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Commentary thinks that often times the bureaucrats get too comfortable and sometimes they get lazy and then they get detached.   Maybe it has something to do with them being in their job for too long. They forget that they are working for us.

Think what you want about Ted Oberg and KTRK and the way they go about doing their investigative pieces but their latest on the huge (like Bernie says it) airport contracts that the Mayor ordered to be re-bid has got me to thinking what the heck is going on out there.

Here is the start of the piece from Ted Oberg and Trent Seibert:

In the wake of the city halting a $1.5 billion airport expansion plan because of “price variations” and potential discussions during the quiet period, abc13 has uncovered additional details and unearthed more questions surrounding how Houston officials picked the winners in the deal. The airport expansion is a massive project for the city. Parking would be widened, utilities bolstered, and construction crews would expand Terminal D and build out a new Terminal C.

The bids were ready to be voted on in December and nearly a done-deal in the waning minutes of former Mayor Annise Parker’s administration until they were halted by then-City Controller Ron Green, who initially noticed “egregious issues” in the procurement process. New City Controller Chris Brown has recommended that four major construction-related projects in all, as well as a related insurance project, be tossed out and re-bid. Mayor Sylvester Turner agreed. The bids were recently reissued. Few specifics have been made public on what the problems were in the deal and no illegalities have been found, but abc13 has uncovered red flags in the airport’s procurement process. And when Ted Oberg Investigates attempted to get answers from the Airport Director Mario Diaz, he provided few answers and ultimately walked away from the interview.

Dude, what is up with walking away from the interview?

Here is the entire piece: http://abc13.com/news/questions-over-phone-chats-after-bid-price-hikes-in-airport-deals-/1248990/.

Sure, maybe nothing illegal happened, but it definitely got sloppy and you can’t award contracts this size by being sloppy. I am kind of thinking that the folks that are running the airport have been there too long. They kind of act like they don’t need to be held accountable. That is not a good sign.

This MLBer was born 30 years ago today and led MLB in dingers with 47 last season, who am I talking about?

Teddy Schleifer of CNN has a nice take on where Sen. Ted Cruz stands on the latest to 1,237 delegates. Here is how it starts:

Washington (CNN)Ted Cruz is girding for an admittedly long, narrow path to clinching the GOP nomination before the GOP convention in July, a tightrope walk that has no margin for error if he is to dethrone Donald Trump at the ballot box.

Gone are the projections that the GOP race would be practically finished by the end of March, along with hopes to sow up the nomination after outlasting Marco Rubio. They’ve been replaced by hopes to reach the delegate threshold on the very last day on the Republican calendar — and if that’s not possible, to successfully screen delegates and emerge the victor at a contested Republican convention.

Cruz’s team, once confident that they had the money and the map to outpunch and outrun any of their rivals, are conceding to a humbler reality: This will be a grind.

“It’s very difficult for us to get to 1,237 — we get that,” Cruz’s chief strategist, Jason Johnson, told reporters, “but we can get there — and we plan on getting there.”

After a winless evening on Tuesday, Cruz’s campaign is effectively planning two strategies at once: one aimed at winning the 1,237 delegates needed to win the GOP nomination on the first ballot, and a quieter, second route meant to serve as a contingency plan should they fail to run the flawless bid that they must through June 7: outmuscling their rivals on the convention floor.

Here is all of Teddy’s take: http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/16/politics/ted-cruz-plan-1237-nomination-fight/index.html.

I don’t think folks will riot when Cruz gets denied.

Happy Birthday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to B’More’s Chris Davis of course who led MLB with 47 dingers last season.

Here is what Richard Justice says about the ‘Stros:

The Astros are solid favorites to win the American League West and are a team with few weaknesses, which is remarkable considering how far they’ve come in just one season.

Here is all of Justice’s article: http://m.astros.mlb.com/news/article/167769564/astros-hope-for-continued-success-in-2016.

The Yard called me and said my tickets are ready.

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We lost a great Latino leader a few days ago. Dionel Aviles is no longer with us. He was an engineer. He was an Aggie. An A&M Board of Regent. A retired general. A donor to many local Latino candidates. I last saw him at an event for Bill King during the runoff. He will be missed.

Well, we have us a Supreme Court nominee.  Let the games begin!

Oh for five. Yes, that is Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Ted Cruz.

Hey, if Bernie Sanders can continue to raise money and run, I am OK with that, but I hope he is prepared to campaign for our nominee once the convention is over.

Check this tweet:

NYT Politics ‏@nytpolitics 10m10 minutes ago

Hillary Clinton’s lead over Bernie Sanders is now about three times what Barack Obama’s was over her in 2008 http://nyti.ms/1Pb8Pg4

As for Sen. Cruz, his only hope is for a contested convention. The problem with this thinking is a whole lot of GOP leaders don’t like the fella and for obvious reasons. They are not going to coalesce around this guy. You know his advisors are behind the scenes trying to convince party leaders that he’s the guy to unite around. Of course, he’s made it this far by sticking it to party leaders, so you have to wonder.

So the GOP leaders now have to decide if they want to try to deny Donald Trump at the convention and risk a backlash. To minimize the backlash, their only choice is to go with Speaker Paul Ryan. They won’t go with Governor Kasich because he’s lost a ton of primaries. They won’t go with Governor Romney because Trump and Trump’s folks can’t stand the guy. If they deny Trump, Speaker Ryan is their only play.

Marwin Gonzalez leads the team with four Spring Training dingers. How many did he have in the regular season last year?

I said this yesterday:

I saw these tweets this morning:

Houston News Retweeted

Katherine Whaley ‏@KatherineABC13 19m19 minutes ago

HOV lane problems! North, Gulf, Eastex, Southwest Fwys, and 290 blocked due to electrical problem affecting gates. @abc13houston #kattraffic


Houston Chronicle Retweeted

H-GAC ‏@hgaccog 28m28 minutes ago

HOV lanes operated by METRO closed across Houston http://fb.me/3WSJgki49

My cable was not working this morning. I wonder if the two are related.

They were. This was on KHOU’s website:​

Some Houston HOV lanes will remain closed for the afternoon commute on Tuesday.

I-45 Gulf, 59 Southwest Freeway, 59 Eastex, and Highway 290 are affected, according to KHOU 11’s Darby Douglas. Drivers will likely be forced to stay on the main lanes while heading home, just as they were for the morning commute.

Metro officials say a Comcast cable line was cut in an accident, severing communications with electric gates at the HOV entrances.

It’s unknown how long it will take to get the communications line repaired.

My cable returned at around 4:30 am.

I had jury duty yesterday. I had to be there by 8 am. Rather than hunt for a parking space by the courthouse. I drove to Moody Park. Left my car in the lot there. Hopped on the Red Line for free. Got dropped off three blocks from the Jury Plaza. I reported for jury duty by 8 am and we were sent home around 10:30 am and nobody got selected for duty. I was back at my place by 11 am.

Marwin Gonzalez had twelve dingers last season and all solo shots of course.

Here is what MLB.com has today:

After spending a few days around Astros camp here, Hall of Famer Craig Biggio said the vibe reminded him of that surrounding the early ’90s teams in Houston.

At that time, Biggio, Jeff Bagwell and Derek Bell were developing as the Killer B’s, with Sean Berry and Lance Berkman to come along in the next few years.

“The excitement level from the anticipation of what you had last year to where we’re at now, yeah it is exciting,” Biggio said. “It reminds me a lot of the early ’90s, where our team is kind of built now for success. Because you look at your core players that you have, they’re good kids and good players, and they’re young. They should be here for a while.”

I am ready for some baseball!

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Unusual Morning

I have no choice but to be brief this morning. I am at 1201 Congress fulfilling a civic duty. Rather than drive over here and pay for parking, I got a free pass on the Red Line.

I saw these tweets this morning:

Houston News Retweeted

Katherine Whaley ‏@KatherineABC13 19m19 minutes ago

HOV lane problems! North, Gulf, Eastex, Southwest Fwys, and 290 blocked due to electrical problem affecting gates. @abc13houston #kattraffic


Houston Chronicle Retweeted

H-GAC ‏@hgaccog 28m28 minutes ago

HOV lanes operated by METRO closed across Houston http://fb.me/3WSJgki49

My cable was not working this morning. I wonder if the two are related.

The Chron has a piece today on Jon Singleton and his struggles so far in Spring Training as he battles for the first base position.   It is not looking too good for him as he is batting under the Mendoza line. We got Singleton in 2011 along with three other players from the Phillies in a trade. Who did we send to the Phillies in that trade?

Well, today is Super Tuesday 3. In the GOP race, it is looking like the field will narrow this evening. Here is my take on Sen. Marco Rubio. He needs to win his home state of Florida to stay relevant. If he wins tonight and if Ohio’s governor wins Ohio, then there will be uncertainty heading into the GOP convention and Rubio’s name is still out there. If he loses Florida, he will be out and won’t be a player at the GOP convention in Cleveland.

One hundred years ago today, Gen. John J. Pershing entered Mexico to go after Pancho Villa. He never caught him.   I wonder if Donald Trump will give this a mention today?

The Chron E-Board has a take today on opening up the way we vote in Texas and look at how Oregon votes. At least toward the end of their take they acknowledge that the folks that run state government are not going to entertain changes any time soon.

Speaking of, check out how Ross Ramsey of the Trib starts out his piece on Governor Abbott’s ridiculous claim yesterday that we have rampant voter fraud.

The governor of Texas thinks that fraud in the electoral system that put him and others in office is “rampant.”

He can’t back that up.

Greg Abbott was asked on Monday what he thought about President Obama’s throwdown last week on the state’s lousy voter turnout.

“The folks who are governing the good state of Texas aren’t interested in having more people participate,” the president told The Texas Tribune’s Evan Smith at South by Southwest Interactive.

The chief of those “folks” would rather limit turnout than expand on what he seems to think is an election system that has run off the side of the road.

“What I find is that leaders of the other party are against efforts to crack down on voter fraud,” Abbott said. “The fact is that voter fraud is rampant. In Texas, unlike some other states and unlike some other leaders, we are committed to cracking down on voter fraud.”

Strong word, rampant. The handy office thesaurus offers these synonyms: uncontrolled, unrestrained, unchecked, unbridled, widespread; out of control, out of hand, rife.

Does three cases of fraud for every 1 million votes strike you as “unbridled?”

Here is the entire piece: http://www.texastribune.org/2016/03/15/analysis-scant-evidence-abbott-rampant-voter-fraud/.

I don’t know what you can say about this.

We gave up Hunter Pence of course in the 2011 trade with the Phillies.

I will say that the team is looking like a good team thus far.

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So I was browsing over politico.com this morning and bam, I saw this piece on some national Dems pushing Labor Secretary Tom Perez for VP. Let’s just say he is the other Latino being considered. Here are parts of the politico article:

“My strong guess,” one White House aide said, “is that if you took a straw poll of staffers here about who they’d pick for the ticket, Tom would do very well.”

The idea of Perez making the leap to vice president is, on the face of it, inconceivable: Aside from his limited experience in elected office, it’s not like Clinton would need him to win Maryland or the couldn’t-be-more-liberal D.C. suburb of Takoma Park, where he lives.

Except Perez has more credibility with committed progressives – who measure politicians in battle scars – than almost anyone else around. The unions love him so much that they were pushing against him getting picked to replace Eric Holder as attorney general in late 2014 because they didn’t want to lose him at Labor.

He’s spent years working at the Justice Department on voting rights and civil rights and police misconduct, right in the center of issues that have exploded among African-Americans and with progressive Democrats. He’s adored in the White House, where he’s been a main player in crafting the Obama second-term domestic agenda, and he’s got a knack for a fiery stump speech. Also, he’s Dominican. And unlike Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julían Castro, the other Latino Cabinet secretary more often talked about for VP (whom nearly every conversation about Perez becomes at least an implicit comparison to), Perez speaks Spanish.


Perez, who started out in Washington as an aide to Ted Kennedy, has developed a knack for building relationships with local officials and business leaders, like the Wells Fargo CEO with whom he worked through a $600 million gap in the 2012 mortgage settlement.


People involved expect that Perez’s next stop will be in Arizona. It’s not just that there are a lot of Latinos there. That’s also Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s turf, who these days is a big Donald Trump backer. Five years ago, Arpaio was on the losing end of the SB 1070 immigration bill lawsuit that Perez spearheaded when he was running the Justice Department’s Civil Rights division during Obama’s first term.

Hey, I am impressed. I would be double A-Okay with this pick. Why not?

You need to check out the entire piece here: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/03/tom-perez-veep-cabinet-220704.

Everyone knows the Yankees have 27 World Serious titles. How many World Seriouses did they lose?

Glass got sacrificed.

Make no mistake. Kicking glass out of the green bins is a small step backwards, but it could have been worse, like no green bin at all.

Welcome to the new shared sacrifice H-Town City Hall.   It won’t make a bit of difference here at my place because a neighborhood depository is just down the street. I will just have to make an occasional run to make sure my Saint Arnold empties are recycled. I am thinking most folks will just toss their bottles into the black bin and they will end up in a landfill like the bad old days.

So what does the Chron E-Board have to say about this? They made a case yesterday for a garbage fee. The Mayor has already ruled out a garbage fee though. So that is not going to happen. If you have not already read the E-Board take, go pick up yesterday’s Chron and check out how the E-Board makes their case for a fee.

Yesterday, the Chron also had a front page write-up of my hometown – Baytown and their current economic boom. Commentary goes to Baytown every few days to check in on my parents. They live over by the creek across from Lee High School. There is not much boom over where they live. I dread though having to drive down Garth Road. You need a whole lot of patience.

Early Friday evening after I returned from the gym I had the flat screen on CNN and they were covering the Donald Trump rally in Chicago and the protesters were in the arena then the CNN reporter on the scene announced that the rally had been cancelled. I whipped out my igizmo and took a photo of the flat screen and tweeted it out with the following:

Marc Campos ‏@MarcCommentary Mar 11

Wow! Protesters just shut down a #TrumpRally

I got 129 retweets and my igizmo was buzzing and pinging for the next hour and a half.

Now even his three GOP opponents have called out Donald Trump. I will say it again. The GOP created the environment that Trump is now stoking. The GOP has nobody to blame but themselves.

On March Madness from the Chron:

Texas A&M (26-8) was given the third seed in the West Region and will open against Horizon League tournament champion Green Bay (23-12) on Friday in Oklahoma City. Texas (20-12) is the sixth seed and plays 11-seed Northern Iowa in the first round. The winner of those games play each other Sunday.


The Yankees have been to the World Serious 40 times, won 27 and lost 13 of course.

Oh yeah, in three weeks we open in Yankee Stadium.

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Stay Safe, Dean

Commentary was stunned yesterday to hear that The Dean’s office down the street from here had been shot up. I don’t know what to make of it. I just hope that the Texas Rangers and other law enforcement agencies put this on high priority and catch the perp ASAP. Stay safe, Dean.

They did away with the name calling and talking over each other at last night’s debate, but elegant it was not. Asked afterwards about the debate, Donald Trump called it “elegant.” I don’t think so.

Here are some definitions of elegant:

tastefully fine or luxurious in dress, style, design, etc. 

gracefully refined and dignified, as in tastes, habits, or literary style 

graceful in form or movement

Trump takes issue with the 1,237 delegates needed to get the nomination. He calls this number “artificial”. I always thought it was a majority. Oh, well.

Of all the ‘Stros shortstops over the years, which one has the most career RBIs in a ‘Stro uniform?

The Chron’s business columnist Chris Tomlinson has a take on the recycling issue over at City Hall. It is an interesting take for sure and here is how it ends:

Commodity prices will rise again, but no one knows when. Waste Management doesn’t want to take any price risk. Mayor Sylvester Turner tried to mitigate the risk by offering Waste Management a higher rate for a shorter contract, gambling that by next year commodity prices will be higher. A classic negotiating ploy, but one that appears to have failed.

Trying to get a company to lose money or accept unreasonable risk is a cop-out to answering the much more important question: How committed is the city to recycling? 

Here is the entire take behind the paywall: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/outside-the-boardroom/article/Commodity-prices-test-commitment-to-recycling-6882084.php.

Let’s see what The Mayor rolls out this afternoon.

Today the Chron E-Board gives the new Metro Chair some advice. It includes Council Member Karla Cisneros’ positions on what to do with the light rail stops. Go pick up your Chron and check it out, please.

San Antonio and Austin are having a breakfast taco war. Who was first or who is best. Who cares?

My favs are right down the street. Chiloso’s on 20th or Taqueria Laredo on Cavalcade.

Craig Reynolds of course leads all ‘Stros shortstops with 300 career RBIs in a ‘Stros uniform. BTW: Carlos Correa had 68 RBIs last season and it wasn’t even a full season.

I think I counted seven Dollar Dog Wednesday nights on the schedule for this season.

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Green Bin Day

I put out my green bin today. I hope I can also put it out in a couple of weeks.

Remember One Bin for All? I sure don’t want No Bin for Ya’ll. How does that happen?

The easy thing is to blame it all on Waste Management but we all know the easy thing is just that – easy.

You can’t put any blame on The Mayor because he’s only been on the job a couple of months.

I tweeted this yesterday:

Uptown Evan Retweeted

Darian Ward ‏@dwardlove 17m17 minutes ago

Mayor @SylvesterTurner says the city will not be bullied into a bad recycling deal. We will look for additional players in this market.

Then said this:

In today’s Chron, the head of H-Town’s Solid Waste Management Department said Waste Management is the only firm capable of handling the amount of materials that folks from H-Town recycle annually.

It kind of looks like the folks at Waste Management and the management of Solid Waste let H-Town down on this.   Let’s hope The Mayor can come up with a solution and make sure he has the players in place that don’t give us more wasted management.

Commentary has said before that the City of H-Town has not done a good job of educating folks on how to recycle. Just handing out a green bin with instructions isn’t enough. At this point we can’t afford to take a step back because that would show a lack of commitment.

Of all the ‘Stros shortstops over the years, which one has the most career dingers in a ‘Stro uniform?

CEWDEM put out how many delegates each senatorial district gets to the National Democratic Convention that will be held in Philly. If you have never gone to a convention, what the heck, go. Unless, Sen. Bernie Sander pulls off a string of wins over the next few weeks, there won’t be much debate about anything at the convention. Nice parties after each session, free breakfasts, your pick of attending the various caucus meetings, special interest group events, running into and getting your picture taken with celebrities in the political and entertainment worlds, and seeing the sights like Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Plus, you get to be there and be part of history when the first woman in history accepts her party’s nomination for president.

The last convention to have a good floor fight was back in 1980 in Madison Square Garden. Commentary was a Ted Kennedy delegate and we fought over the pledged delegate issue. We even put out R2D2 posters, you know, the delegates are robots thing. I wonder if any of those posters are still around.

At the 1980 convention, Ted Kennedy gave one of the best convention speeches ever delivered. So you never know if someone will just wow you with a speech. At that convention, the most notable celeb I met was Howard Cosell. He signed my convention credential so I know it is around here someplace. That was also the last national convention that Walter Cronkite covered.

Go try and be a delegate.

We demanded a quarterback and we selected the one that most folks said was the best available free agent. We could have selected one through the draft but instead we went the free agent route. So I am not going to say anything else about this until after the season starts and I see him in action.

Adam Everett of course leads all ‘Stros shortstops with 35 career dingers in a ‘Stros uniform. BTW: Carlos Correa had 22 last season and it wasn’t even a full season.

Correa bobble heads will be handed out on Saturday, July 2 at The Yard when we host the White Sox.

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Thank You, Sir George

We lost a giant yesterday. I am talking about the producer of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

Think about his contributions to “Yesterday”, “Penny Lane“, “Eleanor Rigby”, “Strawberry Fields Forever“, “In My Life“, “A Day in the Life” and “Good Night” to name a few. They are beautiful Beatles tunes for sure.

Sir George Martin was brilliant. I can’t say he will be missed because there are many tunes that I listen to that have his contributions.

All I can say is thank you, Sir George.

Uh, oh! Better get all your recycling done ASAP. Check these tweets:

Rebecca Elliott ‏@rfelliott 3m3 minutes ago

This means the city’s recycling program will likely halt after next Wednesday, when its contract with Waste Management expires. #houcouncil


Rebecca Elliott ‏@rfelliott 2m2 minutes ago

Turner said he’ll make an announcement on Monday about how the city can move forward with recycling in a cost-efficient manner. #houcouncil

So Waste Management is out for now.

Then this tweet:

Uptown Evan Retweeted

Darian Ward ‏@dwardlove 17m17 minutes ago

Mayor @SylvesterTurner says the city will not be bullied into a bad recycling deal. We will look for additional players in this market.

In today’s Chron, the head of H-Town’s Solid Waste Management Department said Waste Management is the only firm capable of handling the amount of materials that folks from H-Town recycle annually.

So this ought to get interesting.

Being tough with Waste Management is one thing. Not being able to fully recycle is another. I am not going to like it and I don’t think I am alone.

Of the current ‘Stros, who has the most career dingers?

All I can say is some Dems want the presidential primary to continue. They also want Secretary Hillary Clinton to stay on the progressive course. Maybe they think she will move toward the center once Senator Bernie Sanders is out. So some Dems are going to keep fighting for Bernie like they did yesterday in Michigan.  It could very well be a trust thing.

I get that and I am OK with that.

Colby Rasmus of course has 141 career dingers.

On Friday, July 22 when we host the Angels at The Yard,  10,000 fedoras will be handed out. Yes, fedoras.

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A Salute?

Commentary doesn’t always agree with nationally syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette, Jr. We know he doesn’t think much of elected Latino Dems. He definitely does have takes on the Latino community and the Latino vote. What he put out a day or so ago should be read by players. Here are parts:

— Immigration is not the top issue for Latinos … until it is. When the nativist winds aren’t blowing, Latinos care about education, jobs and the economy, and health care. But when immigration is flaring up, the issue becomes more important to Latinos.

— The GOP’s thickheaded approach to immigration, where the party too often panders to racists and wrongly blames immigrants for a broken immigration system, keeps at arm’s length many Latinos who might otherwise vote for Republican candidates.

— The Democrats’ cynical approach to immigration, where the party caters to organized labor by carrying out deportations and then lazily exploits Republican blunders to win Latino votes, ensures that the community’s support for Democrats is a mile wide but an inch deep.

And this:

— Even though they can’t vote, the “Dreamers” are shaking up the political process. These undocumented young people are free agents who criticize politicians across the board and put their goals before the interests of political parties.

— Latino political leaders at the local, state and federal level are usually irrelevant because, whether Republican or Democrat, they tend to put their party before their people. Driven by ambition, they won’t bite the hand that feeds them.

— Latino voters are empowered when they’re in play. Rather than being taken for granted by one party and written off by another, they are most effective when both parties believe they can win their support and are willing to work for it.

— If candidates in both parties venture into the neighborhoods and go looking for Latino support, they’ll find it. But if they go out of their way to antagonize, demonize or patronize Latinos, and look for trouble, they’ll find that too.

As for 2016, Latinos probably won’t vote for Ted Cruz but they might back Marco Rubio, who is perceived as more of a moderate.

If the Republican nominee is Donald Trump, we can expect Latinos to eagerly vote against him. I predict Trump will get about 20 percent of the Latino vote, which would be a new record low. In 1996, Bob Dole got 21 percent.

Of course, Latino revulsion for the GOP will benefit Hillary Clinton. The presumptive Democratic nominee has strong support from Latinos — despite her neglect of the community and support for laws that restrict immigration and fuel mass incarceration. Let’s put it this way: Trump wants to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. While in the Senate, Clinton voted to fund border fencing and bragged about it to voters.

Here is all of Navarrette: http://journalstar.com/news/opinion/editorial/columnists/ruben-navarrette-jr-how-latinos-will-vote/article_4804d539-f6eb-51ce-b1de-9b0cfb79e461.html.

Agree with him or not, he does make some valid points.

And check out this tweet:

NYT Politics ‏@nytpolitics 5m5 minutes ago

Many Latino immigrants are rushing to naturalize in time to vote against Donald Trump in November http://nyti.ms/24OaMuL

I guess it was this past weekend that I was watching a Donald Trump rally and saw when he asked his supporters to raise their right hands and pledge their support. I didn’t think much of it. Well I guess someone took a photo and slapped a swastika on it and tweeted it out and now we have a Nazi salute controversy. Trump was asked about it this morning on “Today.” The smart thing for Trump is to stop doing the pledge. Trump doesn’t always do the smart thing though.

Not counting the Astrodome and The Yard, in which stadium have the ‘Stros played their most Opening Day games?

I tweeted this yesterday:

Marc Campos ‏@MarcCommentary 21h21 hours ago

One of the best retirement speeches I have ever heard. #PeytonManningRetirement

Then they got to the questions and answers and some female reporter asked Peyton a question about certain allegations that have been in the news lately. It was a fair question to ask.

Check this from poynter.org:

Peyton Manning was asked 10 questions at his retirement press conference, with nine predictably reverential and generally banal. But USA TODAY sports reporter Lindsay Jones courteously inquired about sexual harassment allegations that have resurfaced and date to his college days. The famously organized quarterback, whose advisers include former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, referenced “Forrest Gump” as part of a clearly premeditated response as he made eye contact with Jones. “…And so this is a joyous day, and it’s a special day, and like Forrest Gump said, that’s all I have to say about that.”

There was laughter in the room. Presumably folks thought the rather lame Gump line to be funny. The laughs elicited a quick condemnation in a column by Jones’ Washington-based colleague, Christine Brennan, who’s chided sports media for giving only modest attention to the harassment allegations. (USA TODAY)

What then ensued for Jones was not the least bit funny. In a phone chat last night, she told me that she was bombarded with sexist, nasty and X-rated hate emails and tweets. Many said she was on a witch hunt, just trying to make a name for herself. “I pride myself on being fair and accurate, so that was frustrating.” Ultimately, she turned off her “notifications” on Tweetdeck. “I couldn’t keep up with them; the majority were very ugly, horrible, hateful, disgusting.” There were some nice mentions, too, but mostly from other journalists. As for the initial press conference coverage from ESPN, it was a fawning homage to Manning. (Poynter) Only much later did ESPN include any on-air reference to Jones’ questions. This morning its online story buries the matter in the final paragraphs (ESPN), placing far less emphasis on it than some others. (The New York Times) Jones’ was very much an appropriate question to ask, even if it briefly pierced an air of adulation.

There is not much else to say about this except the reporter was doing what I want a reporter to do.

After the Astrodome and The Yard, Riverfront Stadium is third on the list of course for ‘Stros Opening Day games with three.   Riverfront is no longer around.

Speaking of the Reds, here is a first I think. On Sunday, June 19, when the ‘Stros host the Reds at The Yard, the first 10,000 fans will get a pair of ‘Stros socks.

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I stopped rooting for Donald Trump. I changed my mind. I think he is way too unpredictable.   Here is the headline from a recent post by Erica Grieder on Burkablog:

WARNING: Donald Trump Could Win the General Election

Here is a part from her post:

The first fifteen primaries have shown that Trump’s appeal isn’t confined to a bloc of Republican voters delineated in the traditional ways, with reference to characteristics like region, ideology, socioeconomic status, race, or religious affiliation. His support is strongest among some subsets of the Republican electorate, like blue-collar white men, but he nonetheless performs pretty well among college-educated professionals too. He’s been successful among voters who would have logical reasons to reject his candidacy, such as southern evangelicals. He’s even been successful at animating support from the most unlikely subset of all: voters who don’t usually bother to vote. To put it differently: Trump has created a new coalition, one that doesn’t map onto the traditional categories.

Go check it all here: http://www.texasmonthly.com/burka-blog/387456/.

The “voters who don’t usually bother to vote” concern me.   How many are out there? I kind of think that the national pollsters are not talking to these folks because they have not been voting.

I would much rather face a Sen. Ted Cruz or heck, even a Mitt Romney because we can pretty much expect to know who will show up to go vote. With Trump we just don’t know and that is kind of scary.

I know it is only Spring Training but the team is already getting off to a good start in the dinger department. Let’s see if you can remember how many ‘Stros had 11 or more dingers last season?

Go check out Kuffer’s take on Adrian Garcia: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=73006.

Of course, in my book he has nothing to ‘splain for running in CD 29.

Now this is cool. From Tags:

Astros shortstop Carlos Correa might soon have his own personalized walk-up song, courtesy of singer Marc Anthony.

Correa, who last year used Anthony’s song, “Preciosa,” as his walk-up song, met the singer while he was in town to watch the Astros and Cardinals at Osceola County Stadium on Friday. Correa told Anthony he liked his music and used one of his songs when he was coming to bat last season, and Anthony said he would make him a personalized one.

“I committed myself,” Anthony told MLB.com. “He plays ‘Preciosa’ coming out, which is like a second national anthem of Puerto Rico. A very important song. It meant a lot to me, and he said, ‘Listen, I’m looking for the next one,’ and I said, ‘Why don’t I just write one for you?’ It was a nice exchange, and he’s absolutely phenomenal. This is what he was born to do, and I really just take my hat off to him and I’m just a massive fan.”

11 ‘Stros had 11 or more dingers last season of course.

Tags also has a new book out for ‘Stros fans. I wonder if he will have a book signing in H-Town?

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It was Sen. Marco Rubio who first made reference to the Johnson Factor and Donald Trump recently. So we should not be surprised or shocked that it made it into last night’s debate. This morning on “Today” Peter Alexander said they were not able to fact check the Johnson Factor. So the GOP establishment wants GOP voters to get behind a senator whose key talking point these days involves Trump’s Johnson? Got it!

Oh, by the way, these guys are running for President of the United States of America.

Craig Biggio has the most at bats all-time in a ‘Stros uniform with 10,876 followed by Jeff Bagwell with 7,797.   Who is number three?

Here is this tweet. The quote is from former HISD superintendent Terry Grier talking about the current interim superintendent:

Mike Snyder ‏@chronsnyder 13m13 minutes ago

“They ought to suspend the search and hire him,” ex-HISD Supt. Grier says of interim leader http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Interim-HISD-leader-may-be-in-running-for-6868897.php?t=34d61b0d68438d9cbb&cmpid=twitter-premium … @e_mellon reports

Sorry pal. I think the taxpayers and the rest of the stakeholders deserve a well thought out national search. What a goofball!

Let’s see again. Donald Trump is the frontrunner by winning more contests fair and square. We are a witness to this. He has not cheated, stolen votes, or stuffed the ballot box. Now Mitt Romney has directed his advisors to figure out a way to sabotage democracy playing out within the GOP. I have always thought Romney was a pretty arrogant fella and this move kind of validates my thinking.

He is saying F-you to the Trump voters in a number of GOP primaries.   Arrogance galore!

The low cost of oil is apparently having an impact on the recycling business. Recycling doesn’t turn a profit like it used to. Now the City of H-Town is going to have to pay to have our bottles, aluminum cans, paper, and cardboard recycled. Some on City Council want us to consider stopping recycling until it becomes profitable again. I don’t know about that. I am going to have a real problem if I have to start tossing in the black bin what I now toss in the green bin.

Jose Cruz of course is third with 6,629 at bats all-time in a ‘Stros uniform.

The ‘Stros won yesterday.

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