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Can’t Hide

The Chron E-board doesn’t like the process to select the next Harris County Commissioner for Precinct 1, but that is the law. Here is how they end today’s take on the matter:

Normally editorials urge voters to select good candidates, but now that duty falls upon Democratic Party officials. We encourage them to follow County Judge Ed Emmett’s example and reject the politicians who rushed at first word of Lee’s untimely death to ask for an appointment. Harris County needs commissioners who are mindful of the future. There’s nearly as many people living in the unincorporated county as there are in the city of Houston, and county governance wasn’t designed to handle that burden. 

Precinct chairs should look for someone ready to tackle this issue, and that should include discussions about incorporation in the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction, merging city and county services, and bringing greater transparency to county business. The next commissioner of Precinct 1 also will have the responsibility of saving the Astrodome. 

El Franco Lee served the people of Harris County well over his 30 years as commissioner. The bar is set high for the Democrats’ next choice.

Hunker Down needs to tell the precincts chairs who jumped the gun on the dignity thing.

If you want to read the entire E-Board take, go get you a newspaper.

Kuffer is a Precinct 1 precinct chair and he has a very good take on who he wants. Check it out here: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=71981.

Among active MLBers, who has the most career doubles?

The CD 29 Dem candidates went before the E-Board yesterday and this was reported:

Should a Hispanic represent the 29th congressional district?

By Rebecca Elliott

January 14, 2016

More than 76 percent of the residents in Texas’ 29th congressional district are Hispanic, as are about 61 percent of the district’s eligible voters. Yet, the area carved out in 1991 to represent the Houston area’s Latino population has never had a Hispanic representative. 

This year, longtime Democratic Congressman Gene Green is facing primary challenges from two candidates seeking to become the district’s first Hispanic member of Congress. Former Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia is expected to be Green’s strongest opponent in a race that pits Green’s experience and establishment support against the power of identity politics and the desire for a fresh perspective.

During an editorial board meeting Thursday with the 29th District’s Democratic hopefuls, the Chronicle asked if the candidates thought the district should be represented by a Hispanic. Here are their responses, edited and condensed: 

Gene Green: www.genegreencampaign.com

“We drew the district in 1991 to be a majority-Hispanic district. The best we could do then was 61-62 percent. Now it’s grown to be in the high 70s. The court on creating these voting rights districts — it is not that you guarantee you’re going to elect someone who’s whatever ethnicity. (It is) that the majority of those voters have the opportunity to elect a person that they want. And I think over my last 22 years I’ve represented a majority, growing majority-Hispanic district. We do services that address the Hispanic community, predominantly Mexican-American in our area, and I think that’s why for many years I’ve been able to represent that district. I grew up there. I went to a high school that was majority-Mexican-American in the 60s. I learned growing up in that neighborhood the values of the Mexican-American community, and I think that’s why I’ve been successful.”

Adrian Garcia: www.adriangarcia.com

“It’s a matter of choices. You put a vision and ideas and commitments in front of the community, and the community decides. That’s really ultimately how I think it moves forward. When Gene was elected, yeah, the community made a decision then. But the community has had very few choices since, or almost none for quite some time. So, it’s a matter of giving the folks options. When you have 80 percent of the district, you know, representing the community and you have a lot of the challenges that are specific to the community. I think that sometimes when you have a familiar walk of life, you understand things a little differently. You’re apt to be more empathetic in a different way. You’re apt to understand the circumstances that folks are confronted with in a different way. And I think it can help.”

Dominique Garcia: www.dgarcia4congress2016.com

“I would say yes. Because this position is supposed to represent its constituents. And yes, being a Hispanic or Latin American does help you, because that district is comprised of just about 80 percent Hispanics. And I’ve been in the community. I’ve dealt with a lot of the business owners in that community. I know and I struggle and I work with them, and I know a lot of their viewpoints. So, yes.”

It looks like there could very well be a discussion on this. Si se puede!

The HISD Board of Education watered down their ethics policy yesterday and voted on other stuff. You do what you have to do but it becomes part of your record and now you can’t hide from it.

David Ortiz – Big Papi – of course, leads all active MLBers with 584 career doubles.

Bib Papi and the Red Sox visit The Yard on Friday, April 22 for a weekend series.


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