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Stay Safe, Dean

Commentary was stunned yesterday to hear that The Dean’s office down the street from here had been shot up. I don’t know what to make of it. I just hope that the Texas Rangers and other law enforcement agencies put this on high priority and catch the perp ASAP. Stay safe, Dean.

They did away with the name calling and talking over each other at last night’s debate, but elegant it was not. Asked afterwards about the debate, Donald Trump called it “elegant.” I don’t think so.

Here are some definitions of elegant:

tastefully fine or luxurious in dress, style, design, etc. 

gracefully refined and dignified, as in tastes, habits, or literary style 

graceful in form or movement

Trump takes issue with the 1,237 delegates needed to get the nomination. He calls this number “artificial”. I always thought it was a majority. Oh, well.

Of all the ‘Stros shortstops over the years, which one has the most career RBIs in a ‘Stro uniform?

The Chron’s business columnist Chris Tomlinson has a take on the recycling issue over at City Hall. It is an interesting take for sure and here is how it ends:

Commodity prices will rise again, but no one knows when. Waste Management doesn’t want to take any price risk. Mayor Sylvester Turner tried to mitigate the risk by offering Waste Management a higher rate for a shorter contract, gambling that by next year commodity prices will be higher. A classic negotiating ploy, but one that appears to have failed.

Trying to get a company to lose money or accept unreasonable risk is a cop-out to answering the much more important question: How committed is the city to recycling? 

Here is the entire take behind the paywall: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/outside-the-boardroom/article/Commodity-prices-test-commitment-to-recycling-6882084.php.

Let’s see what The Mayor rolls out this afternoon.

Today the Chron E-Board gives the new Metro Chair some advice. It includes Council Member Karla Cisneros’ positions on what to do with the light rail stops. Go pick up your Chron and check it out, please.

San Antonio and Austin are having a breakfast taco war. Who was first or who is best. Who cares?

My favs are right down the street. Chiloso’s on 20th or Taqueria Laredo on Cavalcade.

Craig Reynolds of course leads all ‘Stros shortstops with 300 career RBIs in a ‘Stros uniform. BTW: Carlos Correa had 68 RBIs last season and it wasn’t even a full season.

I think I counted seven Dollar Dog Wednesday nights on the schedule for this season.

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