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43 years ago today hearings began in the U.S. Senate on the mother of all political scandals – Watergate. It was certainly must see TV.

Where do the ‘Stros rank this season in MLB on offensive production from their center fielders?

Tonight is a gathering of HISPANIC PAC.  The invitation says “Representing Hispanic Political Interests Since 1988.”

Commentary and Mustafa Tameez will participate in a “Panel Discussion” on “The State of Hispanic Politics in Houston.”

There will also be a “Website & Social Media Unveiling at the Reception.”

It is at 6 pm this evening at Post Oak Grill.

Obviously Commentary supports this effort and wish them nothing but the best. The last thing they want is my advice. However, in order for this to work, they are going to have to be fiercely independent, not have hidden agendas, and not be an extension of or co-opted by the elected officials.

HISPANIC PAC is certainly needed at this point. Good luck!

The ‘Stros ranked 28th in MLB (ahead of the Nats and Tigers) of course in the offensive production from their center fielder category.

Let’s see, we visit the AL Central first place White Sox this evening, host the AL West first place Rangers this weekend, and then host the AL East first place B’More next week. That is a lot of firsts.

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