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Expected the Hate

This is what I prepared yesterday for today after the Orlando massacre:

The Texas Lieutenant Governor put out a hate twitter message yesterday after the nightclub shooting and America kicked his arse big time. Hate took an arse kicking for sure. You gotta love it when this fella gets his arse handed to him. I don’t believe his explanation that his hate tweet was scheduled days ago. He stepped in it and is now trying to wipe off the smell.

According to his spokesperson, he is out of the country. I am figuring he is in no hurry to get back seeing that his hate message didn’t work out so well yesterday.

The Lieutenant Governor put out a lengthy statement yesterday afternoon explaining what really happened. Here is the deal. A ton of folks think he falls squarely in the hater category. So when yesterday’s tweet went out right after the shooting, folks just thought Dan Patrick was being Dan Patrick and just hating again so they jumped to a normal conclusion.   In this case it went viral and national. He took a major hit yesterday because a ton of folks expected hate out of this fella. It caught up to him I guess. It probably was not intended but he deserved it.

I was at a popular retail establishment on Saturday and you know what I caught myself doing? I was checking to see where all the exits were just in case. It has come to that. I mention this because my Mom called me yesterday right after noon and she had not yet turned on her flat screen and didn’t know about Orlando.   She shrieked when I told her 50 were no longer with us. She then commented that no place is safe.

The NRA and their pitiful minions keep telling us that we don’t need to change the gun laws and that everything is OK. Then how come we keep having days like yesterday?

Speaking of dumbarse tweets, check this one from yesterday:

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 1h1 hour ago

Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don’t want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance. We must be smart!

Really? Congrats?

How about this tweet from yesterday:

Richard LawsonVerified account ‏@rilaws 1h1 hour ago

Let’s name a gay bar Thoughts & Prayers just to f__k with ’em

There will be no MLB question today.

From an ABC News story this past Saturday on Mitt Romney’s gathering in Utah this past weekend:

According to Jim and Joanne, a couple from Southern California who declined to provide their last names, (Hewlett Packard CEPO Meg) Whitman isn’t the only donor here considering Clinton. The summit attendees took an informal poll at lunch, with the room splitting evenly among Trump and Clinton supporters, they said.

From a Theodore Schleifer piece on CNN:

Trump will win “with or without your help,” (RNC Chair Reince) Priebus told attendees on Saturday morning, according to a person in the room.

Pretty bold talk if you ask me.

Also from Teddy:

The anti-Trump antipathy was at times intense. Meg Whitman, questioning House Speaker Paul Ryan at a Friday afternoon session, compared Trump to historical demagogues such as Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, according to two sources in the room.

Heil Donald?

More from Teddy:

Mitt Romney on Saturday torched Donald Trump and the Republicans who failed to stop his climb to the party’s presidential nomination, saying the current fortunes of the GOP are “breaking my heart.”

From the Trib on IBC’s Dennis the Menace:

A group of Democratic state lawmakers from along the Texas-Mexico border is applying pressure to a bank whose CEO is helping raise money for Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.  

In a letter dated Saturday, Rep. César Blanco, an El Paso Democrat who chairs the House Border Caucus, told the IBC Bank board of directors that it is “unfathomable” that president Dennis Nixon is supporting Trump, whom Blanco called the “first racist presidential candidate since Reconstruction.” Trump has angered many Latinos with his incendiary comments on illegal immigration and more recently, remarks suggesting a federal judge cannot be fair due to his Mexican heritage. 

“We will not stand quietly as Mr. Nixon allows this un-American hatred to permeate into the lives of Texans and damage the positive image of IBC Bank,” Blanco wrote. “We leave it in the hands of the IBC Board of Directors to take action and correct this unacceptable representation of your institution. Our state and our nation have come too far and I trust IBC will represent its constituency and be on the right side of history.”

Nixon has not responded to multiple requests for comment on his involvement in Trump’s campaign in Texas. Nixon’s fundraising role had already drawn attention because he is a longtime proponent of the kinds of immigration and trade policies Trump has spent much of his campaign criticizing. 

From a Chron obit this past Friday.

Elene Meyer Davis was born in Yoakum, Texas on the 7th of October 1924, and died on the 7th of June 2016, of complications due to congestive heart failure and the 2016 Presidential campaign. – See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/houstonchronicle/obituary.aspx?n=elene-davis&pid=180283989&fhid=6290#sthash.6VLkugRK.dpuf.

Check this from the Oakland A’s website:

Come celebrate the Bay Area’s LGBTQ community at A’s Pride Night, presented by Wells Fargo, on Tuesday, June 14. Join LGBTQ friends, family, and allies to watch the A’s take on the Texas Rangers. This dynamically priced special ticket includes a Pride rainbow headband. A second seating area at an even more affordable price has been added. Partial proceeds will benefit AIDS Project of the East Bay, Our Space, and Rainbow Community Center.

Please note, you must purchase a special ticket for this event to participate in the festivities and to receive the headband.

The ‘Stros need to get in the game and do one of these. That’s a cool headband if you ask me.

I didn’t pay attention to the game yesterday and boy did we need the Tony Awards last night.

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