The attempted demonization of Black Lives Matter by those who want to score political points with their base.

Last night five Dallas police officers were killed and a seven others injured in front of hundreds of protesters. In front of a hundred fellow police officers. In front of the media. And what will be our response? It looks like more police ambushes.

And we continue to have this:

(((Steph Haberman))) Retweeted

Vocativ ‏@vocativ 28m28 minutes ago

Reminder: There’s no national database on mass shootings because Congress blocked the CDC from creating one.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said this last night: “In times like this we must remember – and emphasize – the importance of uniting as Americans.”

That is comforting coming from one of the biggest dividers in the country.

And this tweet on a quote from another major divider:

Patrick SvitekVerified account ‏@PatrickSvitek 18m18 minutes ago

.@TedCruz: “Murder is wrong, and it should not be a partisan issue. It should be an issue that brings us together, united as Americans.”

This tweet says a lot:

Dieter Kurtenbach ‏@dkurtenbach 8h8 hours ago

All the tweets in the world don’t change a damn thing. We’re not helpless, we’re just lazy.

And this:

Fox News ‏@FoxNews 11m11 minutes ago

“It’s been a long month for America.” –@SpeakerRyan reacts to #Dallas shooting

A long month? Where has he been? How about decades?

Our response? We will do what we always do. We will mourn this weekend. Flags will be lowered. We will learn about the fallen police officers. We will learn about the shooter or shooters.

We will listen to the takes from shrinks, experts, and policy makers.

We will look back at past tragedies.

Come Monday, the decision makers will go back to their talking points because that’s what we always do.

Then we will have the next breaking news flash.   And we will have the same response.

I forgot the MLB question yesterday. I am skipping it today.

Dante and I will be at The Yard tonight.

When we all stand and some of us sing “O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave,” I am going to be thinking of the gutless leaders who won’t do a damn thing about the gun violence in America.

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