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Good morning national GOP. How are your Lying Ted, Sniveling Coward, and Sleazy Donald doing? What do you think of Trump’s take on foreign policy? What about some of your talking heads already conceding this election?

Dem primary voters in Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington sure sent Secretary Clinton a message this past Saturday.  They said:  Don’t you dare tack to the center!  I get that.

Name the former ‘Stro pitcher who has a 4-0 record on Opening Days?

In Saturday’s Chron, Ericka Mellon had an article about State Rep. Alma Allen wanting to be the new HISD Superintendent.   The E-Board doesn’t agree. Here is what the E-Board said on Saturday:

[Twiddled] If kids are our future then the HISD superintendent search is as important to Houston as Trump v. Cruz. It’s also as politically charged. What we don’t need at HISD is a politician. We’re still waiting for a list of characteristics the trustees want in a new boss. Here’s hoping a field of candidates includes people who’ve been there, done that when it comes to leading large public school districts. So students, let’s hit the pause button, and let an objective process unfold before handing out endorsements.

Go here if you don’t believe me: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Ups-and-downs-7101121.php.

Here is from Mellon’s article:

Allen, who worked four decades in HISD as a teacher, principal and central-office administrator, said she has the support of several elected officials, including Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, a former colleague in the state House. Turner’s spokeswoman did not return messages seeking comment Friday.

Allen said one of Turner’s staff members gave the school board’s search firm a letter of support for her at a meeting Wednesday night. State Rep. Gene Wu, who was at the meeting, said he did not read the letter but recalled the mayor’s staffer saying the mayor was sending a letter of support. Wu said he and state Rep. Hubert Vo, another Houston Democrat, both support Allen.


Joe Greenberg, spokesman for a local group of business leaders, parents and community leaders called the Coalition for Great Houston Schools, urged the board to pursue a national search.

“The board’s highest priority should be to search for a candidate with a track record of tangible academic achievement in a large, diverse urban district,” he said.

Here is all of Mellon’s article: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/education/article/State-Rep-Allen-says-she-has-mayor-s-support-in-7110716.php.

I would hope that for the sake of ALL the stakeholders, the HISD Board truly conducts a thorough search.

Of course, I sure would like to see a copy of the Mayor’s letter supporting Rep. Allen. Oh, well.

Larry Dierker of course is 4-0 as an Opening Day starter.

MLB returns to The Yard this Thursday evening.

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