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Surrender, Ted!

Jeb Bush has not endorsed Donald Trump for president. Carly Fiorina has not endorsed Trump. Sen. Ted Cruz also has not endorsed.

There is a front page story in today’s Chron about Cruz’s role at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Well if he intends to speak, he has to endorse. No ifs, ands, or buts on this one, pal. That is the way the game is played.

Here is from the Chron story:

Former Texas GOP chairman Steve Munisteri, a veteran of the 1976 convention battle between Reagan and President Gerald Ford, said much could depend on the final position Cruz takes on Trump.

“In order to have a speaking spot you have to have endorsed the nominee,” said Munisteri, one of Texas’ 155 convention delegates. “That’s the question that comes first.”

Although decisions about speakers and other facets of the televised convention program technically are up to the party, Munisteri said the most critical decisions are heavily influenced by the nominee’s campaign.

“My experience is that the presumptive nominee decides who speaks at the convention, and I would be surprised if the person deciding who speaks would agree to let somebody speak who’s not behind him,” Munisteri said.

Here is the entire article: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/us/article/Cruz-s-role-at-Republican-National-Convention-7879933.php.

Trump isn’t going to allow Cruz to speak unless he gets a ringing endorsement. That is how Trump is playing the game these days. That is how I would play it so stay tuned to the Ted Cruz surrender watch.

B’More is at The Yard for three starting this evening. Name the six who have worn the B’More uniform who have had their jerseys retired by the club and you don’t have to provide the jersey numbers. Hint: All are in the Hall of Fame and five are still with us.

The word is the Sen. Bernie Sanders campaign may be going to the convention in Philadelphia with an agenda that includes doing away with the super delegate system. I can support that. The super delegate rule is dumb, elitist, and really should not be what Dems stand for. It really isn’t fair representation. It gives credence to the term party bosses. It is a dumb rule that should be thrown in the trash can.

Here is a headline from the Chron today:

13 ways the Astros have angered the baseball gods

There are a couple I agree with. Before the warmups start. George Springer and Jake Marisnick throw around a football and run pass routes wearing football helmets. To me that is dumb.   Then on Sunday, they did it with Springer in a dinosaur costume.   Stick to baseball, please!

Here is the 13 ways article: http://www.chron.com/sports/astros/article/13-ways-the-Astros-have-angered-the-baseball-gods-7940644.php.

Go pick up a hard copy of the Chron and read about the HISD auditor mess. The end of the article is the most important. Here:

HISD trustee Anna Eastman, the longest-serving member of the board’s audit committee, said last week that she hopes her colleagues appoint an interim chief auditor soon and that the (HISD Auditor Richard) Patton investigation is wrapped up quickly.

“We have a massive annual budget. We’re also in the middle of implementing a $2 billion bond program,” Eastman said. “It’s critical to the trust of the public and the taxpayers that we have a fully transparent internal audit function that reports independently to the board.”


B’More has retired Earl Weaver’s number 4, Brooks Robinson’s number 5, Cal Ripken, Jr.’s number 8, Frank Robinson’s number 20, Jim Palmer’s number 22, and Eddie Murray’s number 33 of course.

There is a story in today’s Chron sports section about the ‘Stros’ disappointing season. Remember the March Sports Illustrated cover? Here are a few lines from the story:

The 17-28 Astros are baseball’s most underachieving team, and there is plenty of blame to go around for the reasons, a flawed roster chief among them.


The final week of May is too early to deem the Astros trade-deadline sellers, but if the losing persists into mid-June, general manager Jeff Luhnow will likely need to begin to look toward 2017.


Those occupying the top four spots in the Astros’ lineup have combined for a .268 batting average. Those in the bottom five spots are batting a dismal .196.

Quit tossing footballs around. Take off those football helmets and play some pepper, please. We’re 17-28!

Remember to vote today!

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