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Commentary is an American. So I always think my state is suing ME when they go after the President’s policies and actions. Here is this from the Trib today:

Since President Obama took office in 2008, Texas has sued his administration 40 times, the Tribune’s Neena Satija, Ryan McCrimmon and Becca Aaronson wrote. (AG Ken) Paxton has filed nine of those lawsuits while his predecessor, former Texas Attorney General and current Gov. Greg Abbott, filed 31 of them.

Of the 40 cases that have been filed against the feds by Texas, court documents show the Lone Star State winning six and withdrawing eight. In 10 cases, the courts ruled against the state. The remaining 16 cases are still pending.

So far it looks like scoreboard America.   I hate to say this but I’m rooting for America.

Remember when I mentioned yesterday that the ‘Stros have 4 triple this season. The D-Backs lead MLB with 19. Who is dead last in the triples department?

A group of Memorial City area residents is suing the City of H-Town on flooding. The group is called Residents Against Flooding. I don’t blame them. In my opinion local and federal government has fallen behind in dealing with this issue and some folks that get flooded are getting fed up. Hey, more power to them.

They didn’t take too kindly to the Chron’s coverage of their lawsuit and to the responses of Flood Czar Steve Costello and some other fella. Here are their tweets:

HoustonRAF ‏@HoustonRAF 9h9 hours ago

Sloppy reporting by Chron! Officials responding to suit have not even read it but was presented as a counterpoint


HoustonRAF ‏@HoustonRAF 11h11 hours ago

HoustonRAF Retweeted Rebecca Elliott

Mike Talbot, county flood chief, sees no worsening of flooding. Really? Maybe time to reassign Mike to the basement


HoustonRAF Retweeted

Cynthia Neely ‏@starringtexas 38m38 minutes ago

Flood Czar @s_costello We hired the best hydrologist. Know what we’re talking about before u criticize @HoustonRAF


HoustonRAF ‏@HoustonRAF 15h15 hours ago

HoustonRAF Retweeted Rebecca Elliott

Flood czar responds with condescending tirade, illustrates necessity of “special master” to be appointed by court.

Commentary thinks Rebecca Elliott is a very good reporter and is doing her job. I certainly don’t want to get in the middle of this but I understand how frustrated these RAF folks are.

The Chron E-Board has a post runoff election take today. Here are parts:

After a Tuesday election night of otherwise happy incumbents, challenger Briscoe Cain went to bed with a new lucky number: 23. As in the 23 votes that gave the Deer Park attorney a victory over seven-term state Rep. Wayne Smith in the primary runoff.

It was a down-and-dirty battle to be the Republican nominee for District 128 in east Harris County. That race offered voters little insight about the future of their state, but they did learn that Cain once attended a costume party dressed as “gay Hitler.” Thanks to those attack ads, national media outlets had the pleasure of telling their readers that Texans voted yes on gay Hitler, but no on gay Obama.


It wasn’t all bad news for local Democrats, who wisely chose former City Councilman Ed Gonzalez to face Sheriff Ron Hickman in November’s general election. And in the race for Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace, primary voters elected Eric William Carter, who has a law degree, over Tanya Makany-Rivera, who doesn’t. There’s more to the position than an ability to practice law, but someone who sits on the bench should at least have that minimum qualification.

If only Democrats also held their candidates to a minimal ethical standard.

Judge Elaine Palmer was victorious in her primary for the 215th District Court despite being sanctioned by the Texas Ethics Commission and receiving a low rating in the Houston Bar Association’s qualification poll. Questions about Hillary Green’s conflicts of interest didn’t impede her easy victory in the primary for Precinct 7 Justice of the Peace. Jarvis Johnson was charged with evading arrest when he served on City Council, and now he’s the candidate for Mayor Sylvester Turner’s old seat in House District 139. And state Rep. Ron Reynolds, who faces a year in prison for barratry charges, narrowly defeated his challenger to hold onto his candidacy in the Missouri City-area House District 27.

Tuesday posed an opportunity for Democrats to clean out their rogues’ gallery of questionable candidates and seize the virtuous high ground at a time when statewide Republicans face their own moral and legal challenges. That cause will have to wait another election cycle, but at least none of their candidates have been caught dressing up as gay Hitler.

Here is the entire take: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Election-reflection-7946004.php.

Oh, well, I guess we will hold on to our Dem rogues. I am sure some folks will hit back at the E-Board for picking on the winning Dems “rogues” who all happen to be African American so stay tuned.

I don’t know about this tweet. Sen. Bernie Sanders does not come across to me as a unifier. Check this:

Fox News ‏@FoxNews 3h3 hours ago

Jeff Weaver, Sanders campaign manager on DNC chair: “We’ve got to have a person there who can bring the party together, who’s a unifier…”

The Brewers of course are at the bottom of MLB with only 1 measly triple.

Last night before the game I was sitting in the Saint Arnold area and guess who sat by me and started up a conversation? The fella who founded and owns the Saint Arnold Brewery. We had a nice lengthy chat about the ‘Stros and Saint Arnold. He is a cool dude.

I guess the highlight from last night’s win was this tweet from Julia Morales:

Julia Morales ‏@JuliaMorales 13h13 hours ago

Luis Valbuena goes Valbooma for the second consecutive night. Goes the other way, too. 4-3 Astros

#Valbooma! Move over #SpingerDinger and #ColbyJack!


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