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Saw It Coming

Commentary said this on Wednesday:

I fully expect a Chron E-Board take on this in the very near future.

I was talking about the Mayor’s response to the Chron’s front page story on the same day on the police chief selection process. Well the Chron E-Board came out with the expected take today. Everybody saw it coming.

Here is how the E-Board take ends:

Governments have a duty to keep their citizens safe. At a time when crime rates are ticking upwards, police brutality concerns linger and budget questions remain, all of Houston should have a deep interest in our next chief of police. Any good reporter will have a hard eye for the facts about this selection process and point out where government officials stonewall.

But where a newspaper sees a lack of transparency, the mayor sees a conspiracy.

“Everyone and every organization sometimes has agendas, and I think the public deserves to know what the agenda is for the people who are covering us,” the mayor said, seemingly taking his cue from the paranoid presumptive presidential candidate of the Republican Party.

Sorry, but the press isn’t the mayor’s personal PR firm. Turner and his communications staff need to accept the fact that critical and antagonistic reporting isn’t about personal slights. It is about keeping the people of this city informed. Our role is to serve as a healthy check on government power, and the mayor of the fourth-largest city in the United States is a very powerful man. Everything he does in office should be able to withstand open discussion and publicity. Having to deal with an inquisitive press may be inconvenient, but Mayor Turner has to understand what his predecessors at City Hall knew: It comes with the job.

Here is the entire take: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Focusing-light-on-City-Hall-7960571.php.

Commentary saw a number of tweets by folks disagreeing with the Mayor. I posted a few. I have not seen any tweets from folks agreeing with the Mayor. Not even from his most loyal supporters. That ought to tell you something.

Commentary is still trying to figure out the agenda the Mayor is talking about.

As a Brewer in 2012, 2013, and 2014, current ‘Stro center fielder Carlos Gomez had 19, 24 and 23 dingers respectively. How many does he have this season with the ‘Stros?

I think some Dem folks are tired of feeling the Bern. This is from Politico today quoting anonymous Dem leaders in battleground states. Heck, go on ahead and attribute the quotes to me because that is how I feel. Check this:

“This race has been over for a long time. It’s time for Bernie to prove that he is really a Democrat by getting out of the race and enthusiastically endorsing Hillary Clinton,” said a Florida Democrat, who, like all respondents, completed the survey anonymously. “The stakes are too high for Bernie to continue to pretend he has a chance.” 

“If Bernie Sanders stays in the race after losing California, he will be remembered not as a successful champion of progressive ideals,” added a Colorado Democrat, “but instead as just another narcissistic politician.” 

“If he doesn’t end his campaign on Wednesday morning,” a New Hampshire Democrat added, “he becomes the most unpopular person in the Democratic Party.”

Here is the entire Politico piece: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/06/democratic-insiders-to-bernie-win-california-or-get-out-223850.

I read in the Chron this morning that when Greg Abbott was our state AG, he gave in to Donald Trump in the Trump University investigation. Now U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan is also rolling over.

Here is how the Washington Post E-Board reacted:

AS DONALD Trump was building a campaign on lies, bigotry, insults, fearmongering and unreason, a few Republican leaders of apparent principle offered some resistance. Foremost among them was House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.). In March, Mr. Ryan insisted that “all of us as leaders can hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and decency” and that “we shouldn’t accept ugliness as the norm.”

What standards?  Oh, well.

Carlos Gomez of course has zero dingers this season.

The A’s are in for three this weekend and they are giving out those cool Colby Rasmus bobble heads on Saturday and Orbit lunch bags on Sunday. Hope to see you out there!

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