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The Chron E-Board today wants the Mayor and City Council to hang tough against the Uber threats. Here is a part:

Last week, Uber threatened to leave Houston if City Hall didn’t get rid of fingerprint checks for drivers, a system designed to protect passengers.

For too long, Houston’s ride-for-hire business was dominated by a taxi cartel that used restrictive ordinances to keep out competition. Uber’s arrival smashed that status quo and brought Houstonians a quicker, cleaner and cheaper free-market alternative to rickety taxis.

Sure, Uber willfully disobeyed local laws and used every trick in the book to put political pressure on City Hall, but it was worth it so that Houstonians wouldn’t have to wait two hours to learn that a cab wasn’t coming. In the end, City Hall hammered out a deal to remove the regulatory barriers that prohibited Uber from entering the market.

But apparently that wasn’t enough. Now, as Turner and council tackle a budget crisis, a pension mess and all the fallout of recent floods, Uber expects them to drop everything and put its bizarrely specific pet issue on the immediate agenda.

Don’t let them take you on a ride, Mayor Turner. Don’t give in to their threats.

In the world of political carrots and sticks, Uber deserves a good bop on the nose for its tone-deaf and entitled attitude towards our city.

Here is the entire E-Board take: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Editorial-Uber-threat-7388769.php.

Yup. It is right there in front of you. The Chron E-Board said it was worth it for Uber to DISOBEY our laws. Great! That’s what laws are for I guess. Pardon me if I willfully scratch my head on this one. You just encouraged Uber to tell us to willfully kiss their arse.

Last season, the ‘Stros ended the season with a plus 111 run differential. This season they are at minus 36. Who has the worse run differential in MLB this morning?

Heading into today’s Indiana primary, Donald Trump has already racked up 25 primary wins – that’s right 25. This is no joke folks. Yesterday, Sen. Ted Cruz pledged that he would stay in the race even if he loses Indiana this evening.   Sure, buddy.

If Cruz loses this evening, all the talking heads and pundits are going to declare the race over. The Cruz super PACs are going to fold. Cruz’s money is going to dry up and we all know you can’t run a national race without money. It will be over.

There is a new national poll out that has Trump with 56% of GOP voters and 34 points ahead of Cruz. Incredible but true. Then yesterday, a new poll came out that has Trump beating Secretary Hillary Clinton. I am not surprised. Check this:

Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton by 2 points in a head-to-head matchup, according to a new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey.

Trump gets 41 percent to Clinton’s 39 percent in the new poll.

This poll differs from recent polling, which all show Clinton holding a lead over the Republican front-runner. According to the RealClearPolitics average of polls, Clinton has a 7.3 point lead over Trump, 47.4 to 40.1 percent.

Just last week, Clinton and Trump tied in another Rasmussen poll in which each won 38 percent. In that survey, voters were also allowed to answer that they would stay home and not vote for either candidate.

According to the latest Rasmussen poll, 15 percent of respondents would prefer some other candidate and 5 percent were undecided.

The recent poll also found that Trump does twice as well among Democrats as Clinton does among Republicans in a matchup between the two candidates.

Trump takes 15 percent support of Democrats in a general election matchup between Trump and Clinton, but Clinton takes just 8 percent of GOP voters.

Trump has 73 percent support of Republicans and Clinton has 77 percent support of Democrats in a matchup.

The survey was conducted from April 27-28 among 1,000 likely voters. The margin of error is 3 percent.

One day in the near future, universities across the country will be teaching a course on how Trump won the 2016 GOP nomination.

Oh yeah, I forgot. Lou Holtz also endorsed Trump yesterday for what it is worth.

Cincy of course leads MLB with a minus 55 run differential.

Tonight is Teacher Appreciation at The Yard.

Last night was Keuchel’s Korner at The Yard but it actually looked like Keuchel’s Kurb. Folks are starting to stay home.

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