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Hillary’s Campaign

Here is from a Texas Tribune piece on the status of the Hillary campaign in Texas:

After Amanda Renteria introduced herself to a crowd of die-hard Hillary Clinton supporters in Austin Sunday evening, she asked how many in the room thought the Clinton campaign should have been in Texas a month ago.

All hands in the room went up.

“Two months ago,” called out one volunteer among murmurs.

It was a sentiment Renteria, the Clinton campaign’s national political director, had been expecting. While pointing to some volunteer-led events as evidence that grassroots support for Clinton in Texas had been building for months, the campaign hasn’t yet done the work needed to consolidate support ahead of the March 1 primary, she admitted. 

“One of my big fears is that when we get people excited, they have nowhere to go,” Renteria said. “It hasn’t been an organized effort that has a real infrastructure around it.”

Here is the entire story: http://www.texastribune.org/2016/01/24/texas-democratic-presidential-primary-steps-gear/.

In my ‘hood, I have seen a few Bernie yard signs and not a single Hillary sign. The Clinton campaign is obviously putting most of their resources into Iowa and New Hampshire. That is why Hillary only has one staffer in Texas. Things will probably pick up here right after Iowa because the punditry will say Texas is going to help put the Clinton campaign back on track. It will be a tough fight though.

Check this tweet from a couple of days ago:

Teddy Schleifer Retweeted

Robert Yoon ‏@robyoon 2h2 hours ago

No Dem pres primary candidate endorsed by by @DMRegister has ever won the #IowaCaucuses, the nomination or the White House. #IowaCaucus

We all know Dallas Keuchel led the team with 20 wins. Who led the team in losses?

Check this from an HBAD press release:


Houston Black-American Democrats announce endorsement of Former Sheriff for Congressional Seat 

Houston, Texas – One of the most important African-American Democratic Organizations in the state endorses Adrian Garcia for Congress. 

 “By an overwhelming 73 to 27 percent of the vote, Adrian Garcia gets our organization’s endorsement. Adrian Garcia’s strong advocacy and continued presence in our community is what, I believe, led to the outpouring of support by our members for his candidacy in District 29.” says HBAD President Glen Austin. 

 “District residents have expressed concerns over consistently high levels of poverty and drop-outs, which coincide with alarmingly low college graduate rates. Our membership felt that it was time for new energy to represent the District to fight the problems we continue to face, ” added Austin. 

“I’m honored to receive this endorsement. As a member of Congress, I will continue to fight for the African-American Community like I did as Sheriff.  Houston Black-American Democrats are supporting me because of my record of bringing results to this community,” said Adrian Garcia. 

 “As a 30-year law enforcement veteran I’ve had an inside view of fair and dedicated police force practices, but also incidents of police brutality. I’m encouraged by movements, like Black Lives Matter, that bring all stakeholders to the table on these issues,” added Adrian Garcia. 

“The African American Community accounts for 55% of gun fatalities while being 13% of the population. There were six accidental child shootings last year, and we know of two accidental child shootings this year in the last three days,” said Garcia. “Gene Green voted against the Brady Bill, against child safety locks, for the assault weapons ban repeal and for keeping the gun show loophole. We need to support Gun Safety Legislation now, so these tragedies stop,” commented the former Sheriff.

Every endorsement helps. Nice job!

Other notables are interested in the Harris County Commissioner Precinct 1 position. Here is from the Chron:

State Sen. Rodney Ellis, D-Houston, said late Thursday that he intends to run, sacrificing 25 years of legislative seniority in a bid for a powerful local office. City Councilmen Jerry Davis, Dwight Boykins and Larry Green said Friday they have begun campaigning, such as it is, under these unusual circumstances. Councilman C.O. Bradford said constituents had encouraged him to run, and he’s considering it.

Go for it.

I agree with Jerome Solomon’s Commentary this morning.  Here is a part:

But individually, (Gary) Kubiak and (Wade) Phillips are two of the classiest men in the business, and tight end Owen Daniels, who had two touchdown catches Sunday, is an all-time great Texan. Houston should certainly be happy for them.

I am glad to see Coach Kubiak make it to the big game. I will be rooting for him. He is a good guy.

Dallas Keuchel of course led the team with 8 pitching losses.

More than 12,000 folks showed up at Fan Fest this past Saturday – wow! And this from Tags on Fan Fest:

The Astros on Saturday unveiled a new game jersey that will be worn during Sunday games this season at Minute Maid Park.

Mike Acosta, the Astros’ authentication manager, said the jersey will mark the first time since the 1970s the team will have “Astros” across their chests in orange. The side panels of the jersey feature the original pattern of the iconic Astros “rainbow” uniform worn from 1975-86. This jersey will be worn with a new hat that has an orange crown and a blue visor.

I think I will get me that lid.

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