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A Salute?

Commentary doesn’t always agree with nationally syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette, Jr. We know he doesn’t think much of elected Latino Dems. He definitely does have takes on the Latino community and the Latino vote. What he put out a day or so ago should be read by players. Here are parts:

— Immigration is not the top issue for Latinos … until it is. When the nativist winds aren’t blowing, Latinos care about education, jobs and the economy, and health care. But when immigration is flaring up, the issue becomes more important to Latinos.

— The GOP’s thickheaded approach to immigration, where the party too often panders to racists and wrongly blames immigrants for a broken immigration system, keeps at arm’s length many Latinos who might otherwise vote for Republican candidates.

— The Democrats’ cynical approach to immigration, where the party caters to organized labor by carrying out deportations and then lazily exploits Republican blunders to win Latino votes, ensures that the community’s support for Democrats is a mile wide but an inch deep.

And this:

— Even though they can’t vote, the “Dreamers” are shaking up the political process. These undocumented young people are free agents who criticize politicians across the board and put their goals before the interests of political parties.

— Latino political leaders at the local, state and federal level are usually irrelevant because, whether Republican or Democrat, they tend to put their party before their people. Driven by ambition, they won’t bite the hand that feeds them.

— Latino voters are empowered when they’re in play. Rather than being taken for granted by one party and written off by another, they are most effective when both parties believe they can win their support and are willing to work for it.

— If candidates in both parties venture into the neighborhoods and go looking for Latino support, they’ll find it. But if they go out of their way to antagonize, demonize or patronize Latinos, and look for trouble, they’ll find that too.

As for 2016, Latinos probably won’t vote for Ted Cruz but they might back Marco Rubio, who is perceived as more of a moderate.

If the Republican nominee is Donald Trump, we can expect Latinos to eagerly vote against him. I predict Trump will get about 20 percent of the Latino vote, which would be a new record low. In 1996, Bob Dole got 21 percent.

Of course, Latino revulsion for the GOP will benefit Hillary Clinton. The presumptive Democratic nominee has strong support from Latinos — despite her neglect of the community and support for laws that restrict immigration and fuel mass incarceration. Let’s put it this way: Trump wants to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. While in the Senate, Clinton voted to fund border fencing and bragged about it to voters.

Here is all of Navarrette: http://journalstar.com/news/opinion/editorial/columnists/ruben-navarrette-jr-how-latinos-will-vote/article_4804d539-f6eb-51ce-b1de-9b0cfb79e461.html.

Agree with him or not, he does make some valid points.

And check out this tweet:

NYT Politics ‏@nytpolitics 5m5 minutes ago

Many Latino immigrants are rushing to naturalize in time to vote against Donald Trump in November http://nyti.ms/24OaMuL

I guess it was this past weekend that I was watching a Donald Trump rally and saw when he asked his supporters to raise their right hands and pledge their support. I didn’t think much of it. Well I guess someone took a photo and slapped a swastika on it and tweeted it out and now we have a Nazi salute controversy. Trump was asked about it this morning on “Today.” The smart thing for Trump is to stop doing the pledge. Trump doesn’t always do the smart thing though.

Not counting the Astrodome and The Yard, in which stadium have the ‘Stros played their most Opening Day games?

I tweeted this yesterday:

Marc Campos ‏@MarcCommentary 21h21 hours ago

One of the best retirement speeches I have ever heard. #PeytonManningRetirement

Then they got to the questions and answers and some female reporter asked Peyton a question about certain allegations that have been in the news lately. It was a fair question to ask.

Check this from poynter.org:

Peyton Manning was asked 10 questions at his retirement press conference, with nine predictably reverential and generally banal. But USA TODAY sports reporter Lindsay Jones courteously inquired about sexual harassment allegations that have resurfaced and date to his college days. The famously organized quarterback, whose advisers include former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, referenced “Forrest Gump” as part of a clearly premeditated response as he made eye contact with Jones. “…And so this is a joyous day, and it’s a special day, and like Forrest Gump said, that’s all I have to say about that.”

There was laughter in the room. Presumably folks thought the rather lame Gump line to be funny. The laughs elicited a quick condemnation in a column by Jones’ Washington-based colleague, Christine Brennan, who’s chided sports media for giving only modest attention to the harassment allegations. (USA TODAY)

What then ensued for Jones was not the least bit funny. In a phone chat last night, she told me that she was bombarded with sexist, nasty and X-rated hate emails and tweets. Many said she was on a witch hunt, just trying to make a name for herself. “I pride myself on being fair and accurate, so that was frustrating.” Ultimately, she turned off her “notifications” on Tweetdeck. “I couldn’t keep up with them; the majority were very ugly, horrible, hateful, disgusting.” There were some nice mentions, too, but mostly from other journalists. As for the initial press conference coverage from ESPN, it was a fawning homage to Manning. (Poynter) Only much later did ESPN include any on-air reference to Jones’ questions. This morning its online story buries the matter in the final paragraphs (ESPN), placing far less emphasis on it than some others. (The New York Times) Jones’ was very much an appropriate question to ask, even if it briefly pierced an air of adulation.

There is not much else to say about this except the reporter was doing what I want a reporter to do.

After the Astrodome and The Yard, Riverfront Stadium is third on the list of course for ‘Stros Opening Day games with three.   Riverfront is no longer around.

Speaking of the Reds, here is a first I think. On Sunday, June 19, when the ‘Stros host the Reds at The Yard, the first 10,000 fans will get a pair of ‘Stros socks.

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