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That’s how then the Chron’s Alan Bernstein once described my buddy Carl Whitmarsh.

Here is the Chron story on his passing: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Democratic-activist-towered-in-local-politics-7421896.php.

A few years ago when he was feeling better he kept us all informed. Heck, he put me on a lot of screens.

I am just stunned this morning. We had just talked a couple or so weeks ago about mindless gossip.   What happened?

I am skipping the MLB question today.

Let’s see. The Uber and Lyft folks spent a kazillion buckos in Austin and got their arses handed to them by the people and now some GOPers legislators want to bail them out. ‘Splain this to me, please!

Hey, go get you a copy of the Chron this morning and read Rebecca Elliott’s take on the Mayor’s first four months in office.

Thank you Donald. Check this from the front page of the Chron:

The prospect of a Donald Trump presidency has led to a surge in applications for citizenship and voter registrations among Hispanics angered by the presumptive Republican nominee’s incendiary comments about Mexicans and his threats to deport all immigrants in the country illegally.

Since last summer, when Trump ignited a furor by labeling Mexican immigrants as rapists and drug dealers, average monthly citizenship applications nationwide spiked nearly 15 percent to about 64,800 between August and January compared to the same period the year before.

Such an uptick in naturalizations doesn’t bode well for Trump, or Republicans in general, because nearly half of all new Americans are Latinos, who in polls overwhelmingly express disapproval of the candidate at the top of the ticket, political analysts say.

In all, about 730,000 immigrants became citizens last year, a 12 percent increase from 2014. In Texas, the number of new Americans grew by a quarter in 2015 to 66,000.

Here is the entire article: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Trump-anxiety-spurs-Latino-voter-registration-7390800.php.

At our Mother’s Day gathering in Baytown yesterday, talk about the Donald and Latinos was front and center. He asked for it.

All I can say is I am not looking forward to the Fourth of July. That is when we face Robinson Cano again.

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