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So I was browsing over politico.com this morning and bam, I saw this piece on some national Dems pushing Labor Secretary Tom Perez for VP. Let’s just say he is the other Latino being considered. Here are parts of the politico article:

“My strong guess,” one White House aide said, “is that if you took a straw poll of staffers here about who they’d pick for the ticket, Tom would do very well.”

The idea of Perez making the leap to vice president is, on the face of it, inconceivable: Aside from his limited experience in elected office, it’s not like Clinton would need him to win Maryland or the couldn’t-be-more-liberal D.C. suburb of Takoma Park, where he lives.

Except Perez has more credibility with committed progressives – who measure politicians in battle scars – than almost anyone else around. The unions love him so much that they were pushing against him getting picked to replace Eric Holder as attorney general in late 2014 because they didn’t want to lose him at Labor.

He’s spent years working at the Justice Department on voting rights and civil rights and police misconduct, right in the center of issues that have exploded among African-Americans and with progressive Democrats. He’s adored in the White House, where he’s been a main player in crafting the Obama second-term domestic agenda, and he’s got a knack for a fiery stump speech. Also, he’s Dominican. And unlike Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julían Castro, the other Latino Cabinet secretary more often talked about for VP (whom nearly every conversation about Perez becomes at least an implicit comparison to), Perez speaks Spanish.


Perez, who started out in Washington as an aide to Ted Kennedy, has developed a knack for building relationships with local officials and business leaders, like the Wells Fargo CEO with whom he worked through a $600 million gap in the 2012 mortgage settlement.


People involved expect that Perez’s next stop will be in Arizona. It’s not just that there are a lot of Latinos there. That’s also Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s turf, who these days is a big Donald Trump backer. Five years ago, Arpaio was on the losing end of the SB 1070 immigration bill lawsuit that Perez spearheaded when he was running the Justice Department’s Civil Rights division during Obama’s first term.

Hey, I am impressed. I would be double A-Okay with this pick. Why not?

You need to check out the entire piece here: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/03/tom-perez-veep-cabinet-220704.

Everyone knows the Yankees have 27 World Serious titles. How many World Seriouses did they lose?

Glass got sacrificed.

Make no mistake. Kicking glass out of the green bins is a small step backwards, but it could have been worse, like no green bin at all.

Welcome to the new shared sacrifice H-Town City Hall.   It won’t make a bit of difference here at my place because a neighborhood depository is just down the street. I will just have to make an occasional run to make sure my Saint Arnold empties are recycled. I am thinking most folks will just toss their bottles into the black bin and they will end up in a landfill like the bad old days.

So what does the Chron E-Board have to say about this? They made a case yesterday for a garbage fee. The Mayor has already ruled out a garbage fee though. So that is not going to happen. If you have not already read the E-Board take, go pick up yesterday’s Chron and check out how the E-Board makes their case for a fee.

Yesterday, the Chron also had a front page write-up of my hometown – Baytown and their current economic boom. Commentary goes to Baytown every few days to check in on my parents. They live over by the creek across from Lee High School. There is not much boom over where they live. I dread though having to drive down Garth Road. You need a whole lot of patience.

Early Friday evening after I returned from the gym I had the flat screen on CNN and they were covering the Donald Trump rally in Chicago and the protesters were in the arena then the CNN reporter on the scene announced that the rally had been cancelled. I whipped out my igizmo and took a photo of the flat screen and tweeted it out with the following:

Marc Campos ‏@MarcCommentary Mar 11

Wow! Protesters just shut down a #TrumpRally

I got 129 retweets and my igizmo was buzzing and pinging for the next hour and a half.

Now even his three GOP opponents have called out Donald Trump. I will say it again. The GOP created the environment that Trump is now stoking. The GOP has nobody to blame but themselves.

On March Madness from the Chron:

Texas A&M (26-8) was given the third seed in the West Region and will open against Horizon League tournament champion Green Bay (23-12) on Friday in Oklahoma City. Texas (20-12) is the sixth seed and plays 11-seed Northern Iowa in the first round. The winner of those games play each other Sunday.


The Yankees have been to the World Serious 40 times, won 27 and lost 13 of course.

Oh yeah, in three weeks we open in Yankee Stadium.

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