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GOP Friday

For the past couple of years, the GOP has gone after The President time and time again on the ISIS issue in Iraq, Syria and everywhere. They blame the President for everything ISIS related. Forgot how we got into this mess to begin with back in 2003. Now it appears our special forces have taken down the number two fella at ISIS. The GOP will certainly not give The President any credit for giving the special forces the go ahead on this mission.

Commentary has to admit it is fun watching the GOP implode live and on national TV these days.  I have said it before. It is their own doing, err undoing. They can’t blame this on The President.

And as we head into this holy weekend, Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz are having a most riveting discussion on public policy. Don’t you think? This is certainly getting them closer to the White House. Both camps are to blame. When that PAC came out with the ad featuring Trump’s wife, Cruz should have slammed it, but he didn’t so it was game on with Trump.   They both deserve it.

This Hall of Fame pitching great is celebrating his 50th birthday today. In his first full year in MLB he went 7-17. He had five seasons of 20 or more wins and 305 career wins. He won 2 Cy Young Awards and has a World Serious ring. Name the player.

Now I have a little problem with this story in politico today. It is about GOP insiders preparing to deny Trump the nomination if he goes to the convention just short of 1,237 delegates. Here is why I have the problem. Check these:

“Rules is rules. You have to get a majority,” said a Virginia Republican who, like all respondents, completed the survey anonymously. “That’s the problem with our country: No one ever wins anymore.”


“I’m firmly in the ‘Never Trump’ camp,” said a New Hampshire Republican. “The GOP gets killed if he’s the nominee. We probably get killed if he doesn’t support a different nominee anyway. So if it makes no difference to the eventual outcome, my conscience will be clear going down with a responsible nominee instead.”


“The GOP would be crazy to aid in the hostile takeover of our party by a candidate who has never been able to espouse a single consistently conservative view,” the Iowa Republican said. “Donald Trump admires Putin while attacking the last Republican president. He doesn’t deserve the nomination even if he were to win more than 1,237 delegates. Hillary would slaughter him in the general election. #NeverTrump”

This would be a way better story if the insiders were not anonymous. Come on! In order to take back your party, you have to have guts.  Quit hiding!

Here is the story: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/03/insiders-to-trump-no-majority-no-nomination-221219.

So now insiders of the new GOP establishment have to go anonymous when discussing their party’s future. That’s the state of the national GOP on this Good Friday. I am good with this.

Tom Glavine of course is 50 today.

The team plays two against the Padres in Mexico City tomorrow and Sunday.


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