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Green Bin Day

I put out my green bin today. I hope I can also put it out in a couple of weeks.

Remember One Bin for All? I sure don’t want No Bin for Ya’ll. How does that happen?

The easy thing is to blame it all on Waste Management but we all know the easy thing is just that – easy.

You can’t put any blame on The Mayor because he’s only been on the job a couple of months.

I tweeted this yesterday:

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Darian Ward ‏@dwardlove 17m17 minutes ago

Mayor @SylvesterTurner says the city will not be bullied into a bad recycling deal. We will look for additional players in this market.

Then said this:

In today’s Chron, the head of H-Town’s Solid Waste Management Department said Waste Management is the only firm capable of handling the amount of materials that folks from H-Town recycle annually.

It kind of looks like the folks at Waste Management and the management of Solid Waste let H-Town down on this.   Let’s hope The Mayor can come up with a solution and make sure he has the players in place that don’t give us more wasted management.

Commentary has said before that the City of H-Town has not done a good job of educating folks on how to recycle. Just handing out a green bin with instructions isn’t enough. At this point we can’t afford to take a step back because that would show a lack of commitment.

Of all the ‘Stros shortstops over the years, which one has the most career dingers in a ‘Stro uniform?

CEWDEM put out how many delegates each senatorial district gets to the National Democratic Convention that will be held in Philly. If you have never gone to a convention, what the heck, go. Unless, Sen. Bernie Sander pulls off a string of wins over the next few weeks, there won’t be much debate about anything at the convention. Nice parties after each session, free breakfasts, your pick of attending the various caucus meetings, special interest group events, running into and getting your picture taken with celebrities in the political and entertainment worlds, and seeing the sights like Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Plus, you get to be there and be part of history when the first woman in history accepts her party’s nomination for president.

The last convention to have a good floor fight was back in 1980 in Madison Square Garden. Commentary was a Ted Kennedy delegate and we fought over the pledged delegate issue. We even put out R2D2 posters, you know, the delegates are robots thing. I wonder if any of those posters are still around.

At the 1980 convention, Ted Kennedy gave one of the best convention speeches ever delivered. So you never know if someone will just wow you with a speech. At that convention, the most notable celeb I met was Howard Cosell. He signed my convention credential so I know it is around here someplace. That was also the last national convention that Walter Cronkite covered.

Go try and be a delegate.

We demanded a quarterback and we selected the one that most folks said was the best available free agent. We could have selected one through the draft but instead we went the free agent route. So I am not going to say anything else about this until after the season starts and I see him in action.

Adam Everett of course leads all ‘Stros shortstops with 35 career dingers in a ‘Stros uniform. BTW: Carlos Correa had 22 last season and it wasn’t even a full season.

Correa bobble heads will be handed out on Saturday, July 2 at The Yard when we host the White Sox.

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