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The Days After

Commentary will just say this. On the day after Orlando we did not hear about Dem leaders across the country going into pause mode or doing the cringe upon hearing Secretary Hillary Clinton’s response. We certainly can’t say that about GOP leaders across the country after Donald Trump’s response. That says a ton if you ask me.

Remember when Commentary said this yesterday about Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s Sunday tweet:

Here is the deal. A ton of folks think he falls squarely in the hater category. So when yesterday’s tweet went out right after the shooting, folks just thought Dan Patrick was being Dan Patrick and just hating again so they jumped to a normal conclusion.

Here is what the Trib’s Ross Ramsey said on Patrick’s tweet:

Patrick is a prominent and easy target, and he can only blame himself. His problem isn’t his intent; his problem is that his other actions of late made his critics’ worst suspicions plausible.

Here is all of Ramsey’s article: https://www.texastribune.org/2016/06/13/analysis-reaction-patricks-tweet-based-history-hos/.

I told you.

If every Latino family who are U.S. citizens and who have purchased a Donald Trump piñata goes to vote this fall, then we will probably have a record Latino voter turnout. Just thinking.

Nationally syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette Jr. is not too happy that credible Latino talking heads were not invited to participate on TV networks’ coverage of Donald Trump and Judge Gonzalo Curiel. Here is from Navarrette’s latest column:

As you can see, I have strong opinions about this story. Not that the television networks are interested in hearing them. Despite having done television commentary for more than 20 years on a dozen shows on a half-dozen networks, and having been tapped to go on a cable show to discuss a different topic just recently, I have not been invited to go on television and comment on the Curiel story.

And as far as I can tell, neither were any of my fellow Latino commentators who work for a variety of networks.

I might have shrugged this off as a harmless oversight had I not read an op-ed by Felix Sanchez, chairman and co-founder of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts in Washington.

“While all the major Sunday talk shows – ABC’s ‘This Week with George Stephanopoulos; CBS’ ‘Face the Nation’; CNN’s ‘Inside Politics,’ ‘State of the Union’ and ‘Reliable Sources’; ‘Fox News Sunday’; and NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ – all tracked the Trump/Curiel controversy, not one Sunday news show [on June 5] included a Latino journalist or political analyst,” wrote Sanchez for the Hill newspaper. “Frankly, I don’t know who is more irresponsible – Trump for the horrendous and unjust damage he has inflicted on the Latino community, or the news media, who have failed to accurately report on these events or provide Latino analysts to interpret them to the nation and the world.”

I saw this failure with my own eyes on the night of the California primary. As the votes were counted in a state where Latinos make up 39 percent of the population and where whites are a statistical minority, CNN convened what turned into a 45-minute discussion on the case of the “Mexican” judge without a single Latino on the panel. Led by anchor Anderson Cooper, the segment featured CNN contributors Jeffrey Lord, S.E. Cupp, Van Jones, Paul Begala and David Axelrod along with CNN host Michael Smerconish, CNN political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson and CNN senior reporter Gloria Borger. That’s nine people – two African-Americans, and seven white people.

That’s inexcusable. By not reflecting reality, the media compounded the harm that Trump has done, and perhaps – ironically – for much the same reason. So what if the New York liberals who run the networks think they’re more enlightened than Trump. Both parties seem to be drawing conclusions about which perspectives are valuable and which aren’t. And in both cases, the views of Latinos are tossed into the “aren’t” file.

Trump obviously believes that Latinos – excuse me, I mean “Mexicans” – are too culturally biased to offer objective analysis and reach fair conclusions. Do the television networks believe the same thing?

Here is the entire article: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/outlook/article/Navarrette-Latinos-are-afterthought-for-8001216.php.

Navarrette has a point. Where were Latinos and why weren’t Latinos invited?

The ‘Stros are in San Luis tonight. Here is an easy one. What is our record against San Luis in the playoffs?

Can you believe this? I am talking about some Baylor leaders still want Art Briles to coach the team. No respect for women.   Here is from Texas Monthly:

Apparently not all of the decision makers at Baylor University want disgraced football coach Art Briles to be fired. According to USA Today, Briles still has the support of “a faction of voices within the school’s Board of Regents” who are pushing to bring him back. High school sports recruiting news service Scout.com even reported that some powerful donors threatened to pull their money from the university if he wasn’t reinstated. Briles was suspended “with intent to terminate” late last month after an independent report by law firm Pepper Hamilton found Baylor completely failed to respond to allegations of sexual assault, particularly against football players. There are conflicting reports regarding whether any action or vote is planned to decide whether to bring Briles back on board after his year suspension is over. But Bob Simpson, a co-owner of the Texas Rangers and a major Baylor donor, told the Dallas Morning News that he’d “like to see” Briles’s return. Two former Baylor board of regents chairs told the Waco Tribune-Herald that Briles “certainly deserves to be reinstated,” one noting, “It’d be a dream for me personally if Coach Briles could still be Coach Briles.” While the full Pepper Hamilton report has not been released to the public, a summary of its findings showed that football coaches and staff attempted to derail proper investigation processes and did not discipline players accused of sexual assault. It’s extremely unlikely Briles will be back, but just the idea alone that there are high-level Baylor folks who want to see his face on campus again shows how deep-seated Baylor’s incompetence is when it comes to understanding and handling sexual assault.

Somebody in Waco needs to shut this talk down like NOW!

When we pass Chicago and become the third largest city in the U.S., does that mean we also get a second MLB club like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago?

I don’t know if I believe this. Here is from a story that was on the internet this past weekend.

Jeff Van Gundy, during ABC’s telecast of the NBA Finals on Friday night, revealed a wild anecdote alleging a reason the white Bronco carrying O.J. Simpson was riding so slowly on that epic night of June 17, 1994.

The slow-speed chase in Los Angeles that culminated in Simpson’s arrest on murder charges occurred simultaneously with Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Knicks and Rockets at the Garden. Van Gundy was a Knicks assistant coach to Pat Riley.

Van Gundy told the tale Friday after a promo for the new Simpson documentary, “O.J. Made in America,’’ that will air Saturday on ABC.

According to Van Gundy, Riley had traveled that summer to Los Angeles and bumped into Al Cowlings, Simpson’s old friend and the owner and driver of the Bronco, at a car wash. Cowlings, a Riley acquaintance, motioned to the Knicks coach.

“He waved him over and proceeded to tell him the story of why he was driving so slow was O.J. wanted to hear the end of the game on the radio before he pulled in,’’ Van Gundy said. “When Coach Riley told us that story, I was mesmerized by what really goes on. Like I could just see him having a gun to his head and saying: ‘Turn up the radio so I can hear the last few minutes.’ ’’

The Knicks-Rockets telecast that night is best remembered for its split screen showing the game and the slow-speed chase.

I wonder if O.J. had money on the game?

The ‘Stros are 7-6 against San Luis in the playoffs of course.

We play today and tomorrow in San Luis then come home. On this Flag Day we are 30-35 and 9 ½ out.

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