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Names, Please

This is very good news from the Chron this morning:

The Supreme Court agreed Tuesday morning to consider an Obama administration plan to provide work permits to nearly 5 million immigrants here illegally and shield them from deportation. 

The Justice Department in November asked the court to review a ruling by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that upheld a Texas federal judge’s decision blocking the immigration initiative.

It will be good to be having a national debate on immigration right in the middle of a presidential campaign.

Chris Carter was our starting first baseman on Opening Day last year. He is now with another team. The team says the first baseman position is Jon Singleton’s to lose. Who has a higher career batting average – Carter or Singleton?

Hunker Down will select the next Harris County Precinct 1 Commissioner this week. I guess he is not going to give us the names of the dignity violators. Here is from the Chron:

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett on Monday announced he expects to appoint a successor by Friday to complete El Franco Lee’s term on the county’s governing body. Emmett wants the new Precinct 1 commissioner to be in place for the court’s yearly budget meeting the following Tuesday, Jan. 26, a spokesman said. 

Lee, the longest-serving member of Commissioners Court, died Jan. 3 of an apparent heart attack at age 66. His death, after 30 years in office, left a political vacuum with Democrats scrambling to select a long-term replacement. After the March primary, Democratic precinct chairs will pick a candidate to replace Lee on the November ballot. Lee was running unopposed, which means whoever the chairs pick will be the next commissioner.

In the short term, it falls upon the county judge to name a replacement if a commissioner dies or leaves office, according to state law.

Emmett spokesman Joe Stinebaker said Emmett has been making and taking phone calls related to the open seat on a daily basis. Stinebaker said Emmett, who is a Republican, hoped to name a black Democrat to Lee’s seat. Lee was the only Democrat on Commissioners Court.

The real power brokers are the Dem precinct chairs in Precinct 1. I know Kuffer has let us know that he is chair so he gets a vote. I live in Precinct 1 and I think I know who my chair is. I wonder if the County Dem Party will put out the list of all the precinct chairs from Precinct 1 so we will all know who gets to decide. It is after all a very powerful position.   Show us the names, please.

Chris Carter has a .217 career batting average and Jon Singleton .171 of course. We need to get a lot better out of the first baseman position if you ask me.

They don’t ask me.



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