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Commentary thinks that often times the bureaucrats get too comfortable and sometimes they get lazy and then they get detached.   Maybe it has something to do with them being in their job for too long. They forget that they are working for us.

Think what you want about Ted Oberg and KTRK and the way they go about doing their investigative pieces but their latest on the huge (like Bernie says it) airport contracts that the Mayor ordered to be re-bid has got me to thinking what the heck is going on out there.

Here is the start of the piece from Ted Oberg and Trent Seibert:

In the wake of the city halting a $1.5 billion airport expansion plan because of “price variations” and potential discussions during the quiet period, abc13 has uncovered additional details and unearthed more questions surrounding how Houston officials picked the winners in the deal. The airport expansion is a massive project for the city. Parking would be widened, utilities bolstered, and construction crews would expand Terminal D and build out a new Terminal C.

The bids were ready to be voted on in December and nearly a done-deal in the waning minutes of former Mayor Annise Parker’s administration until they were halted by then-City Controller Ron Green, who initially noticed “egregious issues” in the procurement process. New City Controller Chris Brown has recommended that four major construction-related projects in all, as well as a related insurance project, be tossed out and re-bid. Mayor Sylvester Turner agreed. The bids were recently reissued. Few specifics have been made public on what the problems were in the deal and no illegalities have been found, but abc13 has uncovered red flags in the airport’s procurement process. And when Ted Oberg Investigates attempted to get answers from the Airport Director Mario Diaz, he provided few answers and ultimately walked away from the interview.

Dude, what is up with walking away from the interview?

Here is the entire piece: http://abc13.com/news/questions-over-phone-chats-after-bid-price-hikes-in-airport-deals-/1248990/.

Sure, maybe nothing illegal happened, but it definitely got sloppy and you can’t award contracts this size by being sloppy. I am kind of thinking that the folks that are running the airport have been there too long. They kind of act like they don’t need to be held accountable. That is not a good sign.

This MLBer was born 30 years ago today and led MLB in dingers with 47 last season, who am I talking about?

Teddy Schleifer of CNN has a nice take on where Sen. Ted Cruz stands on the latest to 1,237 delegates. Here is how it starts:

Washington (CNN)Ted Cruz is girding for an admittedly long, narrow path to clinching the GOP nomination before the GOP convention in July, a tightrope walk that has no margin for error if he is to dethrone Donald Trump at the ballot box.

Gone are the projections that the GOP race would be practically finished by the end of March, along with hopes to sow up the nomination after outlasting Marco Rubio. They’ve been replaced by hopes to reach the delegate threshold on the very last day on the Republican calendar — and if that’s not possible, to successfully screen delegates and emerge the victor at a contested Republican convention.

Cruz’s team, once confident that they had the money and the map to outpunch and outrun any of their rivals, are conceding to a humbler reality: This will be a grind.

“It’s very difficult for us to get to 1,237 — we get that,” Cruz’s chief strategist, Jason Johnson, told reporters, “but we can get there — and we plan on getting there.”

After a winless evening on Tuesday, Cruz’s campaign is effectively planning two strategies at once: one aimed at winning the 1,237 delegates needed to win the GOP nomination on the first ballot, and a quieter, second route meant to serve as a contingency plan should they fail to run the flawless bid that they must through June 7: outmuscling their rivals on the convention floor.

Here is all of Teddy’s take: http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/16/politics/ted-cruz-plan-1237-nomination-fight/index.html.

I don’t think folks will riot when Cruz gets denied.

Happy Birthday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to B’More’s Chris Davis of course who led MLB with 47 dingers last season.

Here is what Richard Justice says about the ‘Stros:

The Astros are solid favorites to win the American League West and are a team with few weaknesses, which is remarkable considering how far they’ve come in just one season.

Here is all of Justice’s article: http://m.astros.mlb.com/news/article/167769564/astros-hope-for-continued-success-in-2016.

The Yard called me and said my tickets are ready.

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