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Not Just Me

The Chron E-Board has a take today on the Latino vote in Texas. They kind of echo some of the stuff Commentary has been saying lately. Hey, I am not the only fella who has taken notice.  Here is the end of the E-Board’s take today:

So what are people in politics doing to recruit new Latino voters? Once again, it seems Democrats are stumbling and dropping the ball while Republicans are organizing and writing the checks.

Consider the Libre Initiative, a group bankrolled with the help of millions of dollars from the conservative Koch brothers. Libre has deployed 80 paid staffers and 50 contract workers across 10 states – mostly political battlegrounds – reaching out to Latino voters through education and social service programs, Lambrecht reported.

Compare that to the left-leaning National Council of La Raza, which had operations in eight states at this point in 2012 but is now fully operational only in Florida. Or take a look at Mi Familia Vota, a California-based group with offices in Texas’ three largest cities that’s now less than a third of the way to its goal of registering 95,000 people this election year and is already falling behind its registration pace in 2012.

Donald Trump’s hateful bile is having a toxic effect in this election year, but Democrats can’t count on his rhetoric to permanently poison the GOP well for Latinos. Nonetheless, Republicans will face the daunting task of overcoming the animosity wrought by GOP candidates pandering to anti-immigrant zealots.

Just signing up Latino voters isn’t enough. Both parties need to offer those newly enfranchised citizens good reason to go to the polls.

For starters, party leaders need to encourage more Hispanic candidates to run for office. Nothing would demonstrate commitment to Latino voters more dramatically than the presence of more Latino names on the ballot.

But candidates also need to emphasize the bread and butter topics that truly matter to Hispanic voters, like creating jobs, expanding education opportunities and keeping housing and health care affordable. Surveys have repeatedly shown that the most important issue for Hispanic voters isn’t immigration, but jobs and the economy.

On the last night of Camelot, President Kennedy stepped into a ballroom in downtown Houston and gave birth to the Latino vote. Today, what’s happening to voter registration among Texas Latinos is a historic opportunity. If demographics are destiny, whichever party takes advantage of this opportunity will have destiny on its side.

As everyone knows, Commentary has nothing to do with running the Dem Party. I am not ready to put out the “Shame on Dems” bumper stickers yet. I hope to see a plan in place by maybe the end of the Dem convention though. Of course, I am not holding my breath.  I hope I am not attacked for my take on this.

Here is the entire E-Board take: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Latino-vote-redux-8344519.php.

Ain’t the following tweet the truth:

(((Steph Haberman))) ‏@StephLauren 22m22 minutes ago

Another day, another man killed for the color of his skin. If you’re not mad, you’re not paying attention. #AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile

It’s time to wrap it up Sen. Bernie Sanders. It is time to get on the program or else you are going to get more of the following boo treatment from Dems. Check this from MSN.com:

Sen. Bernie Sanders was booed during a closed meeting with House Democrats on Wednesday, as lawmakers shouted “Timeline! Timeline!” — pressing for his endorsement of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton as the party’s presidential nominee.

The Vermont senator did not directly answer Democrats’ many questions about his intentions, according to a source in the room who requested anonymity to discuss the private session.

“He went in there with his canned talking points from the stump,” the source said. “People just weren’t having it.”

Democrats have struggled to unify the party as Clinton all but secured the party’s nomination, but Sanders has continued his renegade campaign.

At one point, Sanders praised Democrats for the most progressive party platform, but then outlined differences he had over trade, climate change and the minimum wage, as well as rules over superdelegates.

But several progressive House Democrats are on the platform-writing committee and some lawmakers pressed for specifics.

One lawmaker said she felt “bullied” and “like a hostage” over his demands, the source said.

At one point, boos erupted when Sanders told the Democrats “the goal is not to win elections,” but to “transform America.”

While the following is being sung in the background:

You’re so vain.

You probably think this song is about you.

You’re so vain, you’re so vain.

I’ll bet you think this song is about you.

Don’t you? Don’t you?

In all fairness though, I hear an endorsement may be coming next week. I will be waiting.

Check these tweets:

Ray HennesseyVerified account ‏@Hennesseyedit 8h8 hours ago

There will be lots of piling on Roger Ailes today, but I find the charges hard to believe, except in the context of his sense of humor.


Richard Deitsch ‏@richarddeitsch 2h2 hours ago

Richard Deitsch Retweeted Ray Hennessey

Agreed. No way Richard Nixon’s TV consigliere would do such a thing.


Commentary doesn’t know who this Hennessey fella is, but even when in the context of his sense of humor, it is harassment.   What a dumbarse.


And this one:

Dog Days of Evan Retweeted

emily nussbaum ‏@emilynussbaum 2h2 hours ago

I don’t think Trump is an anti-Semite. He’s a misogynist who strategically uses racism & anti-semitism to rile his base. And that’s WORSE.


And in the world of ‘Stros baseball:

Richard Justice ‏@richardjustice 10h10 hours ago

Are @Rangers hearing footsteps yet? In last 8 days, their lead over @Astros in AL West has gone from 10 games to 6.5. Gulp. Cough. Wheeze.


Brian McTaggart ‏@brianmctaggart 10h10 hours ago

Objects in Rangers’ mirror may be closer than they appear.


We are 6 ½ games out. That is still 6 ½ games out though.

My nephew Dave used my tickets last night and got some good run on TV for not messing with a fair ball that landed near him – cool.

Let’s just keep playing good ball.

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