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It is official! The Chron E-Board will not be endorsing Donald Trump. I repeat!   The Chron E-Board will not be endorsing Donald Trump. Not after what they said in their “Dear Mr. Trump” take this morning. Here are parts:

It’s unfortunate that on your quick cash-and-carry campaign swing today you won’t get to see much of that city, soon to be the nation’s third-largest – unfortunate because, with due respect to you, Houston represents values and principles that are strikingly antithetical to the divisive, intolerant positions you have loudly and proudly espoused since announcing your candidacy a year ago. This great city could not function if we allowed the hateful attitudes the world is coming to identify as Trumpism to prevail. Neither can this country. Nativist fear, anger, bellicosity – Trumpism, in other words – is not America.



Houston today is America tomorrow, and the richness, the roiling energy and, yes, the prosperity of an immigrant-welcoming city are what this nation can anticipate if it follows Houston’s lead, not yours. Why in the world would Houston – or any other American city – choose to rely on the rancor and divisiveness that your campaign promotes?



Our concern about you – again, with due respect – is that you don’t share those values of openness, tolerance and good will.


Here is the entire “Dear Mr. Trump” letter: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Dear-Mr-Trump-8266615.php.

There is no way the E-Board can walk this back when it comes time to make their endorsement later on this year. It would not surprise me if Trump rips the Chron today. It also would not surprise me if Trump puts the Chron on their media blacklist.

Check this line from Texas Monthly’s Erica Grieder yesterday: “Trump has, after all, commandeered national politics for an entire year.”


We host Cincy this weekend. Here is an easy one. Our first game ever against Cincy was on May 23, 1962 when we were the Colt 45s and hosted them at Colt Stadium and won 2-0. Name the future Hall of Fame great who was in the lineup for Cincy that evening?

So this tweet came out yesterday:

Delete Evans Account Retweeted

Jay Kumar Aiyer ‏@profJKAiyer 15m15 minutes ago Houston, TX

Why paraphrase Trump in ur profile @BillKingForHou? “Make Houston Great Again.” really? @evan7257 @NmHorwitz @KrisBanks

So from now on we can never make anything great again? Awwww! All because of Donald Trump? Awwww!

We can’t make the ‘Stros great again!

We can’t make NBC Thursday Night TV great again!

Awwww! All because of Donald Trump?

Of course, Bill responded with this tweet:

In reply to Jay Kumar Aiyer

Bill King ‏@BillKingForHou 60m60 minutes ago

@profJKAiyer @evan7257 @NmHorwitz @KrisBanks Actually I used it first.

Pay attention. Bill was talking about making H-Town great again before Trump got into the race.

My pal Jacob Monty had an Op-Ed in yesterday’s Chron hitting Secretary Hillary Clinton on immigration issues. Jacob says Hillary basically can’t be trusted by Latinos on immigration. Jacob says Donald Trump is the better candidate to get some sort of immigration reforms adopted by congress. I don’t know about that. In 2011, Jacob also penned an Op-Ed that appeared in the Chron that hit the President for letting Latinos down on immigration policies. Oh, well.

Dave Wilson received a public reprimand by the HCC Board of Trustees on a 6 to 1 vote with 2 abstentions. Trustees Neeta Sane and Dr. John Hansen were the abstentions.

Hall of Fame great Frank Robinson of course was in right field for Cincy in our first ever game against the Reds.

It is going to be a challenge this afternoon. I am going to the game with Dante and I usually have to drive through River Oaks to pick him up. I have to find another route with all the security that will be in the area because of the Trump fundraiser.

It is Star Wars Night tonight at The Yard. 10,000 ‘Stros gym bags will be distributed. 10,000 ‘Stros pairs of socks will be handed out on Sunday. May the force be with the ‘Stros this weekend.


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