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Not ‘68

The last week or so, some cable news talking heads have compared the protests and scuffles at Donald Trump rallies to 1968.   I guess they are talking about the riot that occurred in Chicago during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. I don’t think so.

At the 1968 convention, thousands went to Chicago to mostly protest the Vietnam War. They were led by groups like the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam, the Youth International Party, and Students for a Democratic Society.

They were met in downtown Chicago by thousands of police officers and National Guardsmen and under the direction of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.   Mayor Daley was not in the mood to host protesters. Things got out of hand and the police put it to the protesters live on national TV.

At the Trump rallies, folks are upset at what has come out of Trump’s pie hole.

Big difference if you ask me.

The Brewers visit The Yard next week for two preseason games. Name the three players for the Brewers who were wearing ‘Stros uniforms last season?

Fox news went after Trump this weekend for having an “obsession” with Megyn Kelley. I will say it again. The groups that help create the environment that Trump hijacked – they were aided and abetted by Fox News. They help channel the hate and vitriol that Trump is now spewing. I certainly don’t want anything bad to happen to Megyn Kelley, but Fox News also needs to be pointing their finger at themselves.

Commentary has been watching the CNN series on presidential races. Last night they featured the 1988 Bush versus Dukakis race. Last night we got an explanation on the Dukakis tank ride. I have to hand it to the advance guy for providing the details.

On H-Town recycling, former Council Member Peter Brown wrote a letter to the Chron and here is a part:

The mayor has the opportunity to appoint a tech-savvy committee to recommend a pre-sorting approach, proven successful in many cities, like Denver, which processes more than 60 percent of its waste stream. Houston’s rate is 20 percent at best.

It is an interesting letter that is behind the paywall so go check it out.

I need to find out if I can put bottles in the green bin this Thursday.

Brewers players Chris Carter, Jonathan Villar, and Alex Presley of course wore ‘Stros uniforms last year.

We still have not settled the first base starter issue.

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