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We lost a great Latino leader a few days ago. Dionel Aviles is no longer with us. He was an engineer. He was an Aggie. An A&M Board of Regent. A retired general. A donor to many local Latino candidates. I last saw him at an event for Bill King during the runoff. He will be missed.

Well, we have us a Supreme Court nominee.  Let the games begin!

Oh for five. Yes, that is Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Ted Cruz.

Hey, if Bernie Sanders can continue to raise money and run, I am OK with that, but I hope he is prepared to campaign for our nominee once the convention is over.

Check this tweet:

NYT Politics ‏@nytpolitics 10m10 minutes ago

Hillary Clinton’s lead over Bernie Sanders is now about three times what Barack Obama’s was over her in 2008 http://nyti.ms/1Pb8Pg4

As for Sen. Cruz, his only hope is for a contested convention. The problem with this thinking is a whole lot of GOP leaders don’t like the fella and for obvious reasons. They are not going to coalesce around this guy. You know his advisors are behind the scenes trying to convince party leaders that he’s the guy to unite around. Of course, he’s made it this far by sticking it to party leaders, so you have to wonder.

So the GOP leaders now have to decide if they want to try to deny Donald Trump at the convention and risk a backlash. To minimize the backlash, their only choice is to go with Speaker Paul Ryan. They won’t go with Governor Kasich because he’s lost a ton of primaries. They won’t go with Governor Romney because Trump and Trump’s folks can’t stand the guy. If they deny Trump, Speaker Ryan is their only play.

Marwin Gonzalez leads the team with four Spring Training dingers. How many did he have in the regular season last year?

I said this yesterday:

I saw these tweets this morning:

Houston News Retweeted

Katherine Whaley ‏@KatherineABC13 19m19 minutes ago

HOV lane problems! North, Gulf, Eastex, Southwest Fwys, and 290 blocked due to electrical problem affecting gates. @abc13houston #kattraffic


Houston Chronicle Retweeted

H-GAC ‏@hgaccog 28m28 minutes ago

HOV lanes operated by METRO closed across Houston http://fb.me/3WSJgki49

My cable was not working this morning. I wonder if the two are related.

They were. This was on KHOU’s website:​

Some Houston HOV lanes will remain closed for the afternoon commute on Tuesday.

I-45 Gulf, 59 Southwest Freeway, 59 Eastex, and Highway 290 are affected, according to KHOU 11’s Darby Douglas. Drivers will likely be forced to stay on the main lanes while heading home, just as they were for the morning commute.

Metro officials say a Comcast cable line was cut in an accident, severing communications with electric gates at the HOV entrances.

It’s unknown how long it will take to get the communications line repaired.

My cable returned at around 4:30 am.

I had jury duty yesterday. I had to be there by 8 am. Rather than hunt for a parking space by the courthouse. I drove to Moody Park. Left my car in the lot there. Hopped on the Red Line for free. Got dropped off three blocks from the Jury Plaza. I reported for jury duty by 8 am and we were sent home around 10:30 am and nobody got selected for duty. I was back at my place by 11 am.

Marwin Gonzalez had twelve dingers last season and all solo shots of course.

Here is what MLB.com has today:

After spending a few days around Astros camp here, Hall of Famer Craig Biggio said the vibe reminded him of that surrounding the early ’90s teams in Houston.

At that time, Biggio, Jeff Bagwell and Derek Bell were developing as the Killer B’s, with Sean Berry and Lance Berkman to come along in the next few years.

“The excitement level from the anticipation of what you had last year to where we’re at now, yeah it is exciting,” Biggio said. “It reminds me a lot of the early ’90s, where our team is kind of built now for success. Because you look at your core players that you have, they’re good kids and good players, and they’re young. They should be here for a while.”

I am ready for some baseball!

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