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Not Much to Say

Hunker Down has made his pick for Harris County Precinct 1 Commissioner. All we know is that the next Commissioner will be an African American Democrat.   I wonder if he or she has agreed to be a caretaker and not spend the next few weeks lobbying the precinct chairs?  Here is from the Chron:

Emmett began getting calls from interested parties within an hour after news broke of Lee’s death.


Tags tweeted out this morning if anyone had the deck of playing cards that was handed out at The Yard in 2006 featuring the 2005 ‘Stros.  I do.  Name the player on the Ace of Spades?

Now this is going to be an interesting local debate over the next few years. I am talking about UT buying up some land just down the street from the Astrodome outside of the South Loop. Here is from the Chron:

UT’s plans to expand in Houston, announced late last year, have alarmed UH leaders and some state lawmakers. They fear the project could siphon research funding and faculty from the city’s rising research school.

The concerns have not slowed UT, which closed on the first 100 acres last week. A donor made it known that the land was available, and UT jumped at the opportunity to have a “blank canvas” in the nation’s fourth-largest city. (Chancellor William) McRaven said he wants to build an “intellectual hub” on the site, and he wants those planning the development to think outside the confines of conventional higher education strategy.

“We want to astound people with our boldness,” he said.

Boldness? Maybe they got a plan to save the Dome – now that’s Boldness!

The Rocket is on the Ace of Spades of course.

The team caravan is down the street from my ‘hood today.

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