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About Yesterday

Today is Texas Independence Day.  Does it feel like it?

Name the ‘Stro player in the original Opening Day starting line-up back in 1962 and in the next six  Opening Day starting line-ups – 1962-1968?

I just don’t see how Trump is stopped. They are so vain. I am talking about Sens. Cruz and Rubio and Governor Kasich.  They don’t want to get out at this point because all are hoping to be the one that the establishment rallies around against Trump.  More and more people are saying this morning that there is no pathway for Rubio. So I guess he is hanging in and hoping for a brokered convention.   Talk about a longshot.

Yesterday’s delays at a few voting locations here in Harris County merit an investigation. I hope we don’t just move on and forget about it. What happened? I hope we really get an explanation. That was an embarrassment for sure. Who screwed up?

Look, it is tough to win any race unless you drop some mail and respond to attacks on TV. The Adrian Garcia campaign just could not raise the money to mail or be on the air. We took way too much incoming and lacked the resources to return fire.

Some Latino or Latina is going to run next time in CD 29. I think they will have the resources needed and will win.

FYI: Commentary prepared Silvia Trevino’s campaign contribution and expenditure reports.   I have to hand it to her for winning outright a five-person race and knocking off an incumbent. Nice job Silvia.

In the Dem race for Harris County Tax Assessor Collector, my pal Brandon Dudley had all the endorsements, all the big names, and put out a few mailers but it wasn’t enough. It is one of those races that is way down the ballot that folks just don’t get into. Ann Harris Bennet has been on the ballot before and in this case may have benefitted from the women’s vote.

The Justice of the Peace, Precinct One, Place One runoff has Eric Carter and Tanya Makany-Rivera. I wonder how many predicted this match-up?

What happened in the Mayor’s state house seat? Randy Bates who also racked up a number of endorsements couldn’t even get into a runoff? Didn’t the Mayor endorse him? It is Kimberly Willis and former H-Town City Council Member Jarvis Johnson in the run-off.

Former State Rep. Mary Ann Perez is now the Dem nominee in her old seat. A lot of folks didn’t support her this time around but she still prevailed.

Bob Aspromonte was our Opening Day starting third baseman from 1962 to 1968 of course.

Nothing from Spring Training today.

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